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All About Disposable Nappies –
Are Disposable Nappies Eco-Friendly?

Nappies are an important part of baby care. Every family uses nappies for their babies as it is simple to use and important for a baby. But the materials used for napping are not that good for the environment because they have some plastic layers in them which are non-biodegradable, and it is also not good for the baby. So now people are going for Eco-friendly disposable nappies. Which are good for the environment because eco-friendly disposable nappies are made up of certified wood pulp with other layers. This gives less damage to the environment and is also comfortable to the baby. 

What Eco-friendly disposable nappies are made from

The different brands use different materials for eco-friendly disposable, but every brand adds some natural fabrics and materials which are eco-friendly and Easley disposable to the land. Disposable eco-friendly nappies are made from materials like bamboo, wood pulp, Cornstarch Paper and Cellulose. These are a little easy to degrade on land and less harmful to the environment. 

Are disposable nappies Eco-friendly

Anything artificial is maybe not fully eco-friendly. Disposable nappies can be reuse are recycle, so it is not fully eco-friendly. Still, disposable nappies are manufacture of fabrics and materials that are natural. Brands try to use fewer plastics, although oxygen is require for the biodegradable process, and landfills are so tight that it hardly takes air in such a degradable process too time. Itis is slow, so moreover as disposable nappies are not recyclable. Biodegradation took a long time for any of the products, so disposable nappies are not fully eco-friend. Still, it came with a lot of benefits for the environment and babies, so as for the time people don't have the better option can use disposable nappies. 

Benefits of eco-friendly disposable nappies

Eco-friendly disposable nappies are a little costly. And as discussed, it is not fully eco friendly either. But at the same time, it comes with a lot of benefits that are good for the environment and babies.

One of the important materials for nappies is plastic to give a layer. And stood nappies use virgin plastic, which is not good for the environment. Still, disposable nappies come with better options, and brands are using less plastic which is great for the planet. 

Disposable nappies use natural fabrics and materials and fewer chemicals compared to added. The standard nappies are manufacture from more harsh chemicals. So, it is better to choose disposable nappies. 


For a newborn baby, mostly a family uses more than 6/7 nappies in a single day. And 3.7 million people use disposable nappies in Australia and New Zealand. Nappies are becoming a part of every family. Still, the point is that standard nappies are not suitable for the environment and searching for other disposable nappies that are more eco-friendly. Still, this is also not recyclable. It takes time to degrade, but this came with many plus points for the environment and baby, so everyone is choosing Eco-friendly disposable nappies that are better for the future and environment.

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