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Why Are the First 2000 Days Critical for
Child Development?

Have you heard of the "First 2000 Days" and its importance in early education? According to recent studies and, the most critical phase of your child's brain development takes place between birth and the first day of kindergarten. But why are these days so important, and how does it affect your choices for child care during this early learning phase?

First 2000 Days

About the First 2000 Days

Historically and according to how school systems are managed, between your baby's birth and their first day of school, you have about 2000 days to prepare your little one for formal education. But this phase of life is more critical for learning than once realized, according to recent research.

When sticking to the traditional daycare to kindergarten model, essential learning opportunities are often lost. This is why you need an early childhood educator who understands what your baby needs in the first 2000 days. They seize the opportunity to provide your preschooler with more tools and training for later schooling.

During the first 2000 days, your child's brain architecture develops. This structural formation either takes place toward a solid foundation for learning throughout life, or it develops weakly. In many ways, the choice is yours to help create a solid foundation. You can provide your little one with daycare schooling that helps them thrive in experiences, environments, relationships and overall child development.

Also, within these first 2000 days, your baby needs positive family interaction and good health to fortify their quality early learning. Together, these key elements of overall development make your child more ready for school. It puts them on a path to achievement of higher educational goals, first through a high school diploma and then toward continued, lifelong learning.

With the right child care support before kindergarten, your child becomes a valuable worker and productive citizen. They also enjoy better physical and mental health. As you can see, this makes the preschool time frame critical for setting the tone for the rest of your loved one's life.

First 2000 Days

Find Quality Child Care

Many parents feel consumed by the importance of finding quality child care for their babies and toddlers. Indeed, this is an important task. But you need to focus on more than just affordability. Critical for your child's first 2000 days and lifelong development are:

  • Healthy emotional growth and development
  • Good physical health
  • Quality nutrition
  • Ongoing learning and education
  • Family time to bond with parents

This road map for your child's first 2000 days is a partnership between a quality daycare center and your home life. You and your child care provider must consistently provide all of the above elements to ensure your child's best development and preparation for their life ahead.

As research indicates, the brain is not fully developed at birth. Although it continues developing through childhood and into teen years, it does so at the greatest speed from ages birth to six years. Things experienced during this important time program into our bodies and provide us with the skills to handle everyday life. Those key skills instilled in the first 2000 days include impulse control, planning and focus.

Quality child care provides a healthy, safe, educational and caring environment for your child to learn. It also supports their mental, physical, social and emotional needs as they develop.

Signs of Quality Child Care

Specific signs of quality child care include:

  • Positive teacher-child interactions
  • Small group size and good teacher-child ratios
  • A mix of learning activities
  • Caring and knowledgeable staff
  • A rich learning environment
  • Clean, healthy and safe facilities
  • A set curriculum for learning
  • Focus on child health and developmental needs

The best thing you can do for your child during their critical first 2000 days and for the rest of their life is to find the highest possible quality of child care. This care should meet the above needs while also providing affordability.

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