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The Path of Your Life

By Charlie Badenhop
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For me it is important to consider what my path in life is. By this I mean I believe it's important to think about where it is I am going, and what my life will be like once I get there.

If you would like to consider the same for yourself, here are eight questions that can help you arrive at a meaningful answer:

1. "What/Where are you moving towards?"
Often, we spend a good deal of time and energy trying to avoid particular events, relationships, and outcomes we do not want. But in actuality, I believe we are always moving towards a particular outcome, whether we realize it or not. It is important to get a clear sense of where you are going.

2. "How would you describe yourself right now?"
Another way to say this is, "What do I perceive my attributes to be?" What is important here is that you accentuate your positive attributes (your "gifts"), while being gentle in describing whatever you might perceive as negative attributes. In Seishindo we like to say, "Every strength has a weakness, and every weakness has a strength."

3. "How would you describe the kind of person you are wanting to become?"
Another way to ask this question is, "What are the positive attributes of the person you are wanting to become?"

4. Based on your answer to the last question, "What positive attributes will you need to add to your current repertoire to achieve your goals?"

5. "What will you need to do to cultivate the positive attributes that you are not currently manifesting?"
In other words, what will you need to start doing differently?

6. "What resources do you have access to that can help you achieve your goal?"
Consider friends, colleagues, family, courses you could take, books you could read, etc. Oftentimes we try to achieve a goal on our own, and we ignore or simply don't pay attention to the many resources we could draw on. In Seishindo we like to say, "You already possess all the resources necessary, to live the life you long for."

7. "What will your plan be, for actively walking your path?"

8. "What will your first step be?"
So often people talk about a plan, but never wind up taking a first step. Beginning on your path is crucial. The next important point is making sure you continue!

That's it! Give some genuine thought to the above eight questions, and you will receive great benefit.

In Seishindo, we believe it is important to appreciate all that we are, and develop a dream for the future based on ideals that are positively oriented and life affirming. Rather than attempting to fix what we often (usually incorrectly) perceive as our problems, we believe it is much more important to focus on cultivating your solutions.

Emotional and physical well-being, sensitivity to the needs of self and others, compassion, a good "partner" in relationships, and self-trust - These are some of the core attributes/capacities we look to cultivate in Seishindo. The more you gently focus your attention on these attributes, the less need you will have to try and "fix" what you perceive to be wrong with yourself and others.

Focusing on cultivating positive attributes is a generative way to release yourself from the grip of fear. As you have likely already noticed, fear is an emotion that can easily overwhelm you in the fast paced world most of us live in.

Centered, calm yet active, and doing neither too much or too little, is a great way to approach life.

The more often you embody such a way of being, the more you will find yourself cultivating good health, emotional stability, and the ability to live with grace and ease. You will find yourself following a path of least resistance and optimal effect.

Through your actions and your stillness,
Through your day to day involvement in life,
You can come to experience the truth of who you are,
As you discover a place of inner stillness, at the core of your being.

When you discover this truth,
As you discover this truth,
Everything in and around you, will begin to be experienced as being,
"Just as it should be, just as it is."
Charlie Badenhop is the originator of Seishindo, an Aikido instructor, NLP trainer, and Ericksonian Hypnotherapist.
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