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How to Keep Kids Entertained

There used to be a time when children loved their after-school time or had lazy weekends. They were piled up with lots of activities like meeting their friends, completing their work, or watching their favorite cartoons. But the pandemic has made them left with nothing instead of spending time on screens. At such a productive age, this doesn't seem right for them. Moreover, kids are being targeted towards obesity and other issues, such as at a young age. So it's essential to be fit mentally and physically during this pandemic and let the children productively utilize this opportunity. 

There are many household activities to make them engaged in, which will help develop their skills. Apart from the basic ones, we bring you a list of some fantastic tasks which your children will enjoy for sure. These small activities entertain them and are also an excellent way to spend a good time with the family and connect more towards their growth and development.

1. Jump ropes for kids

Jump rope for kids is nothing new to anyone but the best thing to have for ages. They keep your children fit and fine and can be a fun task in the evening. To make your children more excited about it, try joining them and play some joyful music. You can do this in your garden area to get your child refreshed a little. The jump ropes are available in various themes and colors, which make your children love them. There is a lot to do, except let them join those regular dance or painting classes.

2. Create a game box

The second on our list is filling up a box with brilliant games which your child plays. These could be coloring books or solving puzzles. Remember to treat them with their favorites when they do exceptionally well. A sense of appraisal will motivate them to be engaged with it more often. Don't stick with one game. Instead, keep changing. Try out chess or number or alphabet-related games to make them revise without making them realize. Remember, studies can be fun too! You need to be engaged with the child and guide them at their mistakes to learn but keep it easy. The game box time could be fit into your evening routine with some yummy snacks.

3. Have them make their cartoon

Letting the children create their own stories is an excellent activity to enhance their skills. Give them a set of crayons and paper and ask them to draw a hero and villain of their story. Once they are done, they can narrate the story to exercise their critical thinking. Remember to consistently appraise them for whatever efforts they make and reserve those drawings carefully to make them feel that they are doing great. Who knows, your child could be an exceptional writer or a great storyteller! These activities will also let them know about their interests, which is a good sign for further development.

4. Encourage outdoor play

With time and digitalization, children are saying no to outdoor activities, which are an avital part of their childhood. May it be cycling, basketball, or a simple hide n seek, you must make them engage int. Gather children from the same age group around and make it a daily routine. If your child doesn't have any friends, you can do so with them. Try with a treasure hunt by hiding a coin somewhere at the house and give your child a hint to find it. Your children may also enjoy playing with the toy gun with gel ammo, this will encourage them to strategize while having fun.

5. Suggest a science experiment

Although verbal games are also helpful, children get bored out of them. But have you thought of engaging in a science experiment? What fun it would be besides clearing all their concepts. It would help explore them, like how the magnet sticks or where the water flows or sinks. This will generate curiosity and develop knowledge among them.


There are so many fun activities to keep your child engaged and gain their knowledge by doing such fun tasks. You can plan some of the best out of them for each day. Also, try including your children today in daily activities like watering plants or helping to prepare some healthy easy meals, keeping your place neat and clean, sweeping the house, and chopping veggies. It's important to teach children the essential activities to make them self-dependent at an early age.

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