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Child Care

By Arlene Kaddy

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Ensuring proper child care and development is essential for a child's growth and well-being. For example, a Confinement Nanny Singapore can play a crucial role in providing expert support during the postpartum period.

Child care is required for certain working parents who have very heavy responsibilities for their work load and cannot take out enough time for children. If you have chosen to go for getting child care for your child, then you should know which type of child care suits you and your child's taste. Also you should know which will be best suitable for you and your child. Many parents struggle to know which is best for their child but sometimes fail to get the best for their child, make sure such a thing does not happen to you.

Child Care

Know the different types of choices which are described in short as follows...

  • The child can be left with a nanny. Here nanny is available for full time so she/he can take care of your child. Also personal care is taken so quality work can be ensured
  • The child can be left at day care, which take care of their children for parents while they are at work or have to perform their duties and household chores.
  • Child Care from a relative is one of the best available options; given you have a relative willing to take care of your child for you.
  • Family day care - this is a combination of nanny and day care, it is generally less expensive compared to normal day care but is more flexible and less standards are followed there.

The factors on which the choice of child care depends are...

  • Decide the type of care that you think is the best for your child and is most suited to you and your child. Make sure that the arrangements for child care are as per your liking. Take in to consideration the factors like location of child care center, ease of transport, safety of the child, proper quality staff, whether they are experienced or not, the kind of environment your child is going to be a part of, etc.
  • One of Important factors is cost of child care, depending on where you live the cost factor changes. Also some child care option has extra charges for extra facilities, so all the cost factors are also to be kept into consideration.
  • Check the number of hours which the child care is providing, and whether it is suitable to you or not. You should see that no comprises have to be made later due to working hours or it may stress you out.
  • Always have a backup plan and it should be realistic, do not get high expectations from your provider because he will work only according to his pay.
  • Once you have picked a place where you want to get your child day care or be it a nanny always remember that you may or may not get it so keep your options open. Make two or three choices so if one option backfires there is always option no two.

Before selecting any Child care person or agency, you need to be sure about them. You should make every detail as clear as possible. Make sure that both you and your child are comfortable with whichever plan that you opt for.

Child Care

Child care accreditation, child care providers, child care nursery

As all of us know it has become essential to take the services of a Child Care center in this busy world, where most of husbands and wives are working professionals and can’t devote their time for their children. They may have option to keep maid servant or some unemployed relative, but it may be difficult to find one who is reliable. So the only option left is to search for some Day Care, Crèche or Child Care center. The parents should be much careful while choosing a Child Care center, as the kid has to pass a long time here. It makes the foundation of future of a child. Here we will discuss some important tips for searching one.

Ensure that there are enough materials available with the center to keep babies engaged. So prior to decide enrolling your child with the center you should visit the center unannounced in the operational hours of the Child Care center. You may ask for the license issued by the Department of Public Health. The center should be licensed. You may also confirm it online.

The staff of the Child Care center should be well qualified. They should possess CDA, 2-year degree or CPR. You should also check how many of the staff are Bachelor's in Education and how many have First Aid qualification certificates. The ratio of staff should be in proportion to the children enrolled with them.

The curriculum of the Child Care center is another important thing to check. It should cover all major five areas of a child’s development i.e. emotional development, social development, language development (speaking skills), physical development and cognitive development.

The environment of the Child Care center should be neat, clean and safe. It should have enough space for a child’s indoor and outdoor activities. You should also check the equipment installed in the outdoor for playing. Are they very old or new and safe for children? Are they of standard quality or inferior ones, installed only for alluring the parents?

You must also ensure that the owner of the Child Care center provides the ongoing assessments of the children to parents, so that if there is any problem that can be mended at the earliest. Child’s progress must be regularly checked and discussed with the parents.

National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAYEC) is the Government organization that provides all the information about the accreditation. You may also check about the center’s accreditation on this organizations website.

A good nursery is the foundation on which a student’s successful educational life begins. If children do not go to the right nursery, they might develop a long-seated aversion to education, which can affect them for a long time in their lives. It is important that parents always go for the best nursery in Singapore for their kids to allow for holistic development. This will enable children to lean teamwork, develop interests for subjects, and build a better personality.

Child Care

Author Bio: Arlene Kaddy is writer and CV editor in She writes blogs and articles for online publications. You can contact Arlene for proper writing resume and cv editing, as well as for private consultations. Linkedin, Twitter.

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