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First Milestone Reached!

First Milestone Reached!

On Thursday 8th January 2015, key members of the Trans4mind Training Team completed our first milestone in creating the training curriculum of 46 online workshops - rehearsing and shooting 4 trial workshops and picking one to turn into an experimental online workshop.

This was quite a challenging process as we encountered difficulties we had not foreseen. However we succeeded and now have our experimental workshop online for private viewing. This workshop uses some leading edge technical methods. For example, when the trainee does the questionnaire online, they get results generated by our technology that gives them accurate and revealing feedback, whicht reflects how they completed the questions.

They can then also enter what they learned from the questionnaire into a text box and a question they might have for their coach in another text box. This information, along with other information entered on the page, is then stored with other entries in a secure database.

As the person does the training, this database gradually becomes a treasure trove of valuable information which the trainee can use to reflect and learn from. They may, if they wish, share selected information with their coach.

In the online workshop page, another neat feature is that the background of the presenter is actually blended with the white page so that the presenter appears to be actually on the page rather than in a video box.

These and many other features our technical team have developed for the prototype online workshop, mean that each trainee has a very rich and powerful training experience.

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