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By Bill Harris, Centerpointe Research Institute

One of the most important things I've noticed over my 15-plus years of personally working with Holosync (as well as overseeing thousands of people all over the world as they also use it), is how relentlessly listening to Holosync daily moves a person from being largely unconscious and automatic about how and why they react and respond in a certain way, in a given situation, to one in which they become very aware and conscious of what is going on, why they are having certain feelings, where these feelings are coming from, and what their options are for responding (or not responding) to whatever is happening. Because of this shift, one's behavior (and even one's feelings) become conscious and intentional rather than automatic.

This is the real, everyday rubber-meets-the-road definition of expanded awareness. You may seek visions of angels and departed gurus and take trips to other levels of consciousness (and people in this program do have these and other mystical experiences from time to time), but it really comes down to day to day life and your living consciously on this plane of existence. When the time comes, you'll have eternity to explore those other places, believe me.

This expanded awareness is really nothing more than the ability to develop that part of you (some people say this part IS you) that watches, that notices, that is not involved in all the drama, but instead dispassionately oversees whatever happens, from a higher spot on the mountain, so to speak.

For the unconscious person (i.e., most people), that part is very undeveloped, or at least asleep. For the conscious person, it is like a searchlight illuminating everything and making everything clear and making life easy (or at least one heck of a lot easier).

Though your daily use of Holosync will cause the development of this kind of super-awareness no matter what other growthful activities you engage in, there are other things you can do to facilitate its development. First of all, you can remind yourself several times a day to watch what is happening. Just spend a few minutes every time it occurs to you to just sit back and notice what is going on. How does your body feel? What is your mind doing? What is going on around you? Does any of this change as you watch?

Whatever you notice as you watch (and most of this watching should be done of yourself, an inward watching rather than an outward watching), none of it is wrong. If you notice yourself being angry or sad or afraid or being a giant jerk, it's okay. Just watch without judgment, like a scientist, and let it be okay, as if it's a movie you're watching of someone else. If you do find yourself judging, watch that, too. Then, watch yourself watching, and then watch yourself watching yourself watching. And then... (oh, never mind).

Soon you will find yourself even when caught up in the midst of activity, with a little part of you noticing everything that's going on. It's a new perspective, one that isn't caught up in whatever is going on.

This is the beginning of expanded awareness.

Here's another way to turn yourself from an unconscious automatic response mechanism to a conscious (and happier) being. As a result of a our experiences growing up, we come to adulthood with many generalizations about who we are and what our relationship is to the rest of the world. These generalizations generate a lot of automatic behaviors and feelings. Many of these are generalization are about how different aspects of who we are are not quite good enough, and many even involve feeling ashamed of who we are.

Part of the process of becoming more conscious is one of redoing these generalizations and, beyond that, realizing that generalizations of any kind are not really true in any case.

Here's what really happens: whatever meaning a thing has, we have placed that meaning there. In reality, everything is neutral. There is no intrinsic meaning in anything. Things, people places — everything — just IS. As I have said before, "Life is a meaningless energy, going nowhere for no reason."

This bothers a lot of people because they think I mean life is meaningless and take this as negative and a reason to go into even more despair about life than they already are in. But what I'm really saying is that there is no intrinsic meaning to anything — that all the meaning that is there is placed on the person, place, thing, or situation by you. We give everything any and all the meaning it has. Some of you have studied A Course in Miracles and will recognize this idea as one taught in the course, but it is part of all transformational mystical teachings, of all cultures — Buddhist, Hindu, Taoist, Zen, Native American, Sufi — and others I am not listing.

This means, of course, that you really are the creator of your reality because you can choose the meaning you place on everything in your life. This is why it is not resourceful to be an automatic response mechanism (where your responses are chosen for you by your cultural, societal, family, and species background). Only by becoming conscious can you choose the meaning you place on what is happening, which of course means you can choose to be deliriously happy if you want (some conscious people actually, just for the adventure of it, play with meaning in such a way that they experiment with negative meanings or combinations of positive and negative).

So, if the meaning we place on something is bad, negative, shameful, etc, we will obviously feel bad. If, however, the meaning we give things is good, we feel good. So in creating new generalizations, what we thought was bad about ourselves turns out to not be bad at all, but actually neutral, neither good nor bad.

From the watcher's perspective, everything looks neutral. From the unconscious perspective, it looks either good or bad, depending on the meaning we have placed on it. To be really conscious you can either come at life from the watcher perspective exclusively, or you can (as most people decide to do) be like an actor in a play and consciously choose to place the meaning on things you would like there to be, but all the while maintaining the watcher perspective and knowing it's all just a game.

Bill Harris, Director Centerpointe Research Institute

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