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Your mission - should you choose to accept it...
As a Trans4mind Life Coach you will be participating in a global movement to harness the power of the Internet and community to make the human heart visible. You will have a unique part to play - assisting each client to be the change they wish to see in the world. You achieve this through heart-centered coaching - coaching which makes the human heart visible.

As JFK said, “Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction.” But to be lasting and strong it needs to be our own direction, from our heart. Basically, we need to know ourselves better. To make this possible, the support and objectivity of a life coach is invaluable.

Trans4mind Coaches assist the participants in Trans4mind Training to transform their lives through a journey of self discovery and inner revelation. We believe that each individual is whole and complete as they are and that all the answers lie within them. As a Trans4mind Coach, your role is to facilitate the client to discover their inner truth - and to do this for themselves, without any hint of evaluation nor invalidation.

Two coaching leaders speak...
Adrian Mitchell is the Co-Founder, Managing Director and Director of Training of the Irish Lifecoach Institute ( in Dublin, Ireland. He has overseen the training in Life and Business Coaching of over 1500 people since 2001 and is also an accredited coach with the International Coach Federation. He is passionate about the power and impact of coaching on the lives of individuals, couples, teams and organizations and the positive domino effects in the broader community and society....
"Trans4mind have developed an unique platform for training people all around the world in personal development. This is a wonderful opportunity for people to enhance their lives from the comfort of their own home, with an offering of 29 personal development workshops. For you, as practicing coaches, it will be music to your ears to hear that Trans4mind are huge fans of coaching! They have recently added a coaching service to their training to ensure the great insights and learning people are getting from the training are being applied in their lives ... and as you know, this is where you come in! Get in touch with Trans4mind and transform your coaching business!"
As a founder of Leadership that Works, Martha has developed world-class programs and has taught coaching and facilitation to leaders across Europe, Asia and the Americas for 20 years. She has reached more than 5,000 change agents who in turn facilitate groups to discover personal and organization transformation. She served on the faculty and coached MBA students at Capella University for 10 years. Martha also mentors leaders of organizations to develop a coaching culture that shifts the dynamics so that people are empowered at all levels.
"As a Trans4mind Coach, you get to work with an amazing team who coach from the heart and support deep personal transformation. Using the Free Life Assessment tool, you can make it easy for clients to see the value of coaching and the impact it can have. Instead of spending all your time marketing and seeking out new clients, Trans4mind does the work for you, sending you clients who are ready to make big changes in their lives."

How can I find out more?

Email Wallace and request a preliminary Skype meeting where you can put your questions in person.

Also watch the video: Introduction to Trans4mind Training...

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