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In the Image of God

By Ayal Hurst

As human beings, we are constantly creating. Everything we have invented, such as the aqua lung, the computer, the camera, to name but a few, are symbolic representations, or images, of parts of ourselves in some way. They could only have been created once we understood the workings of our own bodies, of how we are put together. Once we understood how the lungs worked, for example, we were able to invent the aqua lung, enabling us to breathe underwater. Once we understood how our brains worked, we could invent the computer. Once we understood how our eyes worked, we could invent the camera. Everything we have invented has been a mirror image of some part of ourselves. I believe that the same is true of creation on the Divine level.

We are told that we were made "in the image of God." I believe that Universal intelligence, or God, whatever name one attributes to that force which is the Source of Creation, is constantly finding out about itself, and as it does, it is able to create something new in its own image. The Great Cosmic Dance is all about Self Awareness.

When we become self aware, we take that knowledge and create something consciously with it, something outside of ourselves in what we term our "external world." What we create is actually a projection of a concept. One could say that our physical form, our body, is similar to a movie projector: we allow the beam of awareness from the unmanifest realms to stream in through our third eye, into our mind, and then we take that information and project it out. It then coalesces into form, into denser matter, into a slower vibratory rate, to become the world we know, what we call this life - third dimensional reality. In effect, we write the script for our own movies. We sit in the audience watching it, we direct it, and star in it, all at the same time.

Our reality is formed much as a camera takes a picture. I believe that the spiritual eye is the true lens of our camera, our movie projector body. First we focus our attention on something. We train our consciousness on some thought or possibility. Then, we make a picture of it in our minds, and the negative, or blueprint of that thought, once clearly and consciously focused, (in the same way one adjusts a camera lens so that the desired object comes into clarity), appears in the physical world. Since optics works in such a way that the mirror image is an opposite reflection, it appears as the opposite, or inverse of the negative. The film becomes a picture as we know it. A mirror works in a similar way: our reflection is an opposite but perfectly reproduced image.

The Great Masters are able to manifest what they focus on at will, instantly. They have mastered this understanding of how the manifestation process, or the world of optics and thought, works. They have mastered the ability to focus all of their will so powerfully on the desired object that it projects it into third dimensional reality. They are master photographers. They are also conscious thinkers.

When one has unconscious thought patterns, the manifestation process still works, but it works somewhat differently. It usually creates difficulty in one's life. We are still projecting our internal landscape of thoughts into the physical plane, but we are doing it without knowing it. We are unaware. Our thoughts are mirrored back to us, but because we are unaware that it is our own thoughts made manifest that we are experiencing, our own image in the mirror, we think someone or something else is to blame. We think someone else is "doing" something to us. Then we feel victimized, or powerless. We have forgotten that we are the Creator.

For instance, if one has a fear of being fat and spends a lot of time thinking about "fatness", this will create that thought form appearing in the outer world. It may be that someone in your family is fat, and you feel ashamed of them. Or you find yourself always seeing or having unpleasant interactions with over-weight people, or you yourself may struggle with weight issues and judge yourself.

Every thought we have is a creative force. Every word we utter, which makes our thoughts audible and puts them forth into manifestation, is a creative force. "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God." That was how God created. It works in the same way for us. As we think and speak, so we create. We are, in fact, individualized rays or sparks of God, so the maxim "As above, so below," is absolutely true. We are here, as aspects of God, learning about our creative power, becoming more and more aware of ourselves as the Creator, more conscious and connected to whom we truly are. As we do so, we learn to create our world consciously.

Everything, every person, every situation, every experience is a mirror image of your thoughts, as a photo is a direct print out from film. In that way, we are always seeing ourselves in the world around us, the world that we have actually created. Thus we gain more self knowledge, and we grow in wisdom. Instead of saying, "I hate my mother for being so fat" or "I hate fat people," we then are able to say: "I have a judgment on fatness that creates itself manifesting in my world. I recognize that I am seeing my thoughts made visible. When I can see my own thoughts, I can then decide if they are thoughts that bring peace and love, or pain and separation. If I find that my thoughts bring feelings of pain or separation, such as the judgment that fatness is worse than thinness, I separate myself from being able to love all those beings who don't fit my criteria for what is 'right' or 'wrong'."

God in full self awareness realizes that there is no either/or. There just IS. Everything is God. Everything is a creation - an experience to learn more, to gain more understanding. Our goal, as souls on the path of self realization, is to get beyond judgment, which creates separation, pain, and fear, and into the Oneness of Loving. When we can see how we are thinking, we have the Power to change our beliefs and thoughts into ones which are in alignment with this Truth. The Truth that all is One. As Dorothy said in the Wizard of Oz: "There's no place like home." Home is the place of the Heart, where there is only Love, no better than, no less than. Recognizing that all of life is a symbol of your thoughts helps you get there. Love is the way Home.

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