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The Ultimate First Trimester Checklist
for First-Time Moms

First Trimester Checklist

The very moment you were watching that pregnancy test slowly showing a positive result gave you butterflies. You will become a mom! In nine short months, your little bundle of joy will arrive, ready to completely revolutionize your life.

Don't wish time away, though: pregnancy can and should be a truly magical journey, and you want to savor each and every day.

If you are a first-time mom-to-be who wants to make the most of this special adventure, then you do not want to miss out on our first trimester checklist. Read on to find out all you need to do and buy to ensure that the first few weeks of your pregnancy are as pleasant and unforgettable as you want.

Book an Appointment With Your Healthcare Provider

If you found out that you are pregnant using a home pregnancy test, you will also need to see your doctor and make sure the test was accurate. Or, if your test displayed a negative result but your period is still not showing up and you have reasons to believe you might be pregnant, you're going to want to be assessed by a professional.

The best thing to do is to get on the phone with your healthcare provider and book an appointment to check everything is good with you and your baby. The first trimester is an important time for every woman. It's also a good idea to book a 6-week ultrasound during this time. This type of ultrasound allows healthcare providers to see how your baby is progressing.

Take Your Prenatal Vitamins

It's a good idea to begin taking your prenatal vitamins, and especially folic acid, even before you get pregnant, but if you haven't done it then start as soon as your pregnancy is confirmed.

Growing a baby is a lot of hard work, and your body will need all the nutrients it can get — and then some! And while you're talking to your doctor, why not ask them about taking CitraNatal?

Dial the Intensity of Your Workouts Down a Notch

The good news? In your first trimester, you can continue to practice your usual workout routine (unless, of course, your healthcare provider has recommended you not to). The not-so-good news? You'll want to take it down just a touch. If your workout go-to is any type of cardio exercise, you'll need to perform it with less intensity and be more careful to avoid any potential injuries.

Review Your Eating and Drinking Habits

Talk to your doctor about what you normally eat and drink, but as a rule of thumb, you want to stop drinking alcohol, cut down on caffeine, and avoid certain foods. Some meat-derived products, raw or undercooked shellfish and deli-style salads can contain bacteria or parasites that are harmful to your developing baby.

Invest in a Good-Quality Maternity Bra

Even though your body is likely to remain unchanged for a while yet, you might soon start to feel bloated and your skin will begin to stretch. Your breasts, in particular, may feel tender if not actually painful, and wearing your usual bra will not be very appealing!

You can choose between either standard maternity or nursing bra. We recommend choosing the latter, as it is designed to accompany you during your whole pregnancy and through to your breastfeeding days, if you choose to nurse your baby.

Keep Those Stretch Marks at Bay

Stretch marks are hardly a real problem (after all, they simply indicate that your body is making space to grow your gorgeous little one!) but many moms-to-be want to minimize their appearance. If you would like to get soft, smooth, and silky skin throughout your pregnancy, start using a good cream right now.

Make Oral Health a Priority

Did you know that, during pregnancy, it's very common to experience tooth problems? This is due to hormonal changes, which make you more prone to infections and bleeding. So, make that long-overdue dentist appointment today, and keep your mind at rest for the next nine months.

Write It All Down

At the end of a busy, exhausting first-trimester day, you're probably tempted to lie on your couch in front of the TV. But what about swapping this (at least a few times a week) with some therapeutic and relaxing writing?

Get yourself a lovely pregnancy journal and keep a record of everything that is happening in and out of your body. Reading it once baby is here, and even further ahead in the future, are priceless.

Rest, Rest, and Rest Some More

You're going to want to trust us on this one: once your little bundle comes, it will be go-go-go from the moment they wake up until they (finally!) fall asleep (on you, in all likelihood). But what about now? Chances are that you are also feeling a bit queasy, if not full-blown sick, and first-trimester exhaustion is absolutely a thing.

So, take advantage of these first few months to rest up as much as you can and stock up on plenty of sleep.

All Ready to Start Checking Things off Your First Trimester Checklist?

The first three months of your pregnancy can be a bit hard physically, but there's no reason why you shouldn't enjoy them. Our first trimester checklist is there to help you do just that.

Don't wish time away! Make the most of these few weeks to rest, recharge, and do lots of nice things to look after yourself and your growing baby.

Make sure you book all your healthcare appointments, including one with your dentist, be gentler with your workout routine, and start buying some lovely products to pamper yourself and prepare your body to grow and stretch.

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