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Effective Tips to Keep Your Kids Warm
& Cozy for a Good Night’s Sleep


By Karen Anthony

With the advent of the winter season, adults start layering up, snuggling up and disappearing under a whole load of blankets and duvets at night for a good night’s sleep despite the winter chill. Children, however, are quite oblivious of their surroundings when they are fast asleep. They generally have a rather maddening habit of kicking off the blankets and other covers. So they are often woken up because of the chill. So you need to make sure that your kids are warm and cozy at night, as explained in the Baby Sleep Miracle book about toddler sleep issues. Here are a few practical tips that should keep your little one warm and happily asleep.

Heat the Room

It is best to keep your child’s bedroom warm and cozy by maintaining a comfortable temperature. You could consider investing in a good quality heating system, particularly, one that would be heating your entire house. Often, that sort of a heating system may not be affordable for every family so you could opt for panel heaters that provide adequate background warmth so keep your baby sleeping comfortably at night. Alternatively, you may use oil heaters or electric heaters. You must never forget to follow carefully all safety rules, precautions, and recommendations. Buy heaters with a thermostat. Remember a programmable timer would be keeping the temperature well regulated and effectively reduce heating expenses. Kids would be napping away to glory when the temperature is just right.

Focus on Appropriate Nightwear

Sleeping bag-type special night wears are just right for the tiny tots. They are a boon for the little ones as they are really practical for changing, night-time feeds, and they cannot be taken off by the kid. Onesies are just wonderful for older children as they would eliminate the need to wear socks that keep getting lost while you are sleeping at night. You may opt for PJs with cuffs for avoiding legs and sleeves riding up.

As per “It's safer not to use any sort of loose or thick bedding in your baby's crib, at least for the first year. That is because too much bedding, or the wrong kind of bedding, can cause accidental suffocation and overheating, which are believed to be a risk factor for sudden infant death syndrome, or SIDS.”

Use Bedding Layers

Layers of clothing could help in keeping your kids warm and cozy. Similarly, it is important to give them an opportunity to sleep in layered bedding. You could consider laying a warm blanket all across the bottom of the bed and keep the blanket there folded in the same manner as a paper fan. Your kid could grab the top of the blanket and pull it up for adding an extra layer if they feel cold at night. In this context, you could invest in fleece sheets. Moreover, woolen underlay could be used effectively regulate temperature.

Cut Out the Cold

You may consider keeping the cold out by installing effective thermal curtains on external doors and even on windows. Remember insulation could be making a major difference to the overall room temperature.


For tots, camping bed type nightwear is a gift! They're incredibly reasonable for evening sustains and changing and are difficult to 'kick off'. The honor winning Go Bags from Merino Kids are utilized by mums everywhere throughout the world to keep their little ones comfortable.

Bedding layers

Similarly, as we put on layers of garments on chilly days, it is additionally prescribed to layer bedding. This is especially useful on those evenings when the NZ climate can't generally decide! Lay a cover over the base of the children's beds (past their feet) and crease it like a paper fan so they can simply get the best and destroy to include an additional layer in the event that they get cold in the night. Polar wool sheets merit the venture – simply don't anticipate that anybody should bounce up in a rush the following morning! Woolen underlays are great at directing temperatures.

Take the chill off

A boiling water bottle flew under the spreads before sleep time can help take the chill off. Simply recall not abandoning it in the bed, utilizing a spread, and being watchful when filling and discharging.

Electric covers are extremely proficient at warming the bed. Peruse all wellbeing data before use and don't utilize a cover that is harmed.

Energize ordinary day by day snoozes

Day by day snoozes are vital. A vigorous tyke can think that it’s hard to experience the day without a rest break. A snooze less youngster will regularly wake up chipper and turn out to be dynamically fussier or hyper-alert as the day goes on.


Build up a predictable sleep time schedule

Schedules make security. A reliable, serene sleep time routine enables your youngster to change from the movement of the day to the quiet condition of rest.

Make a comfortable rest condition

Where your kid dozes can be a key to quality rest. Make certain the sleeping pad is agreeable, the covers are warm, the room temperature is correct, night wear are comfortable, and the room is inviting.


Consider taking the chill off by taking a hot water bag or bottle and popping it under the covers. Moreover, we understand that electric blankets are pretty efficient and would be keeping your kid adequately warm and really cozy. It is best to switch on the electric blanket about an hour before bedtime and it is recommended to shut it off before your kid gets into bed for safety sake.

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