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Intuitive Children

By Kylie Holmes

My book Intuitive Children, Children Who See Beyond the Veil is about children who have imaginary friends. This book provides an intriguing insight into just who that friend might be. Based on personal experience and hundreds of interviews with children, Intuitive Children investigates and offers answers for a range of questions including the journey of the soul and more specifically, understanding and raising children who have 'been here before'.

As part of my research, I have interviewed hundreds of children who have previous knowledge of being here, which indicates them being an Old Soul. An Old Soul is a person who comes back and gains new understanding with each lifetime; an Old Soul Child has experienced many lives and appears wise beyond their years. The Old Souls found in young bodies, are returning to bring a much-needed change to the world, bringing the aspect of having a more laid back attitude towards their life. For many young children, this is not their first visit on earth.

'Old Souls' are queuing to come down on earth, to encompass the human experience and rejoice in changing the world, which is seen as challenging. Old Soul Children's imaginary friends are evidence of children's openness to the spirit worlds. They may also be the child's true self, helping to steer them through the world of conditioning that they have to encounter during their formative years.

They are sometimes children that need companionship and cannot fully find it on the other side, because they have not yet let go of their, perhaps brief, incarnation in the present world. They are beings from the spirit worlds who also help the contact between different levels. Some Old Soul Children find their spiritual connections in their early years and begin to talk about it with ease. When they come into contact with people who have not woken up to spiritual awareness and energies, and are not heading in the same direction, these children find it difficult to understand why their peers are not supporting their spiritual education. This could be in schools, sport clubs and even in the families that they are born into, and so the lid gets firmly shut down on their spiritual aspects, which lay dormant until possible adult years, when they are awoken again. It is more acceptable for an adult to be psychic and spiritual than a child, but that is all changing at a rapid rate.

Some Old Soul Children come back to repeat learning patterns because of what they have disregarded in previous lifetimes. Once back on earth, they have some powerful insights and start to undo the karma so that they do not repeat the same lessons over and over again. Earth becomes their 'knowledge playground,' and each day brings them a new experience for them to truly understand why they are here. It is very clear to me that Old Soul Children are being born into families where the family has chosen to receive spiritual information and divine energies. These families do very well in encouraging their child's spiritual education and enabling them to use their spiritual gifts in every situation that is presented to the whole family.

As many spiritual people are aware, Auras can be found around all living people, plants and animals. From any age, Old Soul Children can sense and see auras naturally and can read them without any formal training. This is because they have natural auric sight, which changes as they learn more and more left brain activities during their school education.

I have noticed from a young age that my children, when drawing people, pick up different colours for the heads and bodies. They choose the colours that reflect subtle energies that they see around many people. The chosen colours can often indicate how they are feeling towards that person and also what they are sensing from them.

Old Soul Children's auras are stronger and clearer than adults because they are free from conditioning and negative thinking. Every Old Soul Child is an individual, and their auric fields will be different because their own auras are filled with colours that reflect and depict every facet of them. Their auras will also show how they are feeling physically, mentally and spiritually at that moment in time.

Different colours do have different meanings, but for Old Soul Children, I would not put any strong emphasise on this because they are still learning, growing, thinking and connecting to different things at different rates. Their auras can change constantly from one minute to the next according to what influences are with them. If you take four children from different families and look at the auras you will see what strong influences they have in their lives and the type of the personality they are developing.

I cannot label any colour to describe Old Soul Children because I think it is important not to; a child could grow up being told that there is, which can affect them greatly, especially when they reach adulthood. For most, when they reach adulthood, they find it hard to reach out into the world because adults react differently to 'misfits', and so they find it hard to fit in to normal day living.

When puberty kicks in, and their bodies begin to mature biologically, psychologically, socially, and cognitively, the auric field starts to change. This is because of hormones, growing up issues and outside influences that really take hold of their lives. Girls and boys mature in different ways, and the individual's personality is also a major contributor in this. For all teenagers, their emotions seem all over the place and the aura will change again at between sixteen and nineteen years of age. For example, at this age, affairs of the heart for girls are important and the aura may be filled with the colours of various pinks and greens because they are listening to their heart chakras and following their own hearts in pursuing love. For teenage boys, they could be intensely into sports at this age, whether participation or watching; their auras may be filled with various red and browns and deep greens as they can become goal oriented and embark on an intellectual use of their own will power.

Isabella Isabella is ten years old and has been reading people's auras since she was seven. This extremely bright and gifted young lady told me that, first, she can see faint colours around people's heads. Isabella tells me that she has not read any books on auras or done any research on the internet, but she knows that different colours have lots of different meanings.

When she has to go to the doctors for an asthma check and waits to be called, she often sees people with a gap in their aura because they are not well. Isabella knows intuitively that if they have dark yellow, they are feeling very tired and dark green means that they are feeling jealous about something. In the supermarket, doing the weekly shopping with her mum, she says that purple means that fairies work with them and silver means that angels are with them all the time, but they may not be aware.

Isabella sees three layers of aura around adults, two layers around children and one layer around animals and plants. Her school teacher always has a golden light around her head, because she is always thinking when she is teaching. When she was younger, she clearly remembers talking to a woman at school, in the playground, that no one else could see and her teacher told her off for talking to thin air.

After that incident, the family moved back to Northern Ireland. Isabella tells me that she is happy there, because many fairies live there and can teach her about how to help the environment that she lives in.

Throughout these remarkable ten years, the research that I have carried out has led me to believe that children, unlike adults, have not had many years to adjust their thinking and so have not had the time to train their perception of reality. As adults we can programme our thinking and consequently dismiss certain images, noises and feelings simply because, in our minds, we cannot accept the impossible, but Old Soul Children can.

Intuitive Children, Children Who See Beyond the Veil

Author Bio: Kylie Holmes is a naturally intuitive person. She has refined her skills over many years through the combined methods of regular meditation, self-development techniques and mind, body, spirit and soul related courses. She is mother of three 'Old Souls'... Jade, Amba and Leo. Kylie is also a writer, an Intuitive Angel Therapist, Reiki Master and Past Life Regression Therapist. Kylie'sWebsite.

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