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If you are a person interested in becoming a life coach and delivering Trans4mind Training you almost certainly believe in the power of personal development to transform lives. You may even, like us, feel that personal development training is the only revolution which can solve the many problems of the world - be they within the home, the community, the company or the nation. You may be skilled in this area and want to share these skills. You may even want, like us, to help make the human heart visible and assist in awakening the consciousness of humanity.

The problem is, you don't know how to get started. Or if you have already started you don't know how to expand your life of service, to connect with the many people you want to help.

Applying to deliver Trans4mind Personal Development Training is a great step forward in fulfilling your dream. At Trans4mind we train you in using tried and tested tools that have the potential to hugely empower your life of service. We provide an optimum method within the Trans4mind services for participants in our training to become a qualified life coach. And for those of you who are qualified coaches we provide a step-by-step path to expanding your coaching practice.

We invite you to peruse this website to discover the breadth and depth of our training. We also invite you to study the information below on delivering Trans4mind Training, to find out how you can see your dreams materialize!

These are the opportunities we present to you to deliver Trans4mind Training and Coaching:

  1. Be Trained as a Life Coach - with accreditation from a professional body, with whom Trans4mind affiliates
  2. Work as a Life Coach in Trans4mind Training - on Skype or face to face in your coaching room (for trained and registered life coaches)
  3. Be a Trans4mind Presenter - in your coaching room or in a local hotel (for coaches with presenting skills)
You can see this is a complete career path for you, to truly make a difference in the world that is so badly needed, to fulfill your life purpose in service to humanity, and to be amply rewarded in the process.

More information about these paths is given below.

Train as a Life Coach with Trans4mind
The first option is to Train as a Life Coach with Trans4mind. The requirement to be accepted for this training is achievement of the Trans4mind "Agent of Change" qualification - see the Certification Service. The "Agent of Change" qualification is the ideal foundation to go on to train and qualify as a professional life coach with Trans4mind, through the professional Coach Training schools that we affiliate with and highly recommend.

For more information see: Recommended Life Coach Training.

Apply to be a Trans4mind Coach
The second option, Work as a Life Coach in Trans4mind Training, is for qualified and registered life coaches to become a Trans4mind Coach. The service enables you to start a practice - or build your existing practice - using Skype to coach online clients (who are trainees of Trans4mind Training) and with real-world clients in your existing coaching room.

This option is for professional life coaches and empowers you to expand your coaching practice in your own locality and to have Trans4mind supply you with additional clients on Skype - and for you, with the assistance of Trans4mind, to find new clients to coach face-to-face where you live.

The Trans4mind Coaching license is in two levels, 1 and 2. The Level 1 coaching license is in two stages. Stage 1, the entry point, empowers you to coach trainees via Skype. We source these trainees for you. Stage 2 empowers you to expand you practice further by coaching trainees in your local area. You source these local trainees for face to face coaching yourself, with our assistance. Then the Level 2 part of the license empowers you to present Trans4mind Personal Development Training workshops in a hotel near where you live (see next section).

For more information (including the 7 main benefits of being a Trans4mind Coach and the excellent earnings opportunity that being a Trans4mind Coach offers) see...

Life Coaching
Apply to be a Trans4mind Life Coach

Also see: What You Need to Know as a Trans4mind Coach

The Trans4mind Journey

Trans4mind Training provides a step-by-step path that you can travel to become skilled in personal development by achieving all our Trans4mind certificates and being awarded the "Agent of Change" completion certificate. Then continuing with your training to be a Trans4mind Life Coach.

Then you can apply to develop your coaching practice with Trans4mind and see it grow from a gentle start of having a few clients on Skype, to have a lot of clients on Skype, to having face to face clients and eventually, if you desire, to being a fully fledged presenter of Trans4mind Training alongside your life coaching practice. In this way your coaching practice will have, along with Trans4mind Training, a powerful presence in your local community.

Trans4mind is therefore offering a complete career path that assists you to progress from where you are now to as far as you wish on your journey of personal development, with the ultimate aim of becoming a qualified and registered life coach who has a powerful presence both online and in his local community.

How can I find out more?

Email Wallace and request a preliminary Skype meeting where you can put your questions to Wallace in person.

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