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A Personal Message from your Director of Training

A Personal Message from your Director of Training, Wallace Huey

I thought I'd share a few personal stories that lie behind the creation of, and inspiration for, Trans4mind Training.

This training you are being introduced to here is the culmination of what is close to a lifetime's experience. The roots of the training lie in experiences I had in my 30's.

At the start of this decade I experienced two mental breakdowns due to the resurfacing of a mental condition called schizophrenia, that first became part of my life in my early 20's. In my 30's, as well as being mentally unwell, I was living in a war zone in the centre of Belfast. At this time there was a low level war going on between several terrorist organisations and the state security forces. As a result personal development was not high on anyone's agenda.

Since I was suffering extreme stress along with persistent depression, and could not work, I needed to find a way to heal myself and my life. There was one avenue of learning open to me – books. So in desperation to discover how I could heal myself, I began to read and study all kinds of personal development books. At that time I read a new book about once a week.

Now I don't know if you have ever suffered extreme stress as I have, but if you have you will recall that there are basically two options: to lie down under it or to rise above it. For the first two years I lay down under it. I didn't sleep at night and I experienced self harming thoughts from time to time. Then one day, when I was at a particularly low point, I cried out for help within myself, and as I did so I had a powerful realisation that if I was ever to heal I had to give up thinking about myself every day and how miserable I was, and go out and help somebody else.

I decided to follow this new more positive feeling and as a result got a part-time voluntary job in a charity shop. Before I went into the charity shop on the first day of work, that little positive "voice" said that no matter how miserable I felt, I had to pretend to be happy and to joke and laugh when at work.

So I did this and gradually I took on more and more responsibility in the shop. Then four years after joining the shop, I was invited to a local theatre to see the head of the charity being presented with a large cheque in front of television cameras – money I had raised for the charity from an event I had conceived and organised. As she was given the cheque I noticed that I had a broad smile across my face. Then I had a powerful realisation – this smile was genuine, it wasn't put on! At that point I realised that I had been cured of my depression. Somehow that little "voice" had known what I needed to do to heal myself from the depression.

After this turning point in my life I left the charity and, by paying attention to and following the guidance given to me by that little "voice," I took up management consultancy, then met and married my soul mate Carolyn, and moved to Dublin to live with my new wife. It was through the powerful intervention of that "voice" that I met Peter on the Internet and embarked on the path that has taken me to help develop the Trans4mind website with Peter and to put the team together to create Trans4mind Training.

You see I had to go through years of torment to discover, listen to and eventually to surrender my life to this little "voice," but fortunately it's not at all necessary to have to go through such intense suffering to become highly intuitive. With the right training, this inner faculty – the bedrock of personal power – can be released, and one's life transformed.

This is one of my main motivations in creating Trans4mind Training along with Peter Shepherd: that millions of people will discover their inner capacities and capabilities without having to suffer as I did. This is where the life coaching that supports our training comes in, for a good life coach will help you to learn more quickly and effectively from your life experience and therefore receive the learning from life you need, without the intense suffering that many people go through.

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