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Peter Shepherd interviewed by Jeannie Marshall

Jeanie: What is your primary web site?

Peter: It's called Trans4mind, named after my book, Transforming the Mind.

Jeanie: Tell me about it.

Peter: I started Tools for Transformation in 1997, when it became easy and free to publish online. I'd written a sort of thesis, 'Transforming the Mind.' It summarized a whole bunch of concepts that I'd learned about in the previous decade. I made this synthesis or overview to help myself understand it better, primarily, to see if all the ends could tie in together. I was surprised, they did! But then I thought, why not just put it on the Internet, some other people might find it interesting and helpful. So the site, trans4mind was born, and since then over 500,000 people have freely downloaded Transforming the Mind.

Jeanie: What do you do professionally?

Peter: Running the site takes up all my time. I trained as a psychologist originally, then practiced as a psychotherapist in England, but I increasingly became more interested in personal development and that's what I concentrate on now. Since moving to France in 2000 to be with my girlfriend (my wife since 2003) I've been developing the site a lot more, writing courses and materials, helping students progress, and all the admin that goes with running a big site, which I do on my own.

Jeanie: Who are the people who are drawn to your offerings?

Peter: People who are looking for something extra in their life and who realize that they can take that in their own hands, to learn what's needed to make their life much more fulfilling. It's not a substitute for psychotherapy, it's really working in the other direction, to make life even better, and to find answers to the deep questions, like... Who am I, really? How did I get that way and where can I go from here? What gives my life meaning and purpose? What am I not doing what I want to do and why? And what's the spiritual dimension of life all about?

By asking these sorts of questions we become more aware of who we are. As we uncover our own truth, we live more and more from our authentic natural selves that know the way. This makes it possible to connect consciously, honestly and deeply with the rest of life. And that brings success.

Jeanie: What do you most want the world to know about you?

Peter: I want the best for people. My purpose is to be of service in a meaningful way, to make the best contribution I can toward a better world for all of us, which from my point of view means a more conscious and loving world.

Jeanie: What else would you like to say?

Peter: I put the site together but it's not about me, not at all. It's about collecting resources that will help the individual who visits the site in the particular and unique way that they most need. People have widely varying needs, that's why there's a lot on the site. So the visitor to trans4mind would do well to search around, become familiar with what's available, and discover what's right for them.

Peter Shepherd is the founder and producer of the Trans4mind personal development website, author of author of 'Transforming the Mind' and producer of the Mind Development courses (free to download). Read Peter's biography page and send a message.
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