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Choose Yourself in 2010

By Claudette Rowley
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Recently, I was talking with a client about the concept of "choosing herself". She recounted that when she chooses herself, she experiences greater ease, contentment and satisfaction in her life — she feels fully at choice. Life improves considerably.

Choosing yourself is the act of identifying what is right for you — moment to moment in your life — and understanding the motivation behind your choice. You become more concerned with what you think of yourself than what others think of you. When you choose yourself, you act without concern for negative repercussions from others, whether those consequences are real or imagined.

If this is a new concept to you and you're not sure whether you're choosing yourself, consider these questions and exercises:

  • Where do you deny yourself? Examine each part of your life: Are there areas of your life in which you don't treat yourself well? For example, do give more to your family, friends or co-workers than you do to yourself?
  • Look for energy drains. What are you tolerating? Make a list and commit to resolving each item as soon as possible.
  • Observe energy builders. Notice what gives you energy. Choose to give yourself more of what gives you energy.
  • Where are you making sacrifices in your life? Are these sacrifices heart-based? Or are these "should -based" sacrifices? If you are making sacrifices, please be very clear with yourself about your motivation and reasons behind your choices. Too many of us make unconscious sacrifices and then wind up resentful and unhappy.

Once you start giving more to yourself, watch for these signs that you are choosing yourself more often:

  • You notice that you practice the art of discernment more often and more easily. You recognize your limits, what you want and what you need AND you find a way to give it to yourself.
  • You don't need excuses and you give up guilt. When you routinely begin making decisions are in your best interest, you are able to do so guilt-free.
  • You feel fully at choice.
  • You experience greater alignment. The world conspires to help you, circumstances align with more ease and situations that might normally be challenging become effortless.

As 2010 dawns, take this opportunity to choose yourself this year. Get to know yourself better, understand what you want and need, and bring more ease, contentment and alignment into your life.

Tune In: How can you choose yourself in 2010? If you're not choosing yourself, who are you choosing? How would choosing yourself benefit your team at work or benefit your family at home?

Copyright © 2009 Claudette Rowley
Claudette Rowley, coach and author, helps professionals identify and pursue their true purpose and calling in life. Learn more at Claudette

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