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Infinite Being and the Conscious Universe

By Owen Waters

When I started the web site in the year 2002, I had chosen the term "Infinite Being" as one which is representative of a greater concept of God. Some people call this greater concept "The Absolute," or "The All That Is." I wanted a term that would precisely describe the Original Consciousness which underlies all of Creation.

I see the universe as something which was created within the consciousness of Infinite Being, as something held within that immense, all-encompassing oneness. Now, as consciousness is the only tool available to the Original Creator, then the universe must be made of 100% consciousness. So, solid matter, including your computer and your desk, are really made of consciousness which is held in tension in order to appear solid.

We know that matter is energy, held in such an energetic tension that it appears solid. But what is energy? Energy is compressed consciousness.

Energy appears in three forms in the universe. The higher, pre-physical form of energy is simply referred to as etheric energy. This form of energy can also be referred to as life energy, prana or chi.

The second form of energy is pure, inactive magnetic energy. This is the energy that forms the fabric of the universe. It is very dense, yet, because of its inert nature, it only reveals itself through interaction with other energies, for example, as the magnetic part of electromagnetic energy.

The third form of energy is electric energy. When set into motion, it invokes an automatic reaction from the magnetic fabric of space and travels as electromagnetic energy - as light waves, for example.

The question remains, how did Infinite Being create energy and set it into motion? The big clue here is the fact that, in electromagnetic energy, the magnetic component always acts at right angles - at ninety degrees - to the electric component.

The energetic motion that forms light, for example, is a cycle of tension between its electric and magnetic components. Thousands of times per second, both the electric part and the magnetic part will peak in potential in their own planes of action. It is a dance of energy potentials that allows the propagation of the waveform of light through space.

This ninety degree, out-of-phase design is a reflection of what was used by Infinite Being in the Original Creation. In that case, instead of electric and magnetic energies acting in complementary tension with each other, aspects of pure consciousness acted in complementary tension with each other.

When the Original Creator aspect of Infinite Being came forth into existence, it did so by moving consciousness into motion. It began, initially, by projecting pure thought in one direction. By "thought," I mean intellect - the kind of thought-process that an architect uses to create a building. Only, in this case, a universe was about to appear.

The second facet of Original Consciousness was pure feeling. This was projected at a ninety degree sideways direction to pure thought. The projection of feeling crossed the pathway of projected thought at a right angle. Finally, motion brought the dance of thought and feeling into play and all else became possible.

In the human realm, we do not experience pure thought or pure feeling like the Original Creator does. Our thoughts and feelings are always intertwined. Like the electric and magnetic energies in electromagnetism, one always invokes the other. In humans, a thought causes feelings to arise. A feeling causes thoughts to arise.

In the realm of Original Creation, however, pure thought and pure feeling do exist as complementary principles, just like pure electric and pure magnetic components exist within electromagnetic energy.

The question is, can these ideas have any confirmation from ancient philosophies? I recently found that they do. In my study of ancient Hindu philosophy I found that what Hindus call Brahman is exactly the original consciousness that I call Infinite Being. Then, what the Hindus view as a trinity of original creation correlates very well with the idea of "Thought plus feeling in motion" being the underlying formula in the creation of a conscious universe.

Owen Waters is editor and cofounder of Infinite Being LLC. He promotes a philosophy of spiritual empowerment through inner connection to the source of your ultimate potential. For more Spiritual Words of Empowerment subscribe to his free weekly newsletter. For the full picture, read Owen's book, The Shift: The Revolution in Human Consciousness.

Peter Shepherd notes: As I expect you have noticed, the articles by Owen Waters are uniformly full of wisdom and insight... his books, therefore, are not to be missed. Owen's new e-book, Discover Your Purpose in Life, will not only show you how to discover the purpose of your inner being and your own destiny, it will take you on a voyage of inner discovery. On this journey, you will pass through the layers of what used to be unsolved mysteries. "At each step, we will go deeper still, always using the question 'why' to go deeper, until we reach the final layer and discover the answer to the ultimate mystery in life."

I believe the book offers precisely what many need to know, in order to launch their life into the spiritual dimension, and to be part of the new age of higher vibration consciousness. This amounts to knowing one's inner nature, and as a result, one's life purpose. The trinity of life, love and truth need to be experienced, not just 'known about,' and Owen's e-book gives enough guidance for that process of true illumination to take place. It's available at a special intro price at the moment and I highly recommend you to purchase.

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