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Are You Ready for Your Wake-Up Call?

By Charlie Badenhop
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Have you ever had a moment where you realized you weren't enjoying your life? Perhaps you told yourself things would be different once you finally got your promotion, or after the kids finished school. But then when conditions changed in your favor, your life didn't change one iota, because you had a new ghost you were chasing. Or perhaps a new ghost was chasing you!

Let me share what happened to a fifty something year old friend of mine recently. Perhaps his story will prompt you to stop mortgaging the present, in order to buy a future that gets ever more elusive.

My friend has a successful business he's run for three decades, but he's always had trouble not working and not worrying. A part of him was always waiting for the calamity that never quite showed its face. I used to jokingly tell him I thought one of his problems was that he was too successful and thus never had the opportunity to experience defeat first hand. "If you really knew what failure was like," I used to tell him, "perhaps you wouldn't be so frightened by it any more."

Well, Tuesday morning showed up a couple of weeks ago, everything going fine as usual, with my friend feeling somewhat ill at ease as usual... and then SLAM BAM! my friend drops to the floor with a tremendous pain in his gut.

Cut to the scene of the ambulance coming and wheeling my friend off.... Then fast forward through a few other scenes of my friend getting pumped with pain killers and having various tests run on him... and it's about six hours later and a doctor walks into his room to appraise him of his situation. With little mincing of words the doc tells him, "You have an advanced case of liver cancer and I think you'll do well to live six more weeks."

My friend called shortly after that and tells me, "On one hand I'm scared beyond belief, and on the other hand I feel ecstatic. I feel like a guy who has been living with casts on both legs, and now all of a sudden I can run the 100 yard dash in 10 seconds flat! It's amazing, but with only six weeks left, I feel time is slowing down, and I have a clear sense of what is and isn't important to take care of and do, before I pass away."

Wow, that phone call was intense!

Five days into his death sentence and still requiring lots of pain killers, he suddenly starts to get a rash all over his body and we all feared the worst. The doctors are very surprised, and long story short the rash makes them realize they've completely mis-diagnosed him!

I won't go into the details, but suffice it to say he had a rare form of a virus that was not at all lethal, and five days later he was out of the hospital and back at work..... except this time around he wasn't worrying about the future. He had decided to let the future take care of itself.

"If I have a challenge now," my friend says, "It's in realizing the rest of my life could seem anticlimactic if I don't stay mindful of just how blessed I am, in every sense of the word. In believing I was close to dying, I quickly came to realize what it means to be alive. I came to see that for me fear was a debilitating habit that took away from the quality of my life. Having faced death, I now realize I can tame this habit, and spend a heck of a lot more time facing life."

How about you? Isn't it about time to reevaluate your life? Please, don't wait for your wake-up call. You might not be as lucky as my friend!

The busier you are, the more you need to take some quality time with yourself. It's so important to make sure you're truly on a path that you're consciously choosing, and not just traveling in the fast lane with no clear destination in mind and unable to take your foot off the gas.

The faster you go in your everyday life, the more necessary it becomes to balance your emotional self by taking the time to consciously slow down. When you can "DO nothing" while staying present to the moment, you will be offering yourself an important blessing. In the process, you'll come to discover that "DOING nothing" is fundamentally different from "NOT doing anything".

One of the best ways to help yourself stay emotionally balanced, is to practice self hypnosis. With Seishindo self hypnosis you can learn how to calm your body and your overall nervous system, which in turn will help you feel emotionally balanced and peaceful. What you'll discover over time is that fifteen to twenty minutes spent doing self hypnosis can give you a balanced charge to start the day with, or slow you down at the end of the day to help you sleep and rejuvenate yourself.

The more the world appears to throw at you, the more you need to slow down and make sure who you are and where you are. You owe it to yourself, your loved ones and your friends and colleagues.

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