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5 Games Your Kids Can Play in the Backyard!

Play in the Backyard

Let us get crazy and make your backyard more fun with a few games for your kids. These games are fun for all ages and don’t require a lot of equipment. But if you would rather have some fun backyard toys lying around, visit this site and go crazy! 

1—Fishing Hole 

To create this game you should get a small plastic or a small inflatable pool and fill it with water. Then add a few magnetic fish toys to the pool. The kid must catch the fish using a fishing pole. This is a great game to play during some hot days.

A group of kids may play this game together. The kid who catches the highest number of fish will get a grand prize.

2—Egg and Spoon Race 

This is a joyful game that kids of all ages can play because it does not require many skills. Kids and adults at home and compete with each other. All the materials needed for this game are found at your home.

All members will stand in a line while holding a spoon with an egg on it.

Then someone will say «GO!». The goal is to reach the finish point without dropping the egg out of the spoon. Balance is the most important thing!

You can make it harder by forcing each member to deliver three eggs to the finish point. Therefore, the kids must deliver the first then go back to get the second one and the same thing for the third egg. This will let kids be more active and competitive.

If the kid drops the egg, he/ she can put it again in the spoon and continue to the finish line. A kid cannot handle the spoon with his/ her hand, if this happens he/ she will lose.

3—Can Blasting 

Get some empty cans and put them on a table in the shape of a pyramid. You can use a tennis ball as a blaster. It is a joyful and easy game.

Choose a spot in the yard where your kid should stand and let him/ her through the tennis ball at the cans. If more than one kid is playing this game, then the kid who gets down the highest number of cans wins! Each kid will have three chances only.


Kids love this amazing game. They can spend the whole day jumping with friends. You can install a trampoline anywhere in the backyards. Toddler Trampolines come in all shapes, sizes, and even prices. Visit this site for more information.

5—Ultimate Frisbee 

You might want to introduce the ultimate Frisbee game to your kids.

Kids may split into two groups and compete in the aim of scoring the highest points in hope of winning the game.

Team 1 will start at one end of the playing field and team two will start at the other end. Team one will start by throwing the Frisbee as far as they can to the other end of the field while yelling “ultimate!”. 

Team 2 will catch the Frisbee. 

Once team two picks up the Frisbee, the game starts. Members of team two must pass the Frisbee between each other until they reach the end of the yard.

The member holding the Frisbee cannot take more than three steps before he/ she shall pass it to another member.

Team 1 will try to block team 2 from reaching the end of the yard. The defense team should block the other team by (intercepting) passes. 

When the Frisbee touches the ground, it should be given to the other team. Now the members must pass the Frisbee between each other to reach the other end of the yard.

The team that gets the most points wins. A team must get 21 to be declared the winner.

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