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So What is Trans4mind Training?

Trans4mind Personal Development Training is a powerful education in mastering the 46 biggest challenges that you face in real life.

These challenges were discovered through coaching hundreds of people for 4 years here on Trans4mind. Every week users of Trans4mind wrote into Wallace Huey and others who ran a coaching by email service called Heart to Heart Coaching.

Over time these hundreds of enquiries, and the responses given by Wallace and others, were catalogued in different headings. Wallace and Peter came to realise that these 36 categories of life challenge actually represented what could loosely be termed "The Human Condition" and that by mastering these challenges a person would come to be guided by inner wisdom and attain greater inner peace and abundance.

Then Wallace and Peter decided to take these 36 life challenges and turn them into workshops, offered in 4 different modules which Wallace offered in his local community centre. Each module was followed by a retreat day in a local hotel.

After two years of successful trials Peter and Wallace decided to put the whole training online and to add a fifth module of 10 more workshops on Inner Guidance Training to make 5 modules of training in 46 workshops in total. This then forms the foundation for the Trans4mind Personal Development Training Curriculum which we are offering to you, starting with Module 1 Healing Yourself available now.

Here is a coloured graphic that shows the holistic nature of the curriculum and how it fits into a calendar year...

So What is Trans4mind Training?

We invite you to participate in Trans4mind Personal Development Training by Registering and doing our Free Life Assessment, so you can experience the power of our training for yourself!

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What is Trans4mind Training?

This personalized training - launched on Independence Day, July 4th 2016 - empowers you to create action steps that deliver powerful real-world results across all of your life challenges.
The training when complete will present 46 interactive video workshops - always available online for you to refer to - arranged in 5 modules:
  1. Healing Yourself - available now!
  2. Being Successful - available now!
  3. Enhancing Relationships - Winter 2016
  4. Answering the Big Questions - Summer 2017
  5. Inner Guidance Training - Autumn 2017
The emphasis in these workshops is on practical application. Rather than telling you what to think, the video workshops will encourage you to learn from yourself and your own life. We give you the tools to be guided by inner wisdom, to attain greater inner peace in all areas of your life, and to achieve abundance and fulfillment... These results then work as a whole to transform your life!
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The Training in a Nutshell

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