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Life Coaching

Even if you are not a Trans4mind Life Coach, you can benefit from a dramatic boost in your coaching business by recommending your existing clients to participate in Trans4mind Personal Development Training.

This series of interactive video workshops is available online, addressing the 46 key life challenges that every person faces in their life. As a result of their training, your clients will clearly see the need for more life coaching from you to help them further in putting their learning into practice. In this situation you would recommend your clients to do the standard service of the training (that does not include coaching support) and use your own independent coaching service to support their personal growth.

It would be wise for you to be familiar with the training workshops themselves, and to be up to date with all the latest at Trans4mind. For this reason, if you are interested in recommending your clients to the Trans4mind Training services, we recommend you connect up with us and stay informed of all the latest coaching news at Trans4mind. Please briefly describe your interest, enter your name and email, and submit your message to our Director of Training, Wallace Huey...

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In addition, you can become an affiliate of Trans4mind Training. Earn 25% commission from the training fees of your clients - or indeed any person - that you recommend to participate in Trans4mind Training and who signs up using your affiliate link... Click here to learn more...

Become a Trans4mind Life Coach
...and get many new clients!

Trans4mind Personal Development Training is designed to inform participants about personal growth, and encourage them to find their own inner truth and to implement it in their personal lives. The training also promotes the support of life coaches as the best way a participant can greatly boost the effectiveness of the training.

Should you wish to become a Trans4mind Coach, the training will therefore serve to enhance and develop your own coaching practice. You get to keep your own website, business card, letterhead, etc. We exist to make your own coaching practice grow to a higher level of profile and success than would otherwise be possible. You can still maintain your existing clients outside of our system but you will find that to develop new clients it is much easier when you use Trans4mind Training’s coach support services.

There are two primary ways in which a Trans4mind Life Coach can obtain more coaching hours as a result of the Trans4mind Training online service...

Further benefits
The client benefits from email support from their chosen coach as they do their workshops. They also have a secure and private Personal Journal. And, as the Trans4mind coach, you will benefit from a wide range of online personal development resources that you can refer to or link to for client support.

How can I find out more?

Email Wallace and request a preliminary Skype meeting where you can put your questions to Wallace in person.

If you are not yet a Trans4mind Coach, this is the information you need to begin the pathway to a great career...

Life Coaching
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