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Beyond Imagination

By Wayne Ellis Hartman Jr




Chapter 1 ~ Beyond Imagination: A Prelude to the Changing Times

Chapter 2 ~ The Role of the Individual vs Society

Chapter 3 ~ A Government for the New Age

Chapter 4 ~ Towards a New World Order

Chapter 5 ~ Spiritually Driven Economics

Chapter 6 ~ Education: We are all Teachers, Learners, Doers

Chapter 7 ~ Living in a Manner That Supports All Life

Chapter 8 ~ Manifesting Spirit in Flesh

Chapter 9 ~ Community: Realizing the Synergy of Group in a Practical Way

Chapter 10 ~ The Art of Making It So

Chapter 11 ~ Knowing Thyself

Chapter 12 ~ When Love Conquers All: Living from the Heart



This manuscript is dedicated:

  • To the muses, the source of all higher inspiration. It was brought forth into this world from the depth of my soul and being. I present it to you in the hope that it will assist in the transition to a new age and a new world order in which consciousness is opened so that the spirit can be more fully expressed in flesh. We are spirit incarnated into flesh. The time has come for us to consciously manifest our true nature.

  • Second to Gini, my wife of six years, who has remained with me through some interesting and difficult times, especially over the past six months when my consciousness was testing its limits and stretching beyond what is conventionally considered to be sane. She has taught me much about living in relationship with others and about unconditional Love. I love her dearly, with all my heart and soul. She is a wonderful lady, truly a princess.

  • Third to my kids Foofer, Bunnie, Huggie, and Foozie. These four Samoyeds, three of whom are dearly departed, brought a great sense of fun, joy, and playful companionship into my life. In addition, they taught me much about the nature of unconditional Love and of Life and Death itself.

  • Fourth to my friend Dennis. Golfing with him over the past four years has been one of the few pure physical pleasures that has occupied my body and mind on a regular basis. Had it not been for this, I may not have been able to endure the tedium of that phase of my life and survived until my character could finally come alive in this Play of Consciousness we call Life.


The ideas presented in what follows are based on my personal perspective on the world, one that is grounded in both science and metaphysics. You see, my formal background is in mathematics, science, logic, and engineering - BSEE from USC, MSEE from Stanford, and fifteen years of work in engineering and engineering management in the Air Force and defense industry. My informal background, however, is in metaphysics and more intuitive processes of mind and spirit - twenty years of reading, thinking, seminars, and assorted classes in various areas of metaphysics. I have found both to be extremely important to my happiness, my understanding, and my ability to create and be productive in both the personal as well as professional areas of my life and my work. Further, I believe this balance is extremely important in enabling and allowing individuals to truly be all that they can be.

For those of you already doing this balancing act, you know the benefits of approaching life in this integrated and holistic manner, you experience these benefits every day of your life. My hope is to provide you with motivation, understanding, and guidance that will allow you to experience this even more, much more.

For those of you at either extreme, however, I hope to show you what you might be missing, and provide some motivation and guidance as to why and how you can use techniques from the other side to improve your day to day experience of living on this planet. Those of you whom operate too far on the left brain or analytical side need more knowingness and magic in your life so that you can breathe life into your processes and thoughts. Those operating too far on the right brain or creative/intuitive side could use more structure and organization in your life so that you can better give form to your ideas and dreams. We have enough castles in the air -- we need to put foundations under them to bring them down to Earth!

For, you see, whether you believe it yet or not, you are creating your own reality - Now, at this very instant. You've been doing so throughout your life. All I can do is show you how to make this process more conscious -- so that you can create more of the experiences that you prefer and less that you don't like; and, so that cooperatively, we can create better conditions for all beings on this planet.

Be Happy and Create Well, Wayne


The Journey

In the pages that lie ahead, should you choose to follow, I will take you on a journey into a magnificent world -- one that you have probably never seen though you live in it every day. For, I offer you the vision of a fellow soul, a traveller who sees the world through a unique set of glasses. I intend to challenge all that you believe, and more, maybe all that you think yourself and this world of ours to be. I ask that you suspend your judgement for a while, and open your mind to some different possibilities. Don't worry, I will not brainwash you, for I hold sacred your ability to choose and believe whatsoever you will. Whether you know it yet or not, you have the innate ability to know the truth -- it rings within your very soul, you cannot be deceived unless you so choose.

Beware: this journey is hazardous to your current state of being. Should you choose to embark, you will not be able to return the same, for in the experience of the journey you may be transformed in ways that will not allow you to go back to your old pattern of existence -- but then, you probably will not want to do so anyway, so the warning doesn't really matter.

The Purpose

The purpose is simple: to prepare the way for entering a new age. You see, I came to this world to teach, to inspire, and to assist in building the foundation for a new way of being. A large part of this foundation is a mindset, a set of ideas, a frame of mind, a vision, an altered way of seeing reality, or whatever else you might want to call it. I offer it unto you in hope that you too will be moved to align your energies in a manner that conforms to this higher vision, so that we may truly co-create what amounts to a "Heaven on Earth", and more, much, much more. Remember, you are here to experience the joy, the wonder, and the exhilaration of living life as spirit in flesh. You are gods incarnate, you truly are. My intent is simply to reacquaint you with that fact, and to do so as intimately as is possible given your present state of awareness and evolution.

Why Now?

Because there is no other time. All of us have chosen to incarnate at this particular now, to be a part of this great transformation. I know it in my Heart. You do as well, though you may not be so intimately connected with that wonderful part of your being yet. The timing is here, it is now, it is Now. Can you not feel it? Do you not sense it with every breath you take? If not, so be it! You will surely know it soon. When the circumstances are right, and you are ready, the knowingness will be given. And when that happens, you will be moved to act by a tremendous force within you that knows no bounds. The flower children of the 60's foretold of the coming of this time -- a time of peace, a time of harmony, a time of understanding, a time of truth, and a time of Love. It is the Age of Aquarius.

Why Me?

Wayne Hartman This question is two-fold: why me who reads, and why me who writes. As to the first part, if you have been drawn to this manuscript, then, in some way, you needed to be exposed to this message. The reason is known only to your soul -- and it will be unique for each one of you. The bottom line is that you are ready to be a part of something, that you have a role to play. Maybe you have sensed this already. Maybe you've felt that there is something that you are meant to do, to participate in -- or that you have a greater purpose or function to fulfill. It may have been a longing that could find no satisfaction, or just a feeling that there is something missing in your life. Regardless of how it may have manifest, it got you here, to this place where you are now ready to embark upon a wonderful journey of discovery that hopefully will provide you with the tools and the experiences you need to chart your own course and live your life in a manner that conforms to the dictates of your spirit.

Now, as to the second part, because such is what I came here to do. I have spent the past 20 years of my life preparing for this time, this work. It is my true love, my meaning, my purpose for being. It is my chosen destiny to assist in building the foundation for establishing a new way of being that is consistent with the energy and promise of the Age of Aquarius. My soul's purpose is Peace. Of course, I would choose to incarnate at a time that offers the potential for finally manifesting a true and lasting Peace on Earth. How do I know this? I just know. The truth of it strikes the very core of my being. All that I can offer you is myself, a bit of my special energy and knowingness. It is up to you to do with it what you will.

The Tools of the Trade

You already possess everything that you need to begin this journey. You are spirit manifesting in flesh at this very moment. The journey is simply a means of expanding the energy channels and capacities that you already possess, and of re- acquainting you with a part of your being that may have not had the opportunity or resources through which to express itself fully. Your mind, your attention, your feelings, your inner knowingness, your beliefs, your imagination, your natural talents and abilities, and your experiences -- these are the only tools that will serve you on the path that lies ahead. You may find that you are carrying a whole lot more baggage than you really need, and, you may as a result want to lighten your load a bit -- that is entirely up to you. However, the passage is much easier for those who travel lightly. But then, ease is in the experience of the beholder, as is beauty, as is anything that truly matters in life.

The Rules of the Game

There is only one rule. Harm ye not one another or yourself! All else is optional, it is up to you. Now, from a practical standpoint, there are a few limitations that you agreed to before you assumed physical form on Earth. However, since there is little you can do about them, there is really no need to discuss them here.

For those of you who prefer a positive perspective: Love ye one another and yourself! This indeed is essential to the entrance of the Aquarian Age.

Guidance to Live By

Before we get started with the journey, a few words of guidance are in order. As always, you are encouraged to follow your own inner guidance -- for it is far superior than anything you will receive from outside. However, it doesn't hurt to get new inputs from time to time.

  • We create our own reality!

  • Ideas manifest into form. Such is the nature of reality!

  • Trust the God Force within you.
  • If you don't believe, maybe it's time to start.

  • Be true to yourself, and always act with complete integrity.

  • Love unconditionally!

  • Give your intuition voice, then pay attention to it!

  • Belief is a prerequisite for sight. If you insist on proof, you may be making things much more difficult then they need to be!

  • There is always an easy way, and you will definitely find it.

  • Stay flexible!

  • Don't just think, don't just believe, know!

  • You are eternal, immortal, universal, and infinite. Be thou what you are!

The Challenge

The challenge is simple -- to allow spirit to more fully manifest in flesh. On an individual level this involves bringing one's true divinity, one's soul, down to Earth in a practical way. It involves being the powerful creator that you are, and owning responsibility for that which you manifest in your life. The catch is that you must do this in the face of some pretty tough challenges. For, drastic changes in all areas of life will bring much turmoil. The night that lies ahead may be very dark indeed. But, the morning will come, and will be glorious beyond imagination -- if we will but follow the dictates of our hearts and souls and work together to manifest a New World Order that lives up to the promise of the Age of Aquarius.

Each of us, as individuals, have our own sparks of light to share. As spirit in flesh, this is our birthright. As we learn to follow our Hearts and listen to the dictates of our souls, this individual spark grows greater in intensity. Further, when combined with purpose and intent, these sparks can be joined to create beams of light that can serve to illuminate the larger way for many. Multiple beams can serve to illuminate cities and towns, and in large enough numbers, states, countries, continents, and the entire Earth.

Illuminated beings operate from the Heart, the center of Love/Wisdom in accord with their understanding of their part in The Plan as dictated by their spirit. Because of this, all that they do and create is blessed. Love, peace, and harmony abound in all their interactions and organizational structures.

I dream of a world united in love, peace, and harmony; where people are equal and receive what they need physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually; where people are employed in a manner that engages their natural abilities and talents fully for the good of both the individual and the society; where people are happy and free; where people are helpful to one another and consider each other as brethren; where industry operates in harmony with nature, righting damages caused due to excesses in the past; where governments are efficient and honest, and truly represent the needs and rights of the people.

Such is the world that I choose to live in. Will you do your part? Will you expend your energies in such a manner as necessary to co-create such a world? Only through the cooperation of many will such a world come into being. Let us join together to make it so!

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