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Trans4mind Personal Development Training

Imagine, as a Trans4mind Life Coach, being able to earn a great income from presenting an ongoing curriculum of real-world training, throughout the year, without the need for any promotion, the taking of bookings or the need to handle money!

Trans4mind Personal Development Training is a series of 46 workshops and 5 one day retreats that you can offer where you live, once you have gained experience as an online coach with us who coaches using email and Skype.

The Training includes ongoing workshops for you to present throughout the year - providing continuous income and a steady stream of clients for one-to-one real-world coaching.

Our unique Free Life Assessment introduction and subsequent enrollment of each trainee in your local coaching room, does away with the need for promotions, launches, selling, taking bookings and the handling of money at the door. Imagine how efficient that will make you.

You get to focus on what you love most, building relationships with your trainees and presenting.


This continually running curriculum of Trans4mind Training offers you, as a Trans4mind Coach, the opportunity to present the following - 46 Life Challenge Workshops and the 5 Retreat days - in a local community center, hotel or similar venue. Presenting the curriculum offers 5 main benefits to you as a coach….

  1. You have a ready-made pool of people with whom you have a professional relationship. Our service is designed to then assist you convert these trainees in Trans4mind Training into clients for your coaching practice.
  2. You have an extra source of income from presenting the Workshops.
  3. You have another extra source of income from presenting the Retreats.
  4. Your practice is in the public eye giving your coaching a higher public profile in your local community, making it even easier for you to attract new trainees and clients.
  5. You have year-round work presenting to trainees and converting trainees to clients. Our program runs continually throughout the year with 2 weeks holiday from presenting at Christmas, Easter and in the middle of July and August. If you want to take other holidays you can by inviting another Trans4mind Coach to take your place or by referring your trainees to do the workshops online for the few weeks you are off duty.

Is there an easy way to get started?

You can build your confidence as a Presenter in 3 stages:

Stage 1. Stream the workshops into a flat screen television and watch them with a small group of your trainees in your coaching room, stopping and starting the video to provide spaces for coaching. By doing this you will become familiar with the workshops and learn from how Trans4mind Presenters present them. Source and print the handouts from the online curriculum.
Stage 2. Present the workshops to a small group of trainees in your coaching room by downloading each one as a Keynote or PowerPoint presentation to be fed from your lap top to a flat screen television or digital projector. In addition, the Trans4mind Presenters' video presentations (created for the online workshops) and each presentation slide's notes can be studied beforehand. You do not need to exactly replicate how Trans4mind Presenters deliver the training, rather use their presentations to inspire you as to how you can deliver the training in your own way and by using your own examples.
Stage 3. Once you have outgrown your coaching room you can take the training and your group of trainees to a local community center or hotel and deliver it there using a digital projector.

To be a presenter you need to qualify for Level 2 of the Trans4mind Coach's License. Level 2 of the License gives you the following additional services on top of those already provided in Level 1:


Ongoing Professional Support

Use of Trans4mind Training resources for workshops and retreats

You are given your own unique password to access all the Trans4mind Training online resources on our Curriculum page. These resources include:

All workshops are available on either Keynote or PowerPoint formats to suit either Apple computers, iPads, Tablets or Windows PCs. In addition, these pages are offered for printing…

All exercises, questionnaires and summary pages are available to be printed on either A5 or US Letter sized formats.

You are given your own venue

When you are awarded your Trans4mind Presenter certificate you will be allocated a venue of your choice, from which you can present Trans4mind Personal Development Training. This becomes 'your' venue. No other Trans4mind coach can use it and, if you wish, you can run more than one Trans4mind Training program at the same time by presenting more than one day or night a week in 'your' venue.

How do the finances work?

As part of their role, each Presenter registers interested people through our online registration service. After registration a weekly sum of $12 (Standard Service) or $24 per week (Premium Service - $12 of which goes to Trans4mind, $12 goes to pay the coach to deliver coaching by email). These sums are deducted from each trainee's account for the duration of their commitment and paid into the Trans4mind company account. At the end of each month 67% of these earnings are sent from the Trans4mind account to the Presenter's account by bank transfer.

You can expect to generate additional income as a Trans4mind Training real-world Presenter, after Trans4mind’s 33% commission has been deducted and once your presentation and coaching practice has matured. On a weekly entry fee to each workshop of $12 and a $12 fee per workshop for email support (Trans4mind takes no commission from email coaching)…

50 clients at the weekly real-world presentation
25 on the Standard Service and 25 on the Premium Service = (25 x 12) email support + (25 x 8) workshop fee premium + (25 x 8) workshop fee standard = $700

Plus 15 clients per week in real-world coaching = $1,350

Total additional income per week = $2,050

Total additional income per year = $2,050 x 46 weeks = $94,300 per anum allowing for 6 weeks holiday in the year.

Additional income from real-world Retreats held locally:

30 clients at the 5 real-world one day Retreats = 30 x $100 x 5 = $15,000

If a coach trains with us to be a real-world presenter and coach and an online coach their total income from a mature practice is the total of real-world workshops and coaching income, real-world retreats and online coaching income = $179,800 per annum allowing for 6 weeks holiday in the year.

NOTE - A small sum of money will need to be deducted from the real-world workshops and retreats to cover the cost of hiring the hotel room.

These figures are for a fully developed Trans4mind coaching practice, where the coach is working full time, focussed exclusively on providing services for Trans4mind Training and has spent several years building up his practice.

You give us your preferred number of clients and tell us that you want to work with people locally as well as online, and we will work together with you to assist you to attain your own real world goals for your coaching practice.


A certificate and insignia are awarded to the coach to accredit their new status as a Trans4mind Presenter.


What do I do to apply?

This service is only open to existing Trans4mind Coaches who already have a Trans4mind license Level 1, stage 1 & 2. Once you have attained these qualifications with us you can then apply to be a Trans4mind Presenter. To apply, complete the following form and click on Submit to email it to Wallace Huey. He will interview you on Skype and assess your suitability to be a Trans4mind Presenter. If you pass the interview and other requirements, you will be invited to Trans4mind HQ in Dublin, where along with other Trans4mind Life Coaches you will experience a comprehensive training to present Trans4mind Training Workshops and Retreats to the highest standards.

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How can I find out more?

Go to - Apply to be a Trans4mind Coach

Email Wallace and request a preliminary Skype meeting where you can put your questions to Wallace in person.

If you are not yet a Trans4mind Coach, this is the information you need to begin the pathway to a great career...

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