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What's the Opportunity

By Claudette Rowley
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I'm excited for 2009. Here in the United States, we have a new President who has just taken office. We're in the midst of an economic crisis, but even a crisis has a bright side. Circumstances like these usually open the door to opportunity. Crises occur when we are being asked to do, be or think differently - whether the crisis is an individual or collective one.

In fact, I'm becoming a fan of crises, problems and life situations. I'm starting to have fun detecting the opportunity in seemingly less than desirable situations. I'm a big believer that we experience a crisis when we are being called to change. Whether you're having a problem, a minor stress or a full blown crisis, ask yourself these three questions and notice how your perspective shifts: What's the opportunity in this situation? If I shifted my perspective, how would my outlook on this situation change? What actions would I take now?

On that note, I decided to plan for 2009 from an opportunity-based perspective. Here's what I did. I noted the perspectives, outlooks and paradigms that I want to carry forward with me. Then I developed a list of life categories based on what's important to me and asked myself these two questions "What do I want in each area of my life?" and "What am I tolerating in each area of my life?"

My categories are my business, personal revitalization/peace of mind, family/parenting, friendships and love relationship. I encourage you to create your own list of categories based on what's most important to you.

The simple questions are often the best ones and these ("What do I want in each area of my life?" and "What am I tolerating in each area of my life?") were particularly illuminating. For example, in each one of the areas of my life that I articulated, I realized that I am tolerating relationships, situations and circumstances that no longer work for me and that I can actually change. Wow. Some of the toleration is a result of natural growth and evolution, some I hadn't recognized and some was simply the business of being human.

Here are the perspectives I'm taking with me into 2009:

  • Never underestimate the power of unadulterated desire. Nothing is more powerful than deeply, strongly and actively wanting something. Put it out there. Be outrageous. That's what I plan to do in 2009.
  • Of course, the corollary to that desire is the importance of staying detached from the outcome. That's the magic of the Law of Attraction: conceive what you want, believe that it's possible and be open to receiving it.
  • Give up thinking that things should look a certain way. This is a big one for me. The universe shows me repeatedly that it's designs are far better than mine. Universal intelligence is truly wise; enjoy what it has to offer you.
  • What are you tolerating? Get clear about the tolerations in your life. If you consciously choose to tolerate a situation - and there are times when we choose to tolerate - make sure you also accept it.
  • Help is always available. I really began to fully understand this notion during 2008. Again and again, I was struck by the range of assistance available to me. Help showed up in the forms of unexpected people and unexpected sources. If you need help, simply ask for it and be ready to receive it.
  • Pay the generosity forward. When you receive help, help someone else. It's really that simple. You're probably familiar with the phrase "What goes around, comes around." Generosity works the same way - when you receive help, your only job is to extend generosity to someone else in need.

As our new year dawns, I encourage you to be conscious of what you want to create this year. What are the intentions and goals you want to set? How do you need to plan, manifest or act to set yourself free?

Copyright © 2009 Claudette Rowley
Claudette Rowley, coach and author, helps professionals identify and pursue their true purpose and calling in life. Learn more at Claudette

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