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Release Your Excess Tension

By Charlie Badenhop
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Release your excess tension, and your stress will become a positive life force.

Stress has become one of the greatest challenges of our time, both in people's personal and professional lives. Stress affects your physical health, emotional well-being and productivity. Recent research suggests that 80% of all illness and half the sick days from work are stress related. You might currently consider stress an inevitable condition in your life. But, it does not have to be that way. By learning how to link the intelligence of your rational mind with the age old wisdom of your body, you can definitely learn to successfully turn the stressors in your life into rightful action and peace of mind.

Stress, pain and disease are all due to excess energy being trapped in the body. Simply stated - stress is created by your habitual patterns of tensing up when faced with challenging situations and relationships.

Consider your body to be like a greenhouse. When you're struggling with various challenges it's like when the sun is shining strongly, and all the windows in the greenhouse are closed. Without enough air movement the building overheats and soon all the plants will start to wilt and die. You need to learn how to "turn down the heat" in your body, by better ventilating your system with breath, movement, and stillness.

“Whoever sees in illness, a vital expression of the organism, will no longer see it as an enemy. In the moment I realize that the disease is a creation of the patient, it becomes for me the same sort of thing as his manner of walking, his mode of speech, his facial expression, the movements of his hands, the drawings he has made, the house he has built, the business he has settled, or the way his thoughts go: a significant symbol of the powers that rule him, and that I try to influence when I deem it right.” ~ Georg Groddeck
  • Stress degrades the overall vitality of your immune system and is a contributing factor in most, if not all illnesses.
  • Stress leads to various unhealthy compensatory behaviors like cigarette smoking, excessive drinking, drug usage, and overeating.
  • Stress makes it difficult to enjoy even the lighter moments in life.
  • Stress is your body’s way of letting you know that you need to let go, and flow with what is happening, rather than attempting to resist.

In other words, stress can be a life affirming message, alerting you to the need to change the way you are reacting.

The Seishindo BodyMind Model
Seishindo is a Japanese term which can be said to mean "the cultivation of a pure heart and simple mind" or "the cultivation of the whole self".

The concepts, theories, and practices drawn upon in Seishindo are taken mainly from:
Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido, "Sei Tai," NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Ericksonian Psychology, Cybernetics, and Self Relations Therapy.

The Seishindo BodyMind model melds Western and Eastern models of health and well-being. In the Orient, logic and emotion are seen as two sides of the same coin, and the body is understood to be intelligent, expressive, and wise.

The way you use your body, breathe, and move has a major impact on how you feel. Understanding the subtle yet powerful communication of the language of your body, allows you to stress less and relax more! The key is to link the intelligence of your rational mind with the age old wisdom of your body.

Ten Seishindo MindBody Principles

  1. Your body is intelligent, expressive and wise and communicates in a highly sophisticated and systematic manner.
  2. Your "body language" leads to the generation of your verbal language.
  3. Change the language of your body and you will change the way you think and feel.
  4. Stress, pain and disease are all due to excess energy being trapped in the body.
  5. Graceful action occurs when you use 10% of 100% of yourself, rather than 100% of 10% of yourself.
  6. "You" are a relationship. Excess stress is a signal that you need to engage in a more mindful appreciative relationship with yourself.
  7. Your body holds the answer to many puzzles your cognitive mind alone cannot express or solve.
  8. Your thoughts, actions, and emotions are all part of "one loop" of intelligence.
  9. Accept and embrace what is happening rather than fighting against the flow, and you will live a much healthier more emotionally fulfilling life.
  10. Staying "embodied and present in the moment" will greatly aid you in solving and dissolving the challenges life brings your way.

When you engage in the Seishindo Stress Management course, you will cultivate the ability to turn these principles into a life affirming way of being in the world.

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