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Trans4mind hold their "Go to Market Party"

Wallace, Eleanor and Andrew and Aidan watching the drone over the Trans4mind HQ

On July 4th 2016, Trans4mind launched with our first, and at that time only, workshop. In the intervening year we have added another 28 workshops to complete our online curriculum, our team of 7 online Trans4mind life coaches, completed our Trans4mind Corporate service,, and significantly upgraded both and our training platform.

During these months we have also begun trading by trialling our online marketing with live customers and spoken to some of our potential corporate customers. In the process we have become clear on how we want to communicate our offering and to whom.

Now we find ourselves a year later ready to go to market.

It's been an intense year, and credit for the technical progress made goes to Peter Shepherd our Director of Online Resources and to Aidan Doyle, our Chief Technical Officer, and a warm welcome to both Eleanor Cullen and Dave Rock, who will be helping us to take Trans4mind Training to both the corporate and charity markets respectively.

To celebrate this milestone, we held our Go To Market Party in our HQ on Saturday 12th August. The team who are going to take the company to market gathered in our office for a celebratory drink. Aidan brought along his newly acquired drone to entertain everyone. In the photo above you can see Aidan controlling the drone outside the HQ with Eleanor, Andrew and Wallace looking on.

After the party we all went down to the Enigma Grill in Rathfarnham, Dublin, for a celebratory meal together. After a total of 10 years work doing the research for our company and then, with the help of our team of 17 people, building the Trans4mind online training curriculum, we are now ready to go to market with strength. It was a wonderful day that marked a significant turning point in the fortunes of our company.

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Wallace Huey - CEO Trans4mind Ltd


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