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My Views on Christ Consciousness

christ consciousness

By Peter Shepherd

Each of us is 100% responsible for our subjective reality, i.e. our private mental and emotional space, our own universe. This includes our interpretations of events, based on our beliefs and memories, attachments and fears, and our corresponding emotional reactions.

The corollary is that we are certainly not at all responsible for another person's subjective reality, i.e. their thoughts and feelings. And another person (or situations and events) cannot be at all responsible for our own thoughts and feelings.

This runs counter to our cultural programming, in which we are taught to blame others or situations for our upsets, not recognizing that we create our own beliefs, interpretations and emotional reactions. It's built into common phrases, such as "He made me angry." By not realizing that we create our own emotions, we instead identify with them and feel we actually are them. We say "I am angry."

With identification there is no distance from which to view. Only by becoming the witness to our feelings can we adopt the responsible viewpoint, from which we can then release the emotion, to let it go when it no longer serves. Then you can change your mind - beliefs and decisions can be changed in an instant when you've released the emotional charge attached to them. This new understanding is well proven as the basis of successful modern psychological practice and therapy, as discussed in depth on the Emotional Intelligence pages.

Less identification leads us to gradually acquire a more spiritual viewpoint of our mind, emotions and body. We can be more stably happy, with less stress and conflict and with a certainty of our own identity. We have started on our spiritual path and now we encounter a new hurdle...

An even greater jump in consciousness is required to encompass the enlightened spiritual viewpoint of Christ Consciousness. This is also the 'Full realization' one gradually works towards with all successful schemes of spiritual development. It's the ascension of one's awareness above the customary limited human consciousness - and requires an open-mindedness to one's part in the causation of the objective reality, the world around us.

Christ Consciousness is the way of looking at the world that Jesus exemplified and taught. It was also the basis of the Essene practice, though little of this remains in the version of Christianity we see in the Bible. It's the spiritual viewpoint of life in which one is at the same time both an individual playing in this objective reality, and also one with God, the creator of this objective reality. As God, the Prime Creator, one is therefore 100% responsible for creation.

Fully grasping this, it then follows that each of us is 100% responsible for the objective reality - what we perceive and experience as the physical world. Everything in our reality is created by our own beliefs - and so our subjective reality in this way transfers into our objective world experience.

This is definitely the bird's-eye-view of reality, rather than the one we generally have when involved in the game of life. You don't think about unconditional love when playing football - you are concerned about how to win! But one needs to understand the ascended viewpoint, this spiritual or God-like aspect of our nature, as the two levels of consciousness interact. There's a kind of magic that goes on here, where the world mirrors our inner perspective or view of the world and ourselves. Personal development students have long found that life situations mirror the issues that they are examining, and when these issues are cleared-up, situations 'magically' change.

Each of us, through God, creates our reality according to our beliefs. We are God's contact and intermediary with the world. So nothing can be in your reality unless you create it. From this point of view, there are no accidents, and nothing happens by chance. Everything happens for a reason.

This can be hard to swallow as it is quite the opposite to the beliefs we are taught in our culture and even by the Church. Normally all of this operates automatically and sub-consciously, but it is possible to awaken to our true power, to remember our Christ nature, and to start to consciously influence our world. Since we create all, the dialectic qualities of good/bad, right/wrong and beautiful/ugly have little meaning.

It is only from this viewpoint, actually, that the non-judgmental qualities Jesus taught of acceptance, forgiveness and unconditional love can become a practical way of life. Emotional frustration - which drives less-than-conscious behavior - is caused by resistance. Resistance is feeling something is not OK the way it is (or was or will be). It is judgmental and taking sides, rather than understanding with compassion. Truth is always seeing things with love, as part of one's greater self, with the consciousness of Christ.

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