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  • "Real Love" by Greg Baer, M.D. Personal review: "We were born into Real Love , however we slowly fall out of it and go into Getting and Protecting behaviors to deal with family and society. This lack of real love is present with many people, everywhere on earth and in many situations. However we are all LOVE deep down, it is our common core beauty, we just have to return to basics. This is a life changing book which I feel should be in all schools, in all languages, in all the countries of the world. It is the one and only true religion to follow, it's actually very simple, and doesn't need much explanation. We only need explanations to deprogram ourselves. This book is very affordable and is worth its price in gold because it is a gold mine for love and understanding." --Claude Lebel

  • The Book of Love"The Book of Love: Awaken Your Passion To Be Your Higher Self" by Karen Bentley. The Book of Love teaches a spiritual perspective of love rather than a romantic perception of love. However, what you learn will help to bring more harmony, tolerance, kindness, and joy to all your relationships with others. It's not possible to read The Book of Love and be untouched by it.

  • "Perfect Love" by Brad and Jan Lundy. Perfect Love, a breakthrough in relationships thinking, uncovers a profound secret of lasting romance in today's new consciousness. Like all great discoveries, this one seems stunningly obvious once someone points it out. By seeing and appreciating the spiritual essence of your partner, your entire relationship is raised to a higher level, one where true romance becomes a living reality. This landmark book is filled with brilliant insights which show you exactly how, once and for all, to bring the joy of deep romance into your own life.

  • "52 weeks of Passionate Sex" by Melanie Votaw. Everything is new and unfamiliar between two people in the beginning. The mystery and the anticipation create a palpable electricity, and the passion is anything but work. Most couples complain that the passion burns out, however, and sex becomes boring over time. Well, it need not be! You can create anticipation and maintain electricity between you even after 50 years of marriage through sexual inventiveness, the element of surprise, and a commitment to emotional and physical intimacy. Passion need not be lost when two people are dedicated to keeping it alive and learning all they can about how to do so. Melanie Votaw describes how with a recipe for ecstacy each week of the year.

  • "Sex, Ecology, Spirituality: The Spirit of Evolution" by Ken Wilber. One of the great thinkers of our time brings together sex and gender issues, ecological wisdom, and spirituality into a coherent vision for our times. In a tour de force of scholarship and vision, Ken Wilber traces the course of evolution from matter to life to mind, answering the critical question: Can spiritual concerns be integrated with the modern world?

  • "The Mastery of Love" by Miguel Ruiz. Don Miguel teaches through parable and direct suggestion the transforming power of self-love. He says that all relationships start with you, and how you feel about yourself. This is a book you can finish in an afternoon sitting, yet it's simple truths have the potential to alter profoundly how you view loving relationships as well as your relationship with yourself.

  • "How to Give Her Absolute Pleasure: Totally Explicit Techniques Every Woman Wants Her Man to Know" by Lou Paget. Millions of men out there are looking for the real scoop on what women like, and want to learn how to really "rub them the right way," but are either afraid to ask or don't know where to look. And millions of women are looking for ways to tell men what really turns them on, but don't know how to put their desires into words.

  • "How to Be a Great Lover: Girlfriend-To-Girlfriend Totally Explicit Techniques That Will Blow His Mind" by Lou Paget. No matter what age we are or how much experience we have, we all want to be great lovers. Most of the sex guides for women, however, have been prudish, esoteric, or incomplete. However, Lou Paget gives you the down and dirty details that you really want to know on exactly what men like and why, and shares the proven erotic techniques that make for incredible sex you'll both enjoy.

  • "If We're So in Love, Why Aren't We Happy?" by Susan Page. Instead of working on solving problems in your relationship, Susan Page teaches 'spiritual partnership,' allowing you to outgrow these problems. Focus on behaving in a spiritual way yourself, rather than fixing your relationship or your partner, and you and your partner will be happier and your relationship will be stronger.

  • "What He Can't Tell You...and Needs to Say" by Brenda Shoshanna. The common myth is that men don't like to talk. The truth is they don't know how. They've been conditioned to leave the emotions to women. As a result, every father, son, husband, brother, and boyfriend has had something to get off his chest for years. Dr. Shoshanna has persuaded a wide range of men from all walks of life to open up and speak their minds. You will learn techniques for opening up the lines of communication so you won't have to wonder any more.

  • "Great American Sex Diet" by Laura Corn. Laura invited thirty-eight couples to test her new recipes: ideas to spice up one's sex life. Most confessed that sex was now infrequent and predictable. They seduced each other. They surprised each other. They courted each other. And the sex they had was more incredible, wonderful, and breathtaking than they'd had in years. Men and women felt better, they listened more, they treated each other with tenderness and respect. In short, they fell in love all over again.
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