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Your mission - should you choose to accept it...
As a Trans4mind Life Coach you will be participating in a global movement to harness the power of the Internet and community to make the human heart visible. You will have a unique part to play - assisting each client to be the change they wish to see in the world. You achieve this through heart-centered coaching - coaching which makes the human heart visible.

As JFK said, “Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction.” But to be lasting and strong it needs to be our own direction, from our heart. Basically, we need to know ourselves better. To make this possible, the support and objectivity of a life coach is invaluable. Trans4mind Coaches assist the participants in Trans4mind Training to transform their lives through a journey of self discovery and inner revelation. We believe that each individual is whole and complete as they are and that all the answers lie within them. As a Trans4mind Coach, your role is to facilitate the client to discover their inner truth - and to do this for themselves, without any hint of evaluation nor invalidation.

Through your coaching, your client gets to be their true authentic self, transcending their conditioning and discovering what it means to lead a life of loving service. Your work, making the human heart visible, will be joined with the work of thousands of other life coaches, all participating in the Trans4mind Vision so that we can reach our goal of having one million participants in Trans4mind Training in the year of 2026. Then, because the influence of even one awakened person affects so many others, your actions will help to heal the Earth.


How can I find out more?

Email Wallace and request a preliminary Skype meeting where you can put your questions in person.

Watch the Introduction to Trans4mind Training video, or visit the home page.

Two coaching leaders speak...
Adrian Mitchell is the Co-Founder, Managing Director and Director of Training of the Irish Lifecoach Institute ( in Dublin, Ireland. He has overseen the training in Life and Business Coaching of over 1500 people since 2001 and is also an accredited coach with the International Coach Federation. He is passionate about the power and impact of coaching on the lives of individuals, couples, teams and organizations and the positive domino effects in the broader community and society....
"Trans4mind have developed an unique platform for training people all around the world in personal development. This is a wonderful opportunity for people to enhance their lives from the comfort of their own home, with an offering of 46 personal development workshops. For you, as practicing coaches, it will be music to your ears to hear that Trans4mind are huge fans of coaching! They have recently added a coaching service to their training to ensure the great insights and learning people are getting from the training are being applied in their lives ... and as you know, this is where you come in! Get in touch with Trans4mind and transform your coaching business!"
As a founder of Leadership that Works, Martha has developed world-class programs and has taught coaching and facilitation to leaders across Europe, Asia and the Americas for 20 years. She has reached more than 5,000 change agents who in turn facilitate groups to discover personal and organization transformation. She served on the faculty and coached MBA students at Capella University for 10 years. Martha also mentors leaders of organizations to develop a coaching culture that shifts the dynamics so that people are empowered at all levels.
"As a Trans4mind Coach, you get to work with an amazing team who coach from the heart and support deep personal transformation. Using the Free Life Assessment tool, you can make it easy for clients to see the value of coaching and the impact it can have. Instead of spending all your time marketing and seeking out new clients, Trans4mind does the work for you, sending you clients who are ready to make big changes in their lives."
How it works...

As a coach with Trans4mind, your dream of having a successful coaching practice will come true and you will be able to develop as a life coach through our ascending stages of professional development to ever increasing abundance and fulfilment, until you reach the pinnacle of your career as a Trans4mind Diamond Coach.

The 5 stages to becoming a Trans4mind Diamond Coach (and ICF Master Coach)...

  1. Silver Coach 100+ logged hours
  2. Gold Coach 350+ logged hours
  3. Platinum Coach 700+ logged hours
  4. Ruby Coach 1,200+ logged hours
  5. Diamond Coach 2,500+ logged hours

As a Trans4mind Coach you are supported in getting work and in delivering an exemplary coaching experience, by Trans4mind's mighty online platform - one of the biggest and most used personal development websites in the world, with around 400,000 unique visitors per month, who view over 1,000,000 webpages.

Much of this web traffic is streamed from over 6,000 webpages into Trans4mind Training, an online, holistic, video workshop training in personal development. Once the clients have selected their ideal coach and received their personalized Training and Coaching Plan, we introduce them to you.

The 3 main benefits of being a Trans4mind Life Coach:
  1. Having a continuous supply of international clients to your inbox for coaching by email and Skype.
  2. Being able to develop your coaching practice locally where you live.
  3. Having access to a multitude of proven online tools from one of the world's biggest personal development websites.
What Personal Qualities Make a Trans4mind Coach?

The primary purpose and mission of being a Trans4mind Coach is to - Make the Human Heart Visible. We adopt an approach of unconditional love, listening with acceptance and without judgment, never invalidating the client's expressed reality nor denying the client's own insights by imposing our own evaluation.

We use generous listening and enlightened questions, encouraging the client to find their own truth - based on finding, recognizing and expressing their loving inner self and inherent knowing.

It's an extension of the approach we take in our training workshops. Rather than telling a client what to think, the video workshops and accompanying coaching encourage clients to look inside for what resonates with their heart. They know what is true and valuable because it is a reflection of their own inner knowing.

The primary purpose of Trans4mind Coaching is - through making the human heart visible - to help the client connect with their inner knowing so they can receive clear, authentic and trustworthy guidance for their life.

Read more about our approach on this page: What Trans4mind Coaches Need to Know.

The following video, based on a poem by Wallace, represents the fundamental value of love that we bring to our coaching services...

The Coach's Journey

The journey to become a Trans4mind Diamond Coach (and ICF Master Coach)...

Starting point if you are a complete beginner:

  1. Complete Trans4mind Training and qualify with our Agent of Change certificate.
  2. Train at one of our affiliated Life Coaching Schools.

Starting point if you are an ICF or EMCC accredited coach with 100+ hours:

  1. Apply and pass our application procedure to be a Trans4mind Coach.
  2. Train in how to use Trans4mind's online systems to reach your coaching goals.
  3. Start coaching as a Trans4mind Coach, silver grade or higher, online.
  4. Progress through the coaching grades.
  5. As you do so, develop your real world practice locally where you live.
  6. Become a fully fledged Diamond Coach able to earn $175,000+ p.a.
Read on to learn how to get trained and apply to become a Trans4mind Life Coach...
Train to be a Life Coach

Wallace Huey interviews some of the Irish life coaches who have been working with Trans4mind.

Journey to Become a Trans4mind Life Coach

Trans4mind enables as many people as possible to have a vocational training and a career in life coaching, by becoming a Trans4mind Life Coach.

Apply to be a Trans4mind Life Coach

This is an opportunity to have Trans4mind supply you with additional clients on Skype and to expand your coaching practice in your locality. Learn about the Fees and Apply here to become a Trans4mind Life Coach.

Train to be a Life Coach

If you are not a trained, qualified and practicing life coach, Trans4mind can help you to become one. Then, if you reach sufficient standards, we can provide you with a ready made career with your own coaching practice both online and also, if you wish, in your local community.

What Trans4mind Coaches Need to Know

The coach is there to listen, to guide and especially, to support the client... to help them own what they have learned and to understand how that applies to their everyday life.

Opportunities to Coach & Present

Here we present your steps toward qualifying as a Trans4mind Life Coach and the possibity of then going on to deliver the training workshops in your locality as a Presenter.

Apply to be a Trans4mind Presenter

Learn more about the oportunity of being a real-world Presenter of Training Workshops. Apply here to become a Trans4mind Presenter.

International Retreat

...recommend the training to your clients!

A Deeper Truth

Poem by Wallace Huey


Tran4mind Training

For complete beginners
This is your starting point if you are not yet a qualified and registered life coach. You participate in the Premium Service of Trans4mind Training, taking all our training and accompanying coaching support, and apply to gain Certification for each element you complete. When you have gained all the Trans4mind Certificates you will be awarded our Agent of Change completion certificate. This qualifies you to enter one of our affiliated life coaching schools (you can even train online) and to be given priority access to our application process to be accepted as a Trans4mind Life Coach.

For experienced life coaches
If you are already a qualified and registered life coach you will also benefit from doing the training, either before you apply to be a coach with us, or during your development as a coach with us, because as a Trans4mind Coach you will be supporting clients who are participating in Trans4mind Training as they are being coached. We give priority to coaches who have completed Trans4mind Training, because by doing our training they are better equipped to support our clients who are engaging with Trans4mind Training.

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About Your Privacy

When you do the Training, your participation is online in a highly secure, private and confidential setting. All personal information that you enter online (in the Free Life Assessment and in Workshops) is encrypted and accessible only to yourself - or, if you so wish, also to your chosen life coach. Your entered data is reloaded if you login and return to the page but remains confidential to you.
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