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The Nature of Evil

Owen Waters
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In order to understand the nature of evil, it is more revealing to study its spiritual nature and then translate that into physical reality.

In a universe filled with love and light, both of which are freely available to all, some people try to keep as much love and light as possible for themselves. In doing so, they interrupt the natural flow of universal love and light. The universal flow passes through people, empowering them as it passes.

The act of trying to accumulate love and light for oneself means restricting or stopping the natural flow. This, then, produces a tell-tale appearance of darkness in the aura of that person. A person's aura can be seen by a clairvoyant, or by anyone else with enough practice. However, you don't have to practice seeing auras in order to know what is in them. Everyone senses the auras of others and reacts according to the meaning of that which they sense. Inside, you know everything you need to know about a person when you first lay eyes upon them, or upon their photograph.

Is there, for example, a secret agenda behind the words that a certain person is speaking? Here, a little inner sensitivity goes a long way in providing such answers.

The human aura is an envelope of etheric energy surrounding the body. Etheric energy is pre-physical energy, more subtle than the electromagnetic energy which makes up physical matter. In the spirit realms, which you visit each night as your body sleeps, etheric energy can be plainly seen as a subtle light which illuminates the environment. Etheric energy also makes up the subtle matter from which your astral or spirit body is composed. The aura reflects the thoughts and emotions of the person through colorations in its appearance. Dark, dense colors mean an absence of love and light. The light referred to here is etheric light, not physical light. Now, we can define the nature of evil.

Evil is the absence of light.

Love permeates everything. The universe, and everything in it, was created by three fundamental principles of original consciousness - intent, love and motion. Love is the medium that fills all of the universe, while the intent of the One Creator holds that universe together within its embrace.

The spirit realms of the afterlife are divided into regions, each according to people's frequency of consciousness. Unlike the physical world, where everyone populates the same realm, in the spirit realms the rule is, "Like attracts like." The brighter, lighter spirits populate the higher realms. Most people, by definition, go to the popular realms. People of dark energy live in the lower realms among other people of like consciousness. Here, they share a self-serving mentality which sees a world filled with, not resources and possibilities, but a lack of resources. Therefore, they seek to rise above their competitors so that they can demand tribute and service from them. People do not go to these lower realms because of any judgment imposed upon them. Instead, they go there because like attracts like and that is who they are. That is the realm of their like minds.

In the physical world, evil is expressed as a self-serving ambition for power over others. A desire for material gain often exists as well, but mostly for the increased power that wealth will enable. Human history is filled with dog-eat-dog competition, murderous conquest and numerous other acts of deep darkness. In fact, the whole adventure of humanity's last few thousand years, that of conscious separation from our spiritual source, includes the experience of the contrast between dark and light or good and evil.

The more subtle acts of darkness include attempts to invoke fear within people so that they may be controlled. Historically, even religion has used this tool for recruitment. It could be argued that, in the past, it was the only tool to which people responded well. Or, it may simply have been a tool driven by ambition for power.

Basically, if a person becomes convinced that evil powers are afoot and that they need protection, then their fear will produce the desired compliance with the organization offering that protection.

The antidote to fear is love, and there is no lack of love in the universe. In fact, the universe is built of love. The untangling of established, fear-inducing beliefs can be a challenge. In this case, meditation should be used to find your inner balance and discover the common sense that enables such beliefs to be dissolved.

Your barometer of truth is your inner feeling about whether a belief is valid. Frequently, people get a feeling that a certain course of action would be wrong for them, then argue to themselves that, the facts add up to it being right, so they go ahead anyway. Later, they discover more facts about the situation and realize that the available facts had been incomplete. It is much better to trust your feelings first, then wait for more facts second.

If you have a stubborn fear that persists because it seems correct based upon the facts, ask your inner self to heal that fear. Your inner self is your soul and, despite claims by worldly, outside parties, your soul is your connection to true, spiritual guidance. When it comes to personal decisions about life, your soul knows you better than anyone in the outside world does. So, why go anywhere else for personal advice?

You should be aware that your spiritual power fills your aura, turning it into a force field of defense against those who might try to intrude into your personal space in order to gain some type of advantage. So, at the end of each daily meditation session, pay attention to the aura surrounding and permeating your body, then visualize it being filled with the love and light of the universe. When you visualize your aura being filled with the love and light of the universe, not only will it make your day unfold with smooth synchronicity, it will make people of dubious intent want to keep away from you. This is because auras filled with light disturb people with dull, dark, unimaginative auras.

When you radiate light and unconditional love, other people with good hearts are magnetically attracted to you. After all, like attracts like, even in the physical world, so why not be surrounded by friends with simply wonderful hearts?

Take the time now to spend some real quality time by going within. Find that sense of peace that lies within. Visit the place where inner bliss dwells and waits patiently for your return...

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