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How to Improve Teenage Well-Being


The teenage years are a tumultuous and challenging stage in a young person's life. Here are some things a parent can do to foster well-being in their adolescent...

Physical health

Your teenager will need a plan for health and fitness to improve physical conditions. You will want them to be as active as possible and enjoy a healthy intake of nutritious foods as they grow into small adults. This will also do great things for improving their moods.

Mental and emotional health

Their mental and emotional health will be just as important. A teenager who has developed a strong level of mental and emotional health in this formative stage will be better able to bounce back from challenges in the future as well. This will greatly improve their wellbeing for life.

Good emotional health includes acceptance and awareness of feelings and the understanding that it is ok to feel these ways but that they will soon pass.

A positive focus

When a child can enjoy and focus on the better things in their life, they will have a happier and more positive focus. This will give them a buoyancy of character that will make difficult situations seem less overwhelming.

This can be engendered by the routine practice of focusing the mind on the various things that they are grateful for. This should actually be turned into a family tradition and regular activity. Taking the time to focus on everything that you are grateful for is simple and can include things like the lovely weather, good health, and this time together.

Different activities

Trying new and fun things is another good way to begin establishing a strong sense of self-worth and confidence. This comes from seeing the unlimited possibilities that they can sometimes lose sight of as they face the tumultuous future. Help them find activities they are interested in and praise them for beginning new things. For example, a guitar is the perfect gift for a 12 year old boy. They’re old enough at that stage to teach themselves and it can be a great skill to have for the future, as well as an outlet that benefits mental health.

Relationships and social connections

The relations and social connections are very important to a growing teenager and your child will need the care and support of their family and friends. Better relationships between parents and children tends to lead to better friendships and relations in the future.

Meaning in life

Your child will find greater meaning and purpose in life if they are giving of themselves to others. Your child can look for ways they can help their friends, family and acquaintances. This could be something as simple as picking up the trash in a specific area or getting involved in community volunteer projects. This type of work activates a rewards center of the brain and this makes your child feel satisfied with their work.

Goals and achievement

It is important that your child has a sense of achievement in their life. Achievable goals allow your child to apply their strengths and increase their capacity. This not only provides a greater sense of self, but greater pride in their incremental progress.

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