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Life Coach
Would you like to fulfill your dream of making a real difference to people’s lives? You can do so by having a career as a Trans4mind Life Coach.
On completion of your training as a life coach, if you reach sufficient standards, we can then provide you with a ready made career with your own coaching practice both online and also, if you wish, in your local community.
Training takes place at a life coach training venue affiliated with Trans4mind and selected because of its close alignment with the Trans4mind vision, culture and ethos.
If there isn’t a life coach training venue near where you live, you can either train online with Leadership That Works (see below) or invite your local training venue to apply to affiliate with Trans4mind.

What do I do to apply?

To apply for training as a Trans4mind Life Coach you will first need to have achieved your Trans4mind "Agent of Change" qualification - see the Certification Service.
You can select a training school from our list of approved training venues below. All our training schools are accredited and you are given the training school’s own certificate.
Once you have qualified from one of our schools you will be given priority status to enter our application process and if accepted to receive further training to become a Trans4mind Life Coach. This will qualify you to have a career with us coaching people online and be a life coach and presenter of Trans4mind Personal Development Training in your local community.
When you have been awarded your "Agent of Change" completion certificate select a training venue that suits your needs and contact Wallace Huey (Trans4mind's Director of Training). He will introduce you to the school.

Here are the Life Coach training venues with which we currently affiliate...
The first, Leadership That Works, offers distance learning so that you can become a certified coach from anywhere in the world. Or you can join the in-person coach training in the USA, Europe or Asia.
Leadership that Works
PO Box 224
Troy, PA 16947
You can learn more about Leadership that Works coach certification by attending a free Power of Coaching teleclass or go to their Events page page to find a program in your region.

The second, The Irish Lifecoach Institute, is in Ireland and you can train with them in Dublin, Cork and Ennis.
Irish Lifecoach Institute Ltd
The Stone House
Old Blessington Road
Dublin 24, Ireland

If you are already an accredited and experienced Life Coach, you can apply to Trans4mind and become a Trans4mind Life Coach, supporting clients who are enrolled in Trans4mind Training workshops. More details here...
Life Coaching
Apply to be a Trans4mind Life Coach

Also see: What You Need to Know as a Trans4mind Coach

Opportunity for Life Coaching Schools to affiliate with Trans4mind

Do you run a life coach training venue? Is your ethos closely aligned with that of Trans4mind? Are you looking for more student coaches?
We invite you to apply to be affiliated with Trans4mind and benefit from having trainees who have attained our "Agent of Change" completion certificate be introduced to your school.
Please contact Wallace Huey, Trans4mind’s Director of Training, through the following form...

Please write a few sentences explaining why you are interested in affiliating with Trans4mind...

Does your life coaching school offer certificates in life coaching, that are accredited and enable students to become members of the EMCC or ICF as practicing life coaches?

Your country:

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Your name:

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How can I find out more?

Email Wallace and request a preliminary Skype meeting where you can put your questions to Wallace in person.

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