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Key Information: Be a Trans4mind Life Coach

(for trained and registered life coaches)


Instead of spending 20% of your time coaching and 80% of your time doing other stuff - spend 80% of your time coaching and 20% of your time doing other stuff!

This is an opportunity to have Trans4mind supply you with additional clients on Skype and to expand your coaching practice in your locality.

The following questionnaire will reveal whether marketing your coaching practice is a minor, moderate or major challenge. Answer each question - Often, Sometimes, or Rarely - then click on the button below the questionnaire to get your result.

Do you have as many clients as you would like?
     Often:      Sometimes:      Rarely:

Are you earning as much money as you would like from your coaching practice?
     Often:      Sometimes:      Rarely:

Do you spend more than 80% of your time engaged in work associated with your coaching practice, directly earning money?
     Often:      Sometimes:      Rarely:

Do you have a greater than 75% success rate at converting people, to whom you are introduced, into being actual paying clients?
     Often:      Sometimes:      Rarely:

Are you able to get paid in advance for your coaching?
     Often:      Sometimes:      Rarely:

Are you able to enrol prospective clients in high value coaching packages with 8 or more sessions?
     Often:      Sometimes:      Rarely:

When you are coaching your clients do you have a multitude of personally organised, high quality resources (eBooks, Questionnaires, Courses, Articles, Videos, Stories, etc) that you can use efficiently to support your coaching?
     Often:      Sometimes:      Rarely:

Do you have systems in place that accurately measure the effectiveness of your coaching and that you can use with clients, when you have completed your work with them?
     Often:      Sometimes:      Rarely:

When you have finished a package of coaching with a client are you able to extend their goals and enrol them in another high value package of coaching?
     Often:      Sometimes:      Rarely:

Do you have a series of pre-prepared, tried and tested workshops that you can use to give your coaching practice a high profile in your local community, and in so doing earn extra income?
     Often:      Sometimes:      Rarely:

Do you have a series of pre-prepared, tried and tested retreats that you can use to assist clients embody all they are learning from your coaching, and in so doing earn extra income?
     Often:      Sometimes:      Rarely:

Do you build the profile of your practice by coaching your clients on the design, development and execution of a community project, that gives something valuable back to their community?
     Often:      Sometimes:      Rarely:

Click here to get the Results

What the result tells you...

After completing the above questionnaire, your report appears below...

If you discovered marketing your practice is a moderate or major challenge, don't be concerned. Trans4mind is able to provide - and train you in using - tried and tested tools that will empower you to answer in the affirmative to all the questions above. This in turn will empower you to enrol many clients, boost your income and fulfil your dream of making a powerful difference in the world as a life coach.

Many coaches qualify and become registered and are then dismayed to find that they cannot get enough clients. Why is this?

Coaches can't get clients because the benefits of coaching are very real but are intangible, and therefore not immediately apparent to the ordinary person. Furthermore, unlike counseling which deals with human crises, coaching is concerned with human potential. It is best suited to people whose lives are functioning and who are reasonably balanced. Consequently, unlike counseling and therapy there is no urgent situation prompting people to take up coaching. But we know people have many significant life challenges and unacknowledged dreams.

What's needed is a way of bringing these life challenges and unacknowledged dreams into awareness so that they can be prioritized, turned into goals and the client supported with a coaching service to overcome these life challenges and reach these goals. Trans4mind Training provides the means for this to happen through the enlightened actions of a coach.

We have researched - over a 4 year period - where people whose lives are basically 'OK' are nevertheless significantly challenged, and where there is potential for personal development. We then proceeded to develop systems and resources that coaches could use to make ordinary members of the public aware of their need for coaching and how they could benefit from having their own personal coach. Then we tested these systems through field trials over a period of 2 years in Dublin, Ireland. The results were very encouraging - as you can see from client testimonials on this site. As a result of these field trials we have identified 7 main benefits for a coach who works with our company.


The 7 Main Benefits of Working with Trans4mind as a Coach are:

  1. You are not on your own - you have the ongoing support of an education and training company that created one of the world's biggest and most used websites on personal development. Trans4mind has gone on to develop systems and services all designed to support you as a coach in a practical way by making the benefits of coaching tangible, visible and measurable, and through that clarity to attract new clients.
  2. You benefit from a more structured approach to coaching based on research Trans4mind has done over 4 years into what are the most frequent life challenges that people have.
  3. You have a steady stream of new introductions to people interested in personal development and who have been educated in the value of coaching.
  4. You are given the opportunity to establish an ever deeper relationship with each prospect in a context that earns you income and that supports your aim to meet all their coaching needs and to have them as a long term client, while in One-to-One Coaching.
  5. Your coaching practice is made more efficient and your clients have a better coaching experience through the use of high quality online resources known as Trans4mind Web Support, leading to happier and more fulfilled clients.
  6. You get to coach in your own way, to keep your own coaching brand and identity and have it be given a higher profile, resulting in your coaching practice having a good reputation and high visibility both online and in your local community, leading to even more clients.


What Personal Qualities Make a Trans4mind Coach?

The primary purpose and mission of being a Trans4mind Coach is to - Make the Human Heart Visible. We adopt an approach of unconditional love, listening with acceptance and without judgment, never invalidating the client's expressed reality nor denying the client's own insights by imposing our own evaluation.

We use generous listening and enlightened questions, encouraging the client to find their own truth - based on finding, recognizing and expressing their loving inner self and inherent knowing.

It's an extension of the approach we take in our training workshops. Rather than telling a client what to think, the video workshops and accompanying coaching encourage clients to look inside for what resonates with their heart. They know what is true and valuable because it is a reflection of their own inner knowing.

The primary purpose of Trans4mind Coaching is - through making the human heart visible - to help the client connect with their inner knowing so they can receive clear, authentic and trustworthy guidance for their life.

Read more about our approach on this page: What You Need to Know as a Trans4mind Coach.



Your Income as a Trans4mind Coach and Presenter

Income you can expect to generate once your coaching practice with Trans4mind has matured (after Trans4mind's 33% commission for Skype Coaching is deducted):

For a full client fee of $120 per session…

For example, with a standard client fee of €120 per session (1-3 sessions) after 33% commission paid…

15 clients per week on Skype coaching @ $80 = $1,200

These income figures are achievable because Trans4mind online systems solve and automate your marketing, administration and money handling issues, while at the same time adding to your ability to deliver a quality coaching experience. This means you can spend at least 80% of your working week focused on doing what you love - providing high quality coaching.


Why you will get many new introductions

Trans4mind Training is at the heart of its parent site,, one of the world's premier personal development websites. has over 26,000 pages of top quality online resources available free of charge.

Learn more here: What is Trans4mind?

We then attract a percentage of this considerable website traffic and also the email subscribers - people who are all interested in personal development - to visit Trans4mind Training online, where we introduce them to the online curriculum of personal development workshops.

Once the clients have experienced our Free Life Assessment - we introduce them to you! After receiving the trainee's initial email requesting a meeting, you meet with your new client and provide them with an analysis of their Free Life Assessment for the module of training they are undertaking.

You provide this service (which takes approximately 15 minutes) at no charge to the client. This Free Life Assessment has been designed to make the client aware of the benefits of your coaching support. All appointments for meetings on Skype are organized through your own automated online calendar from which clients choose an appointment time that suits both you and them.

As their selected Trans4mind Coach, you then nurture a relationship with each client by coaching them by email on the concrete step they take following on from each weekly workshop, and if appropriate coach them One-to-One on Skype using the allotted coaching sessions pre-booked by the client as part of their training/coaching package. The coach receives all $12 paid by the trainee each week for providing the email coaching support (Trans4mind takes no commission from the email coaching).

Free Life Assessment Tool - to get new clients

The Free Life Assessment Tool is an online service that enables you to do the following for each module of workshops the trainee is undertaking in 15 minutes:

  1. Establish where your client is most challenged
  2. Determine their level of greater inner peace
  3. Discover the most important goal for their life
  4. Create a coaching plan that you and the client can follow
  5. Enable the client to see the benefits of coaching and what it costs
  6. Let the client see how much coaching they need to achieve their goals.

In its history of use this tool has converted 3 out of every 4 from a sample of 22 prospective clients in Trans4mind Training into clients for coaching, who have purchased and paid in advance for coaching packages worth typically $800 - $1600. It is also an excellent tool to enroll the client in new packages of coaching when they need more coaching than their initial package provides or when they want to go further in their personal development.

Imagine how quickly you could develop your coaching practice if you had a steady stream of introductions and were trained in effectively using the Free Life Assessment tool to get clients!


Trans4mind Web Support - to support existing clients

Once you have enrolled a client into a package of coaching, the success of that coaching experience is then down to the quality of service you provide for them. This will largely depend on your own ability as a coach - however we do support your ability to provide a first class coaching experience through the provision of Web Support either during or after a coaching session.

There is high quality Web Support information available for each of the Life Challenge Workshops in Trans4mind Training. This allows you to support your client by emailing them hand-chosen articles, ebooks, videos, inspiring quotes, coaching questions and answers, and more. You need never be stuck for resources to support your coaching again.


Training & Fees

Training is in two stages....

Stage 1. You develop your practice through Skype. We get you the clients for coaching via Skype. In order for you to efficiently serve these clients we train you in the following:

The fee for being a Trans4mind Coach is a $95 non refundable set up charge paid after you have been accepted for training plus $950 to cover your training and membership in the first year (the cost for this is covered by Trans4mind - you pay it back over time out of earnings from Skype coaching) and $350 membership fee to be paid one year after registration and every year thereafter.

In addition, you pay 33% of what you earn from coaching on Skype to Trans4mind (remember we get you the clients!)

In the future you will be able to apply to extend your licence to include Stage 2: face to face coaching in your local community. This enables you to attract and support clients where you live using Trans4mind's powerful marketing and online resources.


Do I get to keep my identity as a coach?

Yes, in that Trans4mind Training is designed as an online service to enhance and develop your own coaching practice. You get to keep your own website, business card, letterhead, etc. We exist to make your own coaching practice grow to a higher level of profile and success as an independent coaching practice than would be normally possible. You can still maintain your existing clients outside of our system but you will find that to develop new clients it is much easier when you use Trans4mind Training’s coach support services.

There are three ways in which a life coach can obtain more coaching hours as a result of the Trans4mind Training online service:

  1. If the coach is registered as a Trans4mind Coach, online Trans4mind Training participants can choose them as their preferred Trans4mind Coach, to provide One-to-One Coaching on Skype. As they go on to do further workshop modules, the new client will return for more and more coaching.
  2. If the coach is registered as a Trans4mind Coach and promotes Trans4mind Training to their existing clients, the coach can be their chosen Trans4mind Coach and thereby provide much more coaching to a particular client than they would have if the client was to only be concerned about a single current issue. Instead, their involvement in Trans4mind Training (and especially their participation in the Free Life Assessment) demonstrates to them the whole range of life challenges they face. A client will get to see a whole world of potential coaching needs that they have previously been unaware of, and their existing trusted coach would obviously be their first choice to support their progress.
  3. Even if not registered as a Trans4mind Coach, a life coach could still benefit from more coaching business by recommending their existing clients to take the Trans4mind Training... learn more about this way to boost your coaching practice.



A certificate and insignia are awarded to all Trans4mind Level 1 and Level 2 coaches to accredit their new status as a Trans4mind Coach.



Make your Application

Complete the following form and click on Submit to email it to Wallace Huey, the Coaching manager. He will interview you on Skype and assess your suitability to be a Trans4mind Coach. If you pass the interview and other requirements you will be trained in how to use the above systems to develop your coaching practice. The information you enter below will be the basis for your biography page, which will give a potential client the insight they need to choose your services for coaching support within the Premium Service of Trans4mind Training.

Note: “Non-ICF” and “non-EMCC” coaches are welcome to apply, subject to having completed an accredited coach training program and a minimum of 100 client hours.

Note: Required entries are marked *

*Please write a few sentences explaining why you are interested in being a Trans4mind Coach...

Are you EMCC / ICF certified?

Yes   No

If you selected No we offer suggestions for helping coaches get extra client hours - click here.

*My coaching qualifications are...

What other qualifications do you have?

How long have you been running your own coaching practice?

How many hours experience do you have coaching clients both in person and by Skype?

Please describe your experience as a coach...

Design Your Ideal Coaching Practice
All coaches start with us online. Coaching by email and Skype is made easy, efficient and effective using our service. Please confirm that you are available to coach by Email and Skype...

I would like to coach online by Email and Skype

My ideal number of clients for coaching on Skype per week is...  

The profile of my ideal clients...

ALL   One-to-one   18-34   35-59   60-80+
Men   Women   Couples   Groups
Heterosexual   LBGT 
My preferred client work background
You are not in a mentoring role for people’s work experience, you coach them on their personal development - this is offered to assist you select the kind of work background your preferred clients have...
No preference    Corporate   Small business   Professional   Homemaker   Startup   Non-profit   Arts   Self-employed   Unemployed   Retired   Student 
I am available to coach online...
Full time   Part time
Mornings   Afternoons   Evenings
Saturdays   Sundays 

All Trans4mind Coaching is in the English language but since we use the Internet, clients live all around the world. When selecting remember to take into account when you will be able to work with people in other time zones.

I would like to coach clients in the following locations...

North America   South America   Europe
Africa   Middle East    Far East
Australia/NZ    World-Wide 

As a Trans4mind Coach you can also progress to become a Life Coach for people in your local community and a Presenter of real-world Trans4mind Workshops and Retreats, which have all been designed to facilitate your coaching practice. Tell us how you would ideally like to work:

In my local community I would like to offer...

Personal coaching in my coaching room
Weekly Workshops presented locally
1-Day Retreats in a local hotel or other venue
A 10-Day Residential Retreat in a beautiful location
            (delivered with other coaches)

*Your name:

*Your email address:

*Your postal address:

*Your nearest city:

*Your country:

*Your telephone number:

*Your Skype ID:

Your website:

Please check that you have entered all fields and checkboxes or your application will be returned.

How can I find out more?

Email Wallace (Coaching Manager) and request a preliminary Skype meeting where you can put your questions in person.

Also see: What You Need to Know as a Trans4mind Coach

For a brief summary of how Trans4mind Training works go to this Introduction

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