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Trans4mind Participate in an Intern Fair

Intern Fair

By Wallace Huey - Trans4mind's Director of Training

On 27th of April 2016, Trans4mind took a stand at the Intern Fair on the Institute of Technology Campus in Tallaght, Dublin, where Trans4mind have their Global HQ.

Our Director of Training, Wallace Huey, was looking for an intern who could be his personal assistant for a year.

We were very conscious of making sure any interns to whom we offered placements gained great practical experience, so Wallace wrote out a detailed job description setting out the many kinds of practical business experience an intern could expect who joined the team at Trans4mind. He is also setting aside time each month to give the intern a private one to one tutorial.

Ideally the position suits a new young business, marketing or accountancy graduate who is keen to learn how to start and run a scalable business. In exchange they will participate in many of the activities at Trans4mind which are at the centre of our global operation and gain first hand experience of what it means to start, launch and run a values-based corporation with global potential.

At the fair Wallace talked to 10 possible intern candidates. He decided to invite the 5 most promising round to the Trans4mind social area in our main office for afternoon tea, where he will invite them all to watch our film, What is Trans4mind? and then take questions from the interns about the kind of experiences they will have working for the company.

This meeting took place on Tuesday 3rd May. We interviewed 5 different students to see if they were a fit for Trans4mind as an intern. However we agreed that this fit did not exist - at least not between Trans4mind and those particular 5 students.

We are keeping our door open for anyone who wishes to have a 6-12 month intern experience with us. We undertake to give a suitable person top class work experience in a world leading company.

If you would like to apply as an intern please email me HERE.

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