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Ask and Ye Shall Receive

By Ayal Hurst

An ancient teaching tells us: "Ask and ye shall receive." What this means is, when we tune into our inner wisdom, usually in the quiet state of prayer or meditation where we connect to our Higher Self, that is the time to ask a question. To become a clear being, one of the main questions one needs to ask revolves around: What is going on for me internally that had me create this particular situation in my life? When we ask a question in this way, we will hear the answer, if we allow ourselves to be receptive to that Grace. Many people do not know what kind of question to ask in order to get the answer they need. The following questions are some examples.

1) If you are in pain, ask yourself: Am I in fear and therefore trying to control the outcome? " "What is this fear about?" Then see if you can remember that fear is an illusion, and you are simply misunderstanding something. Ask what it is that you are misunderstanding . Ask: "What would Love do here?" Trust life and move back into that place of living from your center, your heart space.

2) Ask: "How much longer do I need this experience?" How long do you need the effect of something? Ask yourself: "What do I get to avoid by holding onto this belief system that creates this in my life?" Ask: "What am I really protecting?" In other words, what are you still not willing to see about YOURSELF, that you need to, and therefore you think it's about somebody or something else? Until you no longer need the experience, life , people, situations, and relationships will appear as you need them to be, that is, as you "perceive" them to be, in order to continue having that experience.

If you don't have everything you want, it's because you don't think that you deserve it . Therefore, you are not coming from a state of Love, to yourself, and others, and life will reflect that lack of harmony back to you.

3) So, ask yourself: "Can I accept 100% that I deserve what I truly want? What must I release within my belief system to allow myself to deserve it?" When you trust yourself, you create abundance. You can create it any way you choose to. Trusting means knowing that the moment contains all that is good and happy, all that you need, as it is all there NOW. Therefore, to go into the past is only to go into the victim, as you have all you need now. Make a choice in the moment to believe that you are enough. Then make another choice to believe that in the next moment. Coming from Love in each and every moment is a conscious choice one must make. Choose how you desire to be and what you desire to believe in, and how you choose to respond, each moment. The moment contains all that you need, as it is all there NOW. It is all there is.

We have to develop the capacity to let it all come together by getting out of the way of our fear. Accepting the "ISNESS" of the moment allows for the synchronistic flow of connection. We have learned to put our energy outside of ourselves, and see the world as separate and in parts, instead of seeing it as a wholeness, indivisible, and ourselves as the Creator. If we focus on wholism, we realize that everything is happening NOW, and it's all perfect.

If you have an attachment to the outcome of something, you are not able to experience the present moment. You have put chains around it out of fear, which is the need to control so that you think you will be safe. When you release the attachment, you have a holy moment - a moment of enlightenment. If you want to heal something, release the attachment. To remove attachments, allow for the possibility of another option. If it's not Love, it's an attachment. And, if you even love your attachments instead of judging them, they will vanish. Just love whatever experience you are having, without the need to control it.

4) Ask yourself: "Am I suffering in this moment?" If the answer is yes, then you must still be very much attached to something. Let love exist in freedom, and move back, once again, into trusting life and the process we are all in on our soul's journey. A master says: "This is simply the experience. It is what it is unless you attach a judgment to it or place your own perception on it and make it into something right or wrong." We can allow this if we trust ourselves as God and realize that we can trust what we create, and we can trust ourselves to experience it. We are worthy of having and enjoying the moment we have created. When we don't believe we're worthy, we abandon being in the moment, we abandon being able to experience the moment, because we have abandoned ourselves and who we really are. Go into the natural flow of yourself, in the moment, like a river. If you're in the NOW, you will be in your heart, and there is only Love there - seeing it as it is, and being at peace. If you are in the future, you are in your head and dealing with control, with a "have to be". If you are in the past, you are in woundology, and remaining in bitterness and that means being a victim, forgetting you created it for a purpose. There is no way to have the present if you are in the past or future. It cancels out the present moment.

5) You can ask: "Where is the point of origin when I first experienced or created a belief, such as non-trust?"

To find out, go into a meditative state and allow this question to be answered, revealed to you by your Higher Self. Just accept and allow whatever answer or impression you get, without judging it. You can do this for any issue you wish to see and release. When you see where it came from, that you simply created it as a belief, and that beliefs can be changed, you will know that it's an illusion.

6) Always ask yourself: "Is it my ego wanting to speak or my Higher Self?" The ego will judge - the Higher Self appreciates it all as a perfect moment and is in harmony with and trusting of life.

Life is just about the perfection of the moment. What life is all about is surrendering to the experience of the moment that you, yourself, as God consciousness in human form, created.

As soon as you give up 100% responsibility for creating your own reality, as soon as you give up the responsible role, as soon as you think someone is "doing something to you", you have become a victim. Other's responses to you are, in reality, only a reflection of your own energy, of whatever belief structures, thought forms or energy you are putting out, or have inside of you. In other words, if you have a perception that someone is a hurtful person, you must have a belief that you will be hurt, that life is full of hurt, or that you are a hurtful person. You create what you believe in.

When you come from the lower vibrational state, the place of ego and separation, you will be viewing things as judgments. You will make judgments about yourself or about another. The higher vibration is to see whatever happens as a mirror of yourself in the Now.

So, when in a situation that feels uncomfortable, or in which you want to judge someone or something, say to yourself: "I see you doing that. I want to judge you for it. Instead, I will see that it is a reflection of the energy I either hold in myself, or have held in myself. So, I realize that I do that, or have done that.

7) I ask myself, "Am I still doing that? Where do I still hold a judgment about myself regarding this (which I want to put out on you) ? Where do I still think that I am not ok?" Identify the judgment you are making against yourself.

8) Ask: "What part of me do I still not love, and therefore I judge it in others, or in myself?" Then you look at the other person and think: "I don't need to judge them. They are simply being a mirror of my own issue.

9) Ask: Where am I at with:

a) understanding and accepting that every relationship I develop serves the purpose of helping me to become more conscious?
b) have I learned to see myself as reflected by the relationship I'm in?

10) Ask: "What in me created that in my reality?"

11) Asking: "what is the mirror to me?" instantly removes the judgment. Then you get to learn and grow and evolve, which feels great, and you realize that you just got a gift from the Universe! Then there is no charge. There is only acceptance. Acceptance is the higher vibration. It is above forgiveness, because forgiveness implies that something has been done wrong. Acceptance says all is happening perfectly, as it should. All is perfect. Whatever is happening enables us to grow, if we look at it from being the Creator, not the victim. If we look at it all as perfect, we immediately move into the energy of Love, Trust, and Peace. Then there is no judgment.

Know that if you feel anger or any other unpleasant or uncomfortable emotion, you must carry that energy within you. It isn't because of what someone else did. The situation that just manifested was already there in you as an energy pattern or belief structure. Then you have the opportunity to see what the mirror is for you, to see what you carry within yourself so that you can heal, grow, and change - therefore, seeing your reflection in another or in a situation is a positive and useful thing.

12) Ask yourself: "What energy/belief about myself and life am I addicted to, that I constantly return to, to feed the cells of my body with, no matter what the situation or conversation is about? What do I get out of feeling this energy? What's the pay off?"

13) Ask: "What drama or intensity fix am I creating? Am I creating once again what I'm used to doing and experiencing, so that I don't have to deal with what's really going on within myself? Am I needing to create an intensity fix?"

14) Ask: "What is my need here? What is the need of the person I am speaking with?" In reality, all of us are really asking for love, which is what we all truly want. Ask: "What action do I need to take to meet that need?"

Knowing what question to ask is the road map that will allow you to chart your way.

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