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What You Need to Know as a Trans4mind Coach

The advantages of Trans4mind Training for the Coach

Background education in personal development is made available through the Trans4mind Training curriculum of workshops. This is fully automated and the pattern of its delivery and use is under the control of the coach who can therefore tailor the training to suit the needs of the client. This provides a solid background education in personal development, and provides the ideal context in which the coach can offer his life coaching service.

The Free Life Assessment is another tool that can be used at the discretion of the coach to establish if One-to-One Coaching via Skype is needed, the number of sessions required and a plan which can be used to guide the coaching. The Free Life Assessment can act as a benchmark to assess improvements in the client's personal development at the end of the coaching experience.

Flexibility is paramount. Once the need for the coaching has been identified and a benchmark established against which progress can be assessed, and the coaching begun, the coaching process itself is completely free-form, responding as and when needed to the challenges presented each week by the client. The need for coaching beyond the challenges in the module of workshops being addressed can be ascertained by offering a Free Life Assessment for one or more other modules of workshops and coaching.

In this way, the modules of workshops supported through Support by Email, the Free Life Assessments for each module of workshops and the One-to-One Coaching via Skype all work together, under the direction of the coach, to respond to the needs of the client and to empower the coach to deliver an exemplary coaching experience.

The benefits of Trans4mind Training for the client

Through experiencing the workshops the client is given a foundation education in personal development. If they choose to do all 5 modules of workshops that education will cover all the main life challenges a human being faces and education on the power within to address these life challenges.

The Support by Email assists the client take the self chosen concrete step after each week’s workshop that effects, over the course of the training, a transformation in their life.

The Free Life Assessment empowers the client to become aware of where they are most challenged in their life in any one module of workshops, where they will benefit from One-to-One Coaching via Skype and how many sessions they need to achieve the goal they have created for themselves for that module of workshops in the training.

The One-to-One Skype Coaching is totally free-form and responds to the challenges the client brings into each coaching session. The coaching deals with the unique challenges present in the client’s life which he is faced with right now. Through the ability of the coach to respond to these unique challenges as presented each week in the coaching sessions, the client is empowered to gain in insight and understanding, make powerful practical progress and come closer to greater inner peace.

Trans4mind’s particular approach to coaching

Life coaching is different from psychotherapy, it is not about 'fixing' the client, it's about helping the person realize their potential. It is more focused on the present and moving forward. The coach is there to listen, to guide and especially, to support the client... to help them own what they have learned and to understand how that applies to their everyday life. By encouraging the client to put their new understanding into practice, the coach helps them to develop new positive habits that can dramatically improve their life.

A person suited to being a Trans4mind Coach will exhibit the following traits:

In coaching a client they...

Life Coaching
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The Trans4mind Principles

These 6 principles are used to manage Trans4mind:
  1. The Principle of the Integrity of the Whole
    The integrity of the whole outweighs the integrity of any part of the company. This principle protects the company at all times. One person's interests are not senior to the financial well being of the company and the vision and mission of Trans4mind.
  2. The Principle of the Minimum
    In all that we do - we do it with the minimum use of resources and complication. This principle ensures economy of effort and simplicity of approach, leading to the discovery of the most effective and user-friendly methods that everyone can understand.
  3. The Principle of Attention
    When listening we do so without judgment and opinion and in so doing enter fully and completely into the other person's world - not necessarily with agreement but with acceptance. This principle ensures we understand each person's point of view and allows us to grow through such interaction.
  4. The Principle of Giving One’s Word
    Each person is asked to reflect quietly before giving their word to any action or task. This is necessary because each person will be expected to keep their word once it has been given, either verbally or in writing. We are all invited to hold one another to account for delivering what we have promised. This principle creates order and efficiency in all we do.
  5. The Principle of Response-Ability
    That each person always focuses on our capacity to make things better, communicates directly when we perceive any situation that calls us to, and does not engage in fault finding or excuses in regard to ourselves or others. This principle ensures that each person takes personal responsibility for each situation they find themselves in and uses even challenging situations to advantage.
  6. The Principle of Believing in the Best in Everyone
    This includes ourselves, our colleagues, and our customers. While we always seek to appraise every situation clearly and honestly, we can also choose to focus on and nurture the best in everyone. This principle ensures that the positive is emphasized and everyone's personal development needs are met.

All that we do and all that we engage in at Trans4mind is benchmarked against these six principles and adjusted where necessary as a result.

The discipline required of the Directors to be an example of these principles and each member of staff in our company to practice these principles, cultivates inner guidance in the entire workforce, because this is the skill that gives rise to integrity, simplicity, attention and order.

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