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Is the Current Education System Causing
Stress in Children?

By Jolie Andre

Stress is a common ailment signifying excessive pressure and inability to cope with work. Humans were not meant to be multitaskers we are biologically hardwired and structured to handle one thing at a time. Nowadays, in this competitive world, we are constantly trying to outperform ourselves and all the others around us.

Move Ahead

We want to be ahead of the competition, and the only way to do that is to work hard and achieve more. It gives rise to the stress of goals and work that are to be done. However, as important as achievement and success are, we should not trade our psychological and physical well being for it, and if it has to be done anyhow, then we must know how to manage it. Failing to do so often makes irreversible changes and complications to our body, which can give rise to ailments and diseases, which further reduce our life span.

Why is it important?

The first step to managing stress is to identify it’s sources and reasons. When we can know what is causing stress, we can plan and handle it in a better way so as to maintain our health and work-life balance. In today’s lifestyle, when we have access to a large number of apps and gadgets than ever before, all made with a single purpose to make our everyday life easier and simpler. However, it is a paradox that in our day to day lives, we have also witnessed a substantial increase in the number of cases of stressed and anxious people than ever before in this century. It is indeed an irony that the very gadgets and apps that were supposed to make our lives easier have now begun to overwhelm and stress us.

Few warning signs of stress

  • Inability to concentrate - They find it hard to concentrate or focus on new tasks owing to already being preoccupied.
  • Frustration - Such individuals are often easily frustrated. They have a low tolerance for error and thus cannot stand inefficiency by them or by others.
  • Lack of Self Esteem - These individuals have a low sense of self-esteem and are insecure about their individual value and self-worth.
  • Forgetfulness - They tend to forget things easily. Since they are so preoccupied, they tend to lose out on new information, especially when they need it the most.
  • High Blood Pressure - Stressed individuals are prone to be having high blood pressure owing to stress hormones such as cortisol etc.
  • Stomach ulcers/Heartburn - Often it has been noticed that people with persistently high levels of stress are prone to behaving digestive problems and stomach related ailments.
  • Insomnia - They have trouble falling asleep at night. They are unable to fall asleep, and if they do, their sleep quality usually is quite shallow.
  • Anger - These people are irritable and often get angry very soon. They have quick fits of rage and anger.


When we realize that we have a lot of the symptoms mentioned above, we should start working towards minimizing it and seeking specialist care. It is suggested that we seek professional medical and consultants to help manage stress and reducing them effectively to make healthy lifestyle changes.

Author Bio: Jolie Andre

I enjoy writing on various niches like managing relationship, travel, stress management and performance management. After going through stress myself I started trying new things like writing, decorating and even painted own living room. It takes a while for you to move on but sooner or later you get it.

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