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How Can Parents Prepare Their Kids for the Future?

It’s more of a challenge when we think about the future – especially when things seem so uncertain. You probably know the songs “I believe the children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way...” This might sound quaint and from a whole different age, but that doesn’t mean it can’t inspire the truth.

How will the world look in 2030? It’s bordering on science fiction, so what will the new generation need in their arsenal to thrive? As fathers and fathers, instead of protecting kids from the unknown, perhaps you should prepare them for it.

Grandma’s fever remedies. Mom’s special soup recipe. Dad’s best advice. Much of our knowledge is inherited. For as long as we can recall, older generations have passed the knowledge and wisdom to the next generations, in an incredible effort to better prepare them for the future.

Still, today things seem to be changing, and not from generation to generation, but from one day to another. Following the trends, it’s not as scary as it sounds and though we cannot predict the future, at least we can prepare for whatever it holds.

Prepare Kids for the Future

Health and Nutrition

Starting with 3D printed food and diets customized to our DNA’s profile, the future of food seems pretty exciting, but the basics of nutrition are still imperative – eat small and moderate portions, hydrate and stay active, and consume plenty of fibre-rich meals and more vegetables. The average life expectancy has never been that high, and as it seems, medical advances are only going to raise those numbers. With that in mind, one of the biggest threats is no longer an infectious disease, but our lifestyle-based illness like obesity or diabetes. Is there any good news? Yes, all these are avoidable.

Allow your kids to play in the park as often as you can and teach them to live with – and respect the environment. Not only does nature help them improve their physical and mental health but getting mud and dirt under their fingernails also increases immunity while being exposed to pollution decreases it.

Learning the “hard” skills 

Nearly 65% of children today will have jobs and occupations that do not exist and for which their current education will fail to prepare them according to a World Economic Forum’s report.

However, while this might seem like the end of the world for many of us, futurists agree that learning will also adapt to the new normalcy. In the future, people might be able to pursue not just one, but multiple careers, so it might help to promote all of your kid’s interests.

What’s more, technology has never let us down when it comes to progress. The future will see Artificial Intelligence to occupy a more important role in education. But how will our children’s potential stay relevant? According to experts, jobs which require human potentials, such as empathy and creativity will upsurge. So allow your children to explore their creative side, be it music, engineering and architecture.

For instance, if your children have any interests in computers, consider introducing them to one of the many free clubs and Summer camps in Brooklyn Ny. This is a fantastic way to stimulate their interest in a fun environment.

Money and Finance 

We’ve heard plenty of money lessons as we were young- enough to help us make sense of this world and our finances. But the aching question is: how do we give our children the same lesson the age of credit cards and bitcoins? And, most importantly, how should I save to guarantee them a proper future considering the astonishing student loans and exorbitant costs of living? For the first question, you’ll need to apply what you’ve accumulated so far – teach your kids the value of money. You can talk about money, purchase and income, and even let them earn it. It’s the simplest and fastest way. For the latter question, you should consider saving as early as possible in an individual fund, especially when you’re investing in his education.

It’s that simple, the earlier you start saving up, the less you’ll have to deal with monthly payments.

With unemployment rates skyrocketing in the midst of the pandemic, more families than ever are under financial duress. It’s crucial that parents understand how to communicate these challenges to their children so that they may avoid some of the long term traumas and mental health issues that often arise as a result.

Social and Personal Skills 

Tuitions, summer camps, music classes, and other extracurricular activities. Parents today are likely to focus on improving their kid’s skills, but they also need it to strengthen their personalities. Where to start? You can start by cultivating your child’s social skills. You can do this by introducing them to coding clubs and summer camps which are renewed for how they help kids develop career prospects and interpersonal relationships. 

Because things are constantly evolving, resilience will be the gist. Typically, our first instinct is to safeguard our kids. But it’s important for them to know how to handle obstacles and be proactive enough to take advantage of change rather than quitting. 

Working together

With a rapid change in the job industry, businesses will need to work closely with academia to ease the new generation to specific information and courses as early as possible. 

If children develop these skills at a young age, they will eventually foster creativity and passion. According to experts, children are likely to stand a much better chance of success in various industries if they are taught in a holistic way. 

So, as they will go through their formative education years, children will likely develop according to their personal attributes, intrinsic qualities and “solid skills”.

As it seems the conversation around racial difference and gender are getting more open and comprehensive. Teach your kids to empathize and try to sensitize them. Why? Because if they’re going to live in a more nurturing and peaceful society, the change must happen at home. If everyone could steer their children in the right direction, maybe the future won’t be as fearful and uncertain as many believe, but something we should look forward to. 

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