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The Truth About Manifestation


By Peter Shepherd

There are some common myths attached by some to the process of manifestation. For example, you can get rich without producing anything of value, be a millionaire overnight, all your dreams will come true... and there's the truth. This is about the truth.

The principles of how best to create something you desire in your life - to manifest, in other words - have been described by many worthy teachers since many, many years: it's no secret. But it isn't generally understood and will be new to many people to whom circumstances in life just 'happen' to them, and often they may perceive themselves as a victim or as fortunate, as the case may be. This film has reminded many people that they can indeed start to take responsibility for their life and to be at cause - the creator of their life.

Unfortunately some have given the impression that just dreaming or wishing for what you want will somehow magically make it come true, by some kind of genie-like intervention.

The spiritual element

I take the view that there is indeed a spiritual element to take account of. We live our lives both on the material and on the spiritual level (to the degree that we are awakened spiritually); confusion between the two roles, however, usually abounds. The physical world is about effort, emotion, action, communication over distance, dualities that separate out the playing field of the game of life. The spiritual life is about unity, oneness in communication, creative intent, and about qualities such as love that have no barriers nor dimension in space or time.

The material and spiritual can interplay since they are aspects of a greater whole, but they are not, by definition, the same aspects: one's real, one's actual, if you like. A very realistic dream and the dreamer. We are in this dream, we can be grateful for being so and have a great time as a lucid dreamer. If we are lucid, even if it's a nightmare we can turn it around.

So there is a divine element but that divinity is within each and every one of us; we are not separate from divinity. We are the channel for divine intervention, since if we ourselves are not willing to act, to manifest in the physical world, we are separating ourselves from the creative source and thereby remain at effect. If we do participate, then 'magic' can occur, such as telepathy of intention between ourselves and others, which come together to enhance our process of creating.

A clear vision

Obtaining a clear vision of what we desire, based on a loving creative intention - and not on a basis of fear or lack - and in the now, without considerations of time and distance, energizes us to reflect that spiritual vision in the material world. We've seen that picture in our mind's eye, we're delighted with it, and now we paint it onto the canvas, in our own unique way.

To use another analogy: we've planted the seed in healthy ground and it will grow, and the universe will support its growth. We just need to maintain the excitement of that vision and it will empower us and enable us to meet all challenges. The more it is a labor of love, of sharing and service, the more connected we will be with others - the law of attraction - and the more 'magical' synchronicities will further support us.

The best mindset is one of gratitude for what we already have, and for having the opportunity to create rather than a mindset of need. Gratitude is an abundant and non-egocentric state of mind, which reaches out to connect. It says 'having' is not a problem. The desire is to create something worthwhile, not something to fulfill our base needs and attachments (those are about separateness and therefore won't work). There's no room for fears and doubts, if one is starting from a caring, sharing, non-judgmental and accepting place.

We should make the vision as real as possible in the mind's eye, right now (not as something in the future), so that we become clear enough about its desirability that we can release our old ways of thinking, no longer identify with other people's reservations, and be highly motivated. The negative stuff is just not important anymore, if the vision is true to our real values.

Love, as always, is the guideline: "Am I doing this through love?" The more tangible the vision, and the more truly valuable it is, to oneself and even more importantly to others, the more the energies will flow and align. And the more they do, the more exciting and happier your life will be. Money is not what its about; that will naturally be exchanged for value, as appropriate. The real wealth is happiness.

There's more of my views on this subject in my interview with Anthony Treas, which is now online.

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