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Fun Activities for the Family
When Your Power Goes Out

Fun Activities

Everyone is always engaged in their own virtual world. Whether you’re watching television while your kids play computer games or scrolling social media on a Saturday afternoon, it can be hard to picture what you’d do with your time if your devices were suddenly taken away from you until it happens. 

Brownouts and blackouts can happen for a variety of reasons ranging from too much stress on the grid to wind knocking down power lines, so it’s always best to be prepared for it. And by prepared, we mean going beyond ensuring you have batteries for your flashlights and plenty of candles for when you need to move around at night with no light; we mean having activities planned that the whole family can enjoy to prevent boredom. So here are fun activities for the family when your power goes out. 

Board Games

Fun Activities

Board games are the perfect activities for families because anyone can learn how to play games, as long as they’re age-appropriate. Of course, depending on the age of your children, whether they be in diapers or full-fledged teenagers, you may need to choose a game that’s less complicated. However, if you have older children, you can play more complicated games like Monopoly or Life after the young ones have gone to bed. 

If you don’t have any board games, you can play card games like Go Fish, something that’s fun for the entire family, no matter how old you are. 


If you’re unsure how long the power is going to be out, you may need an activity that can span several days. Puzzles are a fun activity, and they’re great for the brain. Whatever type of puzzle you choose, just make sure it’s not too difficult for the young ones. When your children struggle to connect the pieces, they can quickly become frustrated and bored, leaving you with an unfinished puzzle and upset kids. 

Instead, consider the ages of everyone putting the puzzle together. If you have multiple kids around the same age group, have them do their own puzzle so you can focus on something a little more complex with older children or your significant other. 


Charades is a fun game for when you need to kill time but don’t have a lot of activities around the house. Since you don’t need anything to get started, you can play charades at any point in the day without risking creating a mess with board games and puzzle pieces. 

When playing charades with children, try to remember they probably haven’t seen the same movies you’ve seen, so you might have to try to make the game more age-appropriate. 


Many children don’t get enough exercise because they spend more time inside playing video games or chatting with their friends online. These distractions won’t exist when your power goes out, so it’s a great time to get them more interested in physical activities like sports or simple cardio exercises like going for a run or riding bikes.

Whatever you choose to do with your children, try to find something everyone can enjoy. For example, while you may like waking up early to go for a run, your teenagers probably don’t. Instead, try to set a time to exercise together every day, whether riding bikes or going for a hike in the woods. 

Play With Pets

The odds are that your pet loves when the power goes out because they get more attention. Since you’re not distracted by television or your phone, you can spend more quality time with your dog or cat. In many cases, pets can be more entertaining than your favorite show because they each have their own unique personality. Cats, in particular, are known to be quite funny, while dogs can help you stay active by always wanting to play with you. 

A simple game of fetch in the yard with your furry friend can kill some time while giving everyone a much-needed break from electronics, and your dog will be happier for it, too. 

Build a Fort

Before the internet was a thing, kids used their imagination to have fun. Building a fort is one of the most family-friendly activities because even adults love showing their kids how they used to play when they were younger. Grab chairs, pillows, blankets, and any furniture you can think of to show your kids how to build their very own fort. 

Read a Book

With no Netflix or Hulu to keep you occupied throughout the day, you’ll have to find other ways to entertain yourself. Reading has never gone out of style, even though you might prefer to watch an entire series in one night. Power outages are the perfect time to get your family back into reading because there’s nothing else to do. At the very least, your kids might pick up a book on their own because they’re so bored. 

Arts and Crafts

Arts and crafts give your family the opportunity to express themselves creatively. If stores near you are affected by the power outage and closed, you can find old construction paper, glue sticks, glitter, or anything else around your house from your last arts and crafts project. 


While sleeping might sound like the most fun family activity, you can catch up on rest while the power is out, especially if you don’t have any other commitments. There’s nothing wrong with taking a midday nap or having quiet time around the house to let everyone catch up on much-needed sleep. If you have little ones, they’ll be happy to nap with you, or you can nap on your favorite spot on the couch. 

Final Thoughts

No one likes it when the power goes out, but by being prepared with activities that don’t use electricity, you can ensure your family has something to do on days they can’t watch television or play video games. When deciding what to do with your family when the power goes out, consider everyone’s ages and interests. For example, some kids might want to make arts and crafts inside, while others spend time kicking a soccer ball around the yard. 

Ashley Nielsen

Ashley Nielsen

Ashley Nielsen earned a B.S. degree in Business Administration Marketing at Point Loma Nazarene University. She is a freelance writer where she shares knowledge about general business, marketing, lifestyle, wellness or financial tips. During her free time she enjoys being outside, staying active, reading a book, or diving deep into her favorite music. 

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