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How Do I Know If This Training Is Right For Me?

How Do I Know If This Training Is Right For Me?

By Wallace Huey - Director of Training

This is a question many of you will ask once Trans4mind Personal Development Training is launched on 4th July 2016. And as I write this we are putting the finishing touches to our customer journey, which has been designed to help you answer this question.

The benefits from personal development training and life coaching are very real, however they need to be experienced to be understood. This is why in Trans4mind Training, immediately after you register, you are given access to your own personal training dashboard. Here you can select and do your first online workshop completely free of charge.

We know from customer trials that these workshops are very effective in assisting you make positive changes to your life, and by choosing and then doing a workshop you will get to experience this for yourself. Then after you have finished your first complimentary workshop, you are able to do a Free Life Assessment. This life assessment will give you feedback, displayed in coloured infographics, that show where in your life you are most challenged and what your level of inner peace is. You are then invited to write down a goal, something you really really want to achieve as a result of the training you will experience in the first module of workshops that you choose to participate in.

All this is information will let you see where you most need to focus your personal development, so that you can come closer to greater inner peace and achieve your stated goal. Knowing where to focus is made easy for you because our system generates a Training and Coaching Plan. This plan sets out your scores from the Free Life Assessment and then recommends workshops you need to complete to come closer to greater inner peace in these areas. if you choose, the plan may also recommend personal life coaching in those areas where your level of challenge is moderate or high.

Your Training and Coaching Plan is clearly set out, along with all the prices and discounts that are due. At this point you can simply choose to purchase your training plan. If you have chosen to include life coaching, you can click through and choose your own personal life coach, then they will meet up with you on Skype free of charge, assist you to analyze your Free Life Assessment, explain the training plan, help you modify it if needed (for example to assist you meet a budget you had in mind) and help you understand the purchase process.

Through participating in your free workshop, undertaking the Free Life Assessment and where appropriate, meeting your coach, you are able, without any cost and without having made any commitment, to fully appreciate the value of Trans4mind Training and its accompanying coaching. Then you are well placed to know if this service holds value for you and to purchase if you wish.

So that in a nutshell is how to know if this training is right for you.

We invite you to participate in Trans4mind Personal Development Training by Registering and doing our Free Life Assessment, so you can experience the power of our training for yourself!

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