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What Is Commercial Ukraine Surrogacy
and How Much Does It Cost?

Commercial Ukraine Surrogacy

Surrogacy has become the most widespread both in Ukraine and around the world. The desire to have a child has led millions of couples to resort to this procedure.

Based on the information provided by the best online surrogacy agency World Center of Baby, in this article, we will consider the features of surrogacy in Ukraine and its basic types.

Main Signs of Best Surrogacy Ukraine

Surrogacy in Ukraine is a method of assisted reproductive technologies, according to which a woman, on the basis of a contract with persons who have applied for her services, undergoes the procedure of embryo implantation, which was created on the basis of in vitro fertilization, gives birth to a child and transfer it to these persons.

World Center of Baby, the best surrogacy agency in Ukraine, indicates that the main features of surrogacy include:

  • The mandatory presence of a genetic link between persons who provided their biological material for use and the child born as a result of the surrogacy method;
  • The lack of a genetic link between a woman who is a surrogate mother and a child;
  • The existence of a clearly agreed agreement under which the surrogate mother gives birth to a child for the purpose of its further transfer to the parents.

Surrogacy Agreement

The gestational surrogacy Ukraine program provides for the conclusion of an agreement between the interested parties. At least the following points must be clearly defined in the contract:

  • Reimbursement of medical expenses;
  • Compensation for salary losses;
  • Place of residence of a surrogate mother during pregnancy;
  • The clinic where artificial insemination will be performed;
  • Consequences of the birth of a defective child;
  • The duty of a surrogate mother to follow all the doctor's advice aimed at giving birth to a healthy child;
  • The obligation of a surrogate mother to transfer the child after its birth to the genetic parents;
  • The duty of genetic parents to adopt a child;
  • Sanctions for non-compliance with the terms of the contract, which must be substantial, ensuring the discipline of the parties to the contract.

Commercial and Altruistic Surrogacy

An agreement (contract) on gestational surrogacy can be commercial or non-commercial, i.e. altruistic. In commercial surrogacy, the surrogate mother receives a salary or some material reward. The professionals working in the agency World Center of Baby mention that non-commercial surrogacy does not provide for payment or material benefits other than the costs of pregnancy, including medical supervision.

The cost of surrogacy in Ukraine is usually determined by the parties to a commercial surrogacy agreement. But in general, the price varies and is $ 30,000-$ 45,000 for foreign parents and $ 10,000-$ 15,000 for Ukrainians. Only married couples can use the perfect services. The law does not allow same-sex couples (lesbians, gay men) to participate in the program.

If you have any other relevant questions, please contact the World Center of Baby and get answers to them. It is also recommended to visit the agency forum and find valuable information there.

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