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Gentle Hobbies That Are Kind to a Child's Soul

Children have naturally restless souls because they have all the energy and curiosity to explore what the world has in store for them. They are keen on trying new things, which is why parents sometimes make the mistake of overworking their kids for the sake of unlocking their full potential.

This is where the problem begins: when you overwork children, you zap out their natural thirst to try out new things. It is, therefore, crucial to prioritize hobbies that are gentle to your child’s soul whenever they can’t decide which endeavors to pursue.

Here are some examples of hobbies that could keep kids occupied without burning them out...

Caring for a Garden

It’s always a good idea to expose children to the outdoors because nature has innate healing powers. Caring for a houseplant is a great way for children to appreciate life and how to nurture it, while also easing them into taking more responsibilities at home.

Kids also love interacting with soil or earth -- it feels just like play to them, although gardening will inevitably teach them some fine motor skills that will come in handy later in life.

Learning Music

It’s difficult to find a kid who is not enamored with music. If listening to tunes can uplift your child’s mood instantly, imagine how learning music and even performing can make them feel.

Taking music classes is a great way to enhance a child’s natural passion for music while developing their confidence and grit in performing their craft -- if they want to. If you are willing to take them down this road, remember that sometimes, the only difference between successful musicians and those with wasted potential is a kind, patient, and engaging mentor.

Writing Poetry

Good poetry always does nice things to the soul, so introducing your child to the wonderful world of poetry and prose can only do them good. Writing poetry helps children inspire emotions, all while gaining a deeper understanding of their own. It helps them express what they feel in a creative manner, which is always a good skill to learn

The beauty of this hobby is that it doesn’t take much. All a child needs is a pen and paper, and a whole lot of writing inspiration, which you can always provide. With your help and guidance, writing poetry can likewise improve your child’s vocabulary, grammar, and writing style.

Caring for a Pet

There are countless benefits to letting children grow up with pets. You might think it’s all about teaching them how to be more responsible, but it’s so much more than that. Have you ever noticed how children would usually talk to their stuffed toys about their secrets and private thoughts? They do that to animals, too, and it would be better for their soul to speak to a warm, living creature who can actually respond to them.

Most people consider their childhood pet as their first-ever best friend, and it’s not hard to see why. Dogs and cats teach amazing lessons of love, loyalty, affection, trust, and non-verbal expression of emotions.

DIY Crafts

Contrary to popular belief, sparking a child’s creative flair does not have to be expensive. Take things that you already have at home: spare paper, paste, and some glitter, and let your children have their fun with it.

Kids today are so lucky to have Youtube channels and websites that can walk them through just about any DIY craft they can think of. However, it would be much better if parents can actually take the time to sit down and do handicrafts with kids themselves.

Gentle hobbies are best enjoyed as a family, to help foster stronger bonds, connections, and ties between you and your children.


Finally, if you’re looking for a hobby that’s both good for your kid and for the environment, you might want to introduce them to a specific DIY project: upcycling stuff at home. There will always be a sense of immense accomplishment when they are able to create new headbands from old shirts, new earrings from broken necklaces, and even new notebooks from old scratch paper.

It teaches kids the value of money and resources, such that they don’t always have to buy new things when they can simply upcycle some of the old stuff lying at home.

As parents, you have the responsibility that your child remains well-rounded. Instead of leaving their entertainment to endless hours of screen time, introduce them to any of the hobbies mentioned in this article and see just how much they can learn from it.

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