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Best Toys and Games That Stimulate Child Development? You Can Save on Them Too!

Teach your kids to build their path of success!

New-age educational toys and games encourage a child to design his/her game in such a way that it enables them to expand their creativity and imagination, explore new possibilities, find innovative solutions to problems, develop different talents and skills. To introduce learning through games, Belk has a special section of educational and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) toys for kids.

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To develop various skills in a child and lessen screen-time, you can keep your kids engaged with different toys and games such as:

  1. Sensory toys: You can stimulate hearing, build up strength, develop social and linguistic skills, enhance reach and grip; introduce textures, sounds, colors with toys like rattles, mirrors, musical mobiles, tripod gyms, books, and colorful play mats.
  2. Develop motor skills: To develop skills like standing, walking, running, etc. that use arms, limbs and large muscles of the body you can introduce games like sensory balls, mechanical toys (for example pop-up toys, buttons and levers, ‘busy’ boxes), ring stack (also helps in learning colors and numbers), jump rope or code hopper, arts and crafts, etc.
  3. Build muscle strength with products like Alphabet truck, push-pull toys, peg, and magnetic boards, slides, riding toys, and bring out their creativity with art supplies like papercrafts kit, crayons, and paint.

    E.g. Carousel pull toy, pull wagon, pull along train, push toy/giggle push, art studio, sketcher projector, drawing kit, flip easel, jewelry making kit, etc.

  4. Improve hand-eye coordination with products like balls, shape-sorting toys, blocks and construction sets, A-Z alphabet block sets, uppercase magnet letters, and outdoor game sets.
  5. Involve in daily routine with realistic toys like a mini baking set, measuring cups, spoons, bowls, and mini appliances to involve kids in the kitchen or teach them daily activitie with toy broom, kid-sized garden shovel, etc.

    E.g. Light-up learning vacuum cleaner, easy bake oven, and kitchen set.

  6. Develop social and emotional instincts with role-play toys like doctor kits, golf sets and if you want to introduce extra entertainment, begin storytelling with puppets, theme sets, and dramatic play with fun costumes.

    E.g. Master detective toolkit, style studio, shopping basket, or cart with smart purse and cash register.

  7. Enhance cognitive development and problem-solving skills with blocks, construction sets, board games, shape sorters, magnetic letters, pegboard puzzles, nesting cups, or blocks.

    E.g. Learning journey space ship, magnetic dress-up play set, motor works engine kit, gears STEM construction set, ingenious strategy game, etc.

  8. Improve logical thinking with puzzles, blocks, LEGO, card games, dominoes, matching games, circuit games, and activity cubes.

    Products like: Brain teaser puzzle, latches board, spin, gears learning toy, etc.

  9. Increase attention span by developing listening skills through musical instruments like piano, guitar, and violin.

    Products e.g. - Learning baby bongo drums, a musical learning toy, little tunes tambourine, melody maker, music center, etc.

  10. Develop imagination with science toys (like binoculars, telescopes, chemistry sets), books, dollhouses, action figures, and mini fun rides or model railroad sets.

    E.g. Junior telescope, microscope kit, alien robots science experiment kit, ScienceWiz products inventions kit, etc.

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In addition to above-mentioned products, you can also explain timing with ‘time telling game’, teach shapes and colors, explore different countries using a globe or ‘round the world travel rug’, build team spirit within kids with ‘travel together ship’ and have an exciting magic show with trick sets or magic hat set.

You can introduce different methods of learning through toys and games that promote brain development and cognitive abilities. With educational toys, you can shape a child’s intellect and improve ways in which information is processed by the brain and how that knowledge can be applied in different situations. Scholastic toys also ignite a child’s imagination, encourage them to bond with others, teach about resolving conflicts, and learn about cause-and-effect relationships. In addition to learning, these games help children to learn creatively and retain knowledge for a long time.

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