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Knowing About How Many Weeks Pregnant Am I?

How Many Weeks Pregnant Am I?

Pregnancy can be a blessing and a memorable time in one’s life. However, some women tend to stress over it a lot, even before conception. They are often worried about the baby’s health too, which results in unnecessary stress and frustration. Some are also obsessed with knowing the exact date and time of conception which is although quite difficult to calculate. However, with pregnancy calculators, you can roughly assume and get to know how many weeks pregnant am i?

One of the most worrisome times for women is pregnancy when they are highly concerned about their baby’s health. Throughout the pregnancy, the mother remains conscious of each development within her belly and takes much care to prevent any mishap that could endanger the child’s life. One of the most asked questions from the doctors and searched online by pregnant mothers is, how many weeks pregnant am i? This shows how much they are naturally obsessed with knowing the exact growth pattern and development stage of the baby.

Normally, the exact date of conception cannot be known however, from the time of missing periods, it can be assumed. A lot of women assume this date to be somewhere between the first week of the missed period and the last time of having intercourse. Most of the time, though, these assumptions turn out to be accurate. Besides, through ultrasounds and other methods, the growth of the fetus can be seen which can help in determining its age and time of conception.

Another way of calculating the weeks of being pregnant is through the Due Date Calculator. This helps in having an idea about how much time has passed since you became pregnant and how much is left on your due date. Of course, the results might not be accurate but they do provide a rough and tentative date for the delivery.

Here is how you can roughly calculate the pregnancy date:

  • Figure out when was the first day of your last period.
  • Enter the relevant dates into the pregnancy week calculator.
  • Then keep a track of each development that your doctor informs you about.

This will give you a rough answer to the question, how many weeks pregnant am i, and can also give a due date for delivery of the baby. Besides, it is a good way to track the development and the bodily changes which determine the growth and health of the baby.

Most women get to know about the pregnancy duration and time of conception through medical checkups and ultrasound results. The doctors can see the size and condition of the fetus and determine its age or time of conception. Most of the time, this examination by the experts is accurate and does not require any further calculation. However, for personal satisfaction, women can use the Due Date Calculator.

Pregnancy is a difficult time but if a couple knows about the exact health of their baby, they tend to enjoy the process and remain calm and happy. They also may not stress over the difficulties coming their way as they remain satisfied. But still, every woman naturally keeps asking how many weeks am i, since the day they get to know that they are pregnant. Thus, knowing is always better than remaining ignorant, therefore, a good calculation of pregnancy time and duration will help the couple plan and prepare for their baby’s arrival.

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