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Beyond Imagination ~ Conclusion

By Wayne Hartman

In the beginning of the book, I promised to take you on a journey that I believed would change you forever. What I didn't know was that my journey of writing the book would do this for me as well.

You see, when I started two years ago around Christmas, I was quite sure of myself and thought I knew my metaphysics pretty well. In the entire first year, all that came through was the table of contents and foreword. Around Christmas last year, the introduction and first chapter came through. It wasn't until mid-November that I finally had sufficient experience to bring forth the rest of this book. As I write this, it is now Dec 20, 1993. I can hardly believe that the bulk of a non-fiction book came through my fingers and consciousness part time in a six week period. Yet, here it is in front of my eyes. I watched it grow page by page.

I hope my Vision of a New World Order didn't frighten you. I don't know what part of this will come true. I only know that this information is the best guidance that I could bring through at this time. Hopefully, it's a world that leaves a positive impression in your mind, a world that you would like to be part of someday. Even better, a world that you might want to help create. There is much that can be done. The truth is that we can do anything if we focus sufficient talent and resources toward getting it done. Cooperative interdependence is the key.

We create our own reality. The time has come for us to assume our rightful roles and start doing the jobs we came into this existence to do. Remember, however, that things are easier to do in consciousness first -- then we can translate the results into the more dense physical stuff.

Do that which you love! Such is the directive of spirit. No fine print. No exceptions. And, do it now -- and always. Once you are given the knowingness, you cannot fall back into ignorance. Thy destiny must be manifest. For, the fate of the world is intertwined with the destiny of each individual. Each of you has the power to change your world, to enhance it in ways that go beyond your wildest imaginings. What you do and how you do it makes all the difference. You are that powerful, for ye are of God -- gods in flesh, the creators of your reality, the masters of your fate!

Be Happy and Create Well! In Peace, Love and Light, Wayne

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