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The Story of Creation

By Owen Waters

Stories and myths of Creation from around the world often share a common thread. Most of them start with a division, a splitting of the original One into two complementary parts so that Creation could be achieved.

In ancient Egypt, more than 5,000 years ago, Creation was said to have occurred when the power of thought made light arise above the abyss. Here the two components before the creation of light were 1) thought, and 2) an already-created dark abyss of empty space.

In ancient Greece, the universe was said to have been a place without light until Eros (Love) arose, bringing light and order. Here we have intent and feeling bringing light into being.

In ancient Aztec culture an original 'lord' and 'lady' were said to have brought into existence all things. People throughout history have more easily understood the idea of father and mother figures behind Creation rather than the idea of original principles, or facets, of the one Creator. The Holy Trinity of Christianity includes both ideas - God the Father is the creative principle while the Holy Spirit is the love that permeates all space.

Hinduism, the origin of which pre-dates recorded history, recognizes an original or Absolute state as the one ultimate state of being behind all things. Then, from the Absolute, sprang forth the principles of Creation. These principles are portrayed as the personalities of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.

Brahma symbolizes the aspect of the Absolute that brings forth the Creation. Vishnu represents the aspect that preserves and sustains the universe - an all-pervasive love, in other words. Shiva represents the aspect that brings motion into the universe, motion being that which allows objects to be created and to remain in existence for their allotted time.

Judaism, Christianity and Islam all share the same historic roots. In the book of Genesis, it is said that Creation began when God created the heavens and the earth, then said, "Let there be light." This initial act of Creation came before the creation of the stars and our Sun, so these initial instances of the words 'heavens' and 'earth' must, therefore, be taken metaphorically, not literally.

The 'earth' was said to be formless and empty, like a pre-creational void, as the Spirit of God hovered over the 'waters' of the formless deep. Here we have:

  1. The intent of God the Creator, hovering over:

  2. The formless deep of a universe-to-be. The formless deep referred to the universe, not the Earth, because the stars (and therefore the Earth) had not yet been formed. Then, later, all possibilities began with:

  3. "Let there be light." This is where energy was created to activate the hollow shell of the universe and make all of Creation possible, including the stars, the planets, their biospheres and all that they contain.
All of the above stories of Creation are thousands of years old. Historically, they were told to people who believed that the Earth was all there was to Creation. In general, they had no idea that the stars in the sky were actually other suns in a very remote distance.

Today, we have a much better appreciation of the vastness of Creation. We still do not know the exact size, or even the shape, of the universe but we do have a much better idea of the scale of it. As of July, 2003, astronomers announced that there are 70 sextillion stars in the visible universe. That's 70 thousand million million million in the visible part of the universe alone, just in the visible universe. The actual size of the cosmos is much larger than that.

We can also surmise that the Creator of all of this vastness is an entity much larger than the created universe. Infinite Being is a consciousness so huge that the entire universe is held within its awareness and focus. Infinite Being is all things, it is all potential. As a state of being, it fundamentally does not "do," it just is. Infinite Being is the ultimate state of being. However, at some point, Infinite Being decided to 'become,' rather than just 'be.' It decided to manifest its potential, and then act out every part of that potential.

In order to achieve this, it divided its consciousness. In one direction, it focused intent. In another direction, it focused its love, or its feeling. Then, in a third direction it applied action, or motion, so that the two facets of itself - intent and feeling - could interact with each other as intertwined waves of consciousness. In this way, Infinite Being extended itself from just being, into a state of action. This extension of itself had become what we call the original Creator. And yet, nothing specific had been created up to this point. There was, however, the potential for everything to be created. A stage needed to be set for the expression of Infinite Being as an infinite variety of possibilities. In order to provide that stage, the universe was created.

First, it was filled with love, then set into motion using the focus of intent. This was the original shell of the universe, before it became alive with energy. It was the void, the darkness which came before the light.

Then, life was breathed into the void when energy was added to it. Energy was created by the motion of intent within the all-pervasive field of love which fills the universe.

With the addition of energy into the universe, the 'light' had come. It filled all of space with the chaos of infinite pathways of potential energy and, later, the potential for matter and all that matter could become.

Today, we find ourselves living out the latest adventure in the infinite experiences of existence. As facets of Infinite Being, we are each here to experience life as we see it from our individual, unique viewpoints.

You, as the soul within, are the observer of life. While you are busy with life in the physical world, it may seem difficult to connect with your spiritual aspect, with your soul. But to do this means that you are connecting directly with the observer within. That is why the most rewarding part of the day is the time that you set aside for regular meditation. With inner support and guidance, your path through life becomes clear and filled with purpose.

If you haven't done so already, make the time to practice meditation at the start of each day. A habit very soon becomes a routine, and this one very soon becomes the highlight of each day.

Owen Waters is editor and cofounder of Infinite Being LLC. He promotes a philosophy of spiritual empowerment through inner connection to the source of your ultimate potential. For more Spiritual Words of Empowerment subscribe to his free weekly newsletter. For the full picture, read Owen's book, The Shift: The Revolution in Human Consciousness.
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