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Choosing a Day Care Center

By Cody Sartony

Day care centers are required for certain working parents who have very heavy responsibilities for their work load and cannot take out enough time for children. So they opt for day care centers who take care of their children for them while they are at work and have to perform their duties and household chores.

Definition of day care or child care center can be found in a few places. In Wikipedia it is defined as “Day care or child care is care of a child undertaken by a person appointed by the parents or child’s legal guardian, generally it is by someone outside the child’s immediate family or some known relative. It is generally referred to as child care in UK and Australia and as day care in America.”

Finding a day care center for your child should be well planned out, you should do a market research and find out which are the best suited for you and your child's interest. Find out all about the respective day care centers - before going for any of them, get a second opinion. Some are really worse, they just pretend to be good but don’t know much about the subject, even the teachers are not qualified enough, nor the staff to child ratio maintained.


There are many merits to keep a child in a day care center. They firstly provide a new environment for the child so he can learn to adapt to new surroundings. Also there are a number of activities for the child to take part in for his development. Also one of the best things is they get to socialize and meet other children of similar age groups. This is a major advantage of day care center.

Personal attention is also provided to each child. There are certain drawbacks also such as the nanny or teacher may not be focussed on a single child for the entire period of time, which is possible at home. Also children are more prone to infection as they are exposed more to other children and open environment. On the bright side it also increases the child's stamina.

The main qualities to look in a day care center are the child-to-staff ratio - it should be minimum four to one, recommended is three to one. For older kids, this ratio can increase as they require less attention. See that the facilities they provide - such as homework online help - are good and also that they maintain cleanliness. They should have a caring and good staff. Check if they have proper licenses and follow appropriate rules. Always take a complete schedule of their activities and ensure they maintain a proper timetable.

The steps involving in finding a right care center for your child are as follows:

  • Find as many day care centers as you can and do research on them take opinions about them and their functioning.
  • Evaluate your budget and timing needs which they provide.
  • Call the various care centers and know more about them talk to them and find out more.
  • Select the day care centers which are possibly near to you and where you feel comfortable cause your child will always follow in your footsteps.
  • Take your child for visits too and see if he likes the day care centers and is comfortable.
  • Make a list of all your priorities from the above list and opt for them first.
  • Then enroll your child in the day care center and see if he or she likes it there. Keep it under observation and check if your child is making new friends or not, if not you can change the day care center.

Start to Find Child Care Service

The first thing you should do if you want to start a day care service, before even soliciting working mothers, is to check your local education department for licensing requirements and insurance needs. You should, by yourself, be able to care for up to ten children at one time.

To keep the children happy and occupied you should have a supply of children’s books and games, and, if possible, outdoor equipment like slides and swings. Small classified ads promoting your service in the local newspaper should be enough to draw a number of inquiries. The usual charge for this kind of service comes to about $2 or $3 per hour per child. You may provide lunch for the children, but many small, private day care centers ask that children bring their own lunch, and this has not proven to be too much of a hardship for the working mothers.


Once you have a “full house,” you will be in a position to earn anywhere from $300 a week on up. Of course, you have to like children and children will have to like you. It is not easy to supervise a group of children. You will probably be tired at the end of the day.

Your business could grow from a home day care center into a larger number of centers with a staff that you train. The idea is to keep your fees reasonable enough so that it is worthwhile for a working mother to pay to have her child watched and still earn money from her own work.

Bear in mind, of course, we are talking about preschool children, so that it will not be a necessary for you to offer any kind of classroom instruction. The degree of versatility you are ready to offer will really depend on how much energy you wish to put into the center itself.

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