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Beyond Imagination Chapter 11:
Knowing Thyself

By Wayne Hartman

This is the most important issue that we face as individuals -- as spiritual beings in flesh. The main endeavor in all of life is the growth from ignorance to knowledge of our true nature as consciousness. This is the task that transcends lifetimes. The paths are many, but they all lead to the ONE. Everyone reaches the destiny eventually, but each must reach it by their own efforts. Help is there for any who need it, all that is required is that one asks. Each is allowed to proceed at their own pace -- but as the time for transformation to a new age grows near, individuals must make their choice of whether to pass through their own effort or whether to fail and repeat the grade.

Here, we address various ways that help one in knowing oneself. As you'll see shortly, they're not traditional ways.

Our highest priority task throughout our lives should be to know ourselves. This should be an activity which engages a major share of our attention and focus. At the very least, one should pay an equal amount of attention to the inner world and inner development as one pays to the outside world. Unfortunately, most people don't come anywhere close to this. My guess would be less than five percent is more the order of the day. Hmm, maybe this is why we're only using about five percent of our brains. It's no wonder that we have so many problems in our society, and signs that indicate that the problems will worsen over time.

So, how does one start to "know thyself". The first step is to ask and answer some basic questions and see how the answers change over time. The self that we perceive changes over time just as dramatically as the physical body does. Remember, as above, so below. The rules are the same at all levels. So, no matter where one looks, one is confronted with the same principles of spirit in action. The physical body grows from baby to child to adolescent to young adult to mature adult to old adult. This includes at least six levels of being, even more when you consider that each level may be broken into relatively distinct sublevels. The emotional, mental, causal, and spiritual bodies go through similar levels or phases, but their growth is somewhat independent of the physical body. The major dependency is that the brain itself must be sufficiently developed to allow particular levels of some of the higher bodies to manifest. Similarly, there can be such interdependencies among the relationships between other bodies as well. Typically, higher states of higher bodies require higher states of lower bodies.

Now, what if you don't believe in the concept of many bodies? Well, in the interest of your higher development, I suggest that you choose to do so for a while and see what it does to your reality. The bottom line is that either they exist or they don't and science may or may never be able to prove whether they do exist or not. Thus, the matter is one appropriate for belief. The key test for beliefs is utility. Do they empower you. Believe me, having five bodies instead of one to deal with in your concept of yourself is extremely empowering. Personally, I don't know whether there is one or five hundred. What I know is that thinking in this manner allows more of the nature of reality and the nature of ourselves to be explained in a manner that is relatively simple and elegant. Personally, I like simplicity and elegance -- they convey a sense of beauty that is there whenever we get close to expressing Truth.

The questions that are useful to ask include:

  • Who am I?
  • What am I?
  • How do I exist?
  • Why do I exist?
  • Where do I exist?
  • When do I exist?

That got the basic who, what, when, where, why, and how stuff out of the way. Be honest and think deeply about what your answers really mean.

Who You Are

Who you are is a soul expressing itself in flesh to the greatest degree possible given your present state of awareness. Why in flesh? Because that is where reality games are plaid in which consciousness creates and finds out its own nature. Know thyself is a constant theme that drives all consciousness. It's an eternal endeavor, and you are an immortal spark of consciousness.

In this particular incarnation, you entered to play a particular role -- a role which is already written in the Play. You, as an actor, are required to play the role you signed up for. Fortunately, until one is highly developed, one is not given foreknowledge of the script. Actually, within the play, one only has such knowledge if it was written into the part to begin with.

To the best of my understanding, the above is true. However, many of you may be coming from a level of awareness where the above is only a remote possibility. In our experience of ourselves, we are the person referred to by our names. We are the "I", the ego which is ever present when we are engaged in physical reality. We sense that this "I" is a constant thing, and that we are ever one entity. But, in truth, such is not the case. This "I" is a floating point that changes each moment with each new experience or thought. We are not the beings we were as babies, nor as children, nor as adolescents, nor as the adults we were before this moment. We have memories or remembrances of what we were, but we are not now what we were.

What You Are

What you are is consciousness. Consciousness is eternal, immortal, universal and infinite. A piece of consciousness has the same characteristics as the whole, just as a piece of most substances on earth. One can be infinite and have limitations in form at the same time. The trick is waking up from the dream, and remembering that we are spirit, consciousness. We choose to incarnate into forms to gain particular types of experience. We are not the forms, we are the experiencers within the forms. Experience happens primarily within the mind. Our bodies have physical sensors and effectors, but these are understood to some degree by science. What is experiencing is the intelligence that takes in the information that the senses detect; interprets and understands the information; makes decisions about it in line with want, needs, and beliefs; and applies direction to actuators. All of our bodies have similar breakouts into the sensors, effectors or actuators, and the intelligence that drives and interprets everything.

For consciousness to be physical, it must reside within the physical body. It does this, however, by causing suitable organs or groupings of cells to be organized in ways to serve as the sensors, effectors, and intelligence for each of the non-physical bodies. At the lower levels of operation, each body is virtually on automatic. At higher levels, special receptors may be created that serve as antennas and receiving devices for signals that are generated from outside of physical reality. Actually, from another standpoint, there is no physical reality. This is all consciousness. Everything is consciousness. The rules for how to make form from consciousness are part of the setting for the Play.

What I just realized, is that for consciousness to be physical, it must agree to limit its reality for a while to operate within a set of constraints. It never loses what it was, it just chooses to play a game for a while. In our case, the game of physical life. Physical life is encoded in our DNA. For humans, this is as far as our ability to recreate our true selves as spirit has come. We are part of one consciousness learning from the whole of experience of all humans. With each new birth, consciousness combines what it has learned from the lessons of evolution. This is a slow process overall because it is the higher brain functions that take the most work to develop. It takes watching an individual over a whole lifetime to know what genetic combinations allow what functions to appear. Consciousness is working to provide the fabric necessary to build a body that can accommodate itself, or duplicate itself. It's learning to become the highest level of creator possible, a creator of itself. Actually, it is learning to fully realize itself, as the God that it is. As pieces of consciousness, we are learning to realize that we too are spirits that create our own reality. We are learning of our own true nature.

I included the above to give you an example of the kind of realization that can happen on the fly. No, I don't know whether it's completely true or not -- much depends on the clarity of the channel through which the information came. But, until I wrote it above, it did not exist even as a possibility anywhere. Also, it's outside the realm of science as we currently practice it, so it's a matter for belief or spirituality to address.

Why You Exist

You exist to experience the joy, wonder, and exhilaration or living life as spirit in flesh. However, it may take many steps to get there. You exist to have experiences that will allow you to learn of your true nature. You exist because you chose this particular form.

These all deal with why you exist in physical form. Actually, the most correct answer is that you exist because it is your nature. You are a human being. Beings exist, period. As a being, your purpose is to be all that you can be.

I almost forgot, you also came for a particular purpose. I'm not sure this is true for everyone, but if you reading this, you must have a role to play in the unfoldment of the Plan for the birth of the Aquarian Age. It is up to you to focus your attentions on preparing yourself for your role. You may also need to find out what it is. I'll offer some guidance on where you might want to turn for assistance in that area, a little later.

How You Exist

You exist because consciousness continuously provides whatever is needed to maintain the physical forms and provide you with what you need to grow and to perform your role. You chose the particular form you would occupy based on your own assessment of what you needed for your own development and what service you were willing to perform. You made sure your character got the right abilities to accomplish the purpose you set for yourself. Sometimes, purposes are set to levels higher than can be achieved to ensure that some required level below that is definitely achieved. We work best when we believe our work is important. On a day-to-day level, you are sustained first by consciousness, then by other physical functions.

Where You Exist

You exist HERE, wherever that may be. You always exist here. Close your eyes and ask, where am I? You will find that "I" is not located within your body, and is not anywhere within this world. "I" is always HERE, beyond any concepts of Space.

When You Exist

This one's easy too. You exist NOW. You always exist in the moment. Your thoughts may focus on the past, present, or future.

But, you exist now, outside of time. No matter when you check, when is NOW.

One of the secrets to rapid conscious development is to focus your complete attention on being HERE and NOW in all that you do. This will transport you to a state of consciousness that is Beyond Mind. Once you have achieved such a state, even for a moment, you will understand how great a service Krishnamurti provided for the world.


Whole books have been written on the various bodies. My knowledge in this area is rather limited so I'll focus only on what I've experienced to be useful.

The Physical Body

Realize that the physical body is the temple for spirit on this world. Treat it with respect and don't abuse it. Massages are helpful, as is exercise. Extremes of weight should be avoided, but don't be overconcerned about it. When we eliminate emotional problems that affect this, weight will naturally find it's right operating level. The body's intelligence understands what it needs. It knows how to keep the body functioning perfectly. This body intelligence receives direction from other bodies to determine specific conditions. The bottom line is that our body's operation will be in accord with whatever we believe or whatever the play calls for to provide us with the physical experiences we need in order to learn our lessons.

The Emotional Body

Emotions provide the indications of how our energies are moving. They also provide a means for increasing the forcefulness and controlling the character of how our energy is expressed. The key in this area is to allow yourself to feel things, and feel them deeply. In some cases, they need to be expressed to others as well. Some people think and talk about their feelings. If that is helpful, do it. My particular preference is to feel emotions and then let them go. It is not necessary to take outward action to let them go.

Many emotions are generated from a mental evaluation of what things or events mean. The label that results from the evaluation activates the emotional body to result in the appropriate mental state. The more words we have for emotions, the more evaluation choices and subtleties we have. My experience is limited in this area so I don't know firsthand how great this repertoire should be or what purpose it would serve. My sense of it is that unless you have problems or interests attracting you to this area, it's much like the physical body. Treat it with respect, and don't abuse it. Also, listen to it -- emotions show one how one is evaluating one's reality.

Hmm, now I know why this area is important. The key is in evaluating reality. If we are operating from consciousness, we feel because we choose to do so. What we feel most is joy and happiness, because it doesn't matter what happens anymore or how people react to us. That's all part of the game, and it's all their creation. When I'm centered in consciousness, I don't make evaluations that get me outside of joy and happiness. Such evaluations are disempowering hence do not have utility at that level of awareness.

The Mental Body

The mental body is the entire realm of thought. While operating in the physical body, the focus is on the higher functions of the brain. Both left and right brain functions are important, but the relative proportion of these will be somewhat dependent on the individuals purpose and what talents and abilities are required for its fulfillment. We seem to be moving into times where it is important for individuals at the frontier of reality creation to have balanced minds with both sides functioning at peak levels. The intuition allows new ideas to come through and provides for creative expression. The reason creates the structures and connections to other ideas that result in a practical basis on which physical manifestations can be launched and from which further intuitive action may proceed. The balance of both in the same person allows much to be discovered and understood quickly. This is what will allow the rapid advances necessary to transform the world and birth the Age of Aquarius. We have to create the new world in our imaginations, then put the infrastructure in place to make it so. The trick is to work out the details in consciousness, in the mind, before we make it so in the physical. Otherwise we waste a lot of effort in creating things physically.

Reading good books is the best place to start for building the mental body. There is nothing like the greatest thoughts of mankind to stimulate the mind to think in a like manner. As these thoughts are read, however, the idea is to try to get into the mind of the being who first came up with the thoughts. The true meaning is not necessarily the meaning that you give to something. The author may have intended something quite different. A few words is not enough to carry the real meaning. Further, if it was truly so simple, then why did it take a great mind to uncover it? The bottom line is that when you read great ideas or the words of great minds, do so slowly, and with your full attention. Play with the ideas that you read in your mind and discover the ocean of meaning that can be expressed in a simple idea.

There are biochemical processes that go on in the brain. You may find that as your state of consciousness expands, psychological or physical disorders or imbalances may arise. I found this true in my own case. I want to warn you, even though I haven't confirmed whether others have experienced this. In my personal case, a physical "disorder" was discovered. My sense is that rather than a disorder, it is a physical function that allows my mind to think as it does. We're starting to see various pills advertised as brain food or nutrition for the mind. I believe, that as consciousness continues to expand, we may need to input additional substances into our body to provide the appropriate levels of ingredients needed for our mind to operate at a new level of functionality. I liken this to a small change in diet, or the addition of dietary supplements. The old saying: "you are what you eat" may have more meaning than we yet know.

It's important to understand your own mental abilities, your strengths and your weaknesses. Learn to operate from your strengths. You are free to work on weaknesses, but it is not necessary unless something specific in your situation is driving you to develop some area. Just because something is a present weakness doesn't mean that there's a lack of talent. It may be that it simply hasn't been developed.

The Causal Body

This is where the balance of cause-effect happens. The causal body monitors what we think, feel, and do and ensures that a balance is maintained. It does this by attracting the appropriate events and creating the appropriate circumstances to allow us to experience whatever is required to balance any negative or harmful actions we have done. It speaks to us primarily through conscience, or a more developed sense of right and wrong.

Moral and religious training provide the basis for conscience. The bottom line is that we are responsible for all that we do. The causal body is responsible for giving us the lessons that we need to realize that we are responsible. If you aren't operating from a basis of personal responsibility, already, I urge you to start to believe that you are responsible for all that you do and experience. And do it ASAP, with firm conviction. Also, read "The Nature of Personal Reality" to see what Seth, a non-physical entity, has to say about this.

The Spiritual Body

We are in the stratosphere here. I don't have a direct experience of my spiritual body. I believe that it speaks to me through my intuition and that it is to some degree the transmitter of much of the information that comes into my mind. That is, at least much of the metaphysics related material that comes through my mind. My awareness of soul began as a small still voice inside me and has grown larger and larger as I paid attention, listened to it, and trusted its advice. I also believe that it guides my actions and ensures that I get exactly what I need when I need it. Part of its job is to write the details of the script that is related to my part in the play. This may also be our superconscious, one of the three major parts of our mind.

My sense is that this is my Higher Self, my very consciousness. It's only recently that I've had a strong connection with this entity, though I have been aware of its existence and influence for over 20 years. I believe one of the goals if the game for each of us is to realize "I AM CONSCIOUSNESS ITSELF". Right now, I know that I am conscious, and in touch with consciousness, but there is a separation. My sense is that one day this separation will vanish.


There are a variety of methods for finding out your abilities and basic nature. The ones that I've found to be most useful are primarily metaphysical ones. In most cases, however, the methods confirmed things I already knew about myself. In a few cases, they extended my self-knowledge in a way that felt right and was confirmed by my own intuition.

Many of our abilities are known to us. They're the things we're good at, the things we like doing, the things that excite us to the very core. Our basic nature may not be so obvious to us because it's expression is limited until various obstacles are removed.


Astrology can tell us a lot about who we are. It doesn't cause us to be who we are. The various planets represent aspects of ourselves, the constellations various energies and ways of expressing those energies. At our birth, the energies existed in a certain pattern that was a major piece of what made us what we are. The symbolic meanings of the planets and constellations are there to allow us to find out about ourselves if only we choose to see and to use the symbolic meanings. Choose to do so, it will be worth it in both your growth and your ability to time your actions by living in harmony with natural energies.

There are four basic energies earth, air, fire, and water corresponding to body, mind, spirit, and soul. Where specific planets are located tells us how particular parts of our nature are best expressed. What planets and how many we have in various energies tell us a lot about why we are here and what areas we came to focus on. My own chart has a lot of fire energy so I came to be heavily involved with spirit. For most of my life, ideas have been more important than things -- in many ways as important as the very air that I breathe. Metaphysics has been one of the true joys of my life since 1974. Philosophy, in particular Plato, even before that.

The key is to know what energies we came into this existence with. These have a lot to do with our natural ways of expressing ourselves -- spirit (sun), emotion (moon), communication (mercury), will/power (mars), love (venus), challenge (saturn), awakening (uranus), unconscious/ dream (neptune), superconscious (pluto). I don't know that these are exactly right. Consult a professional astrologer for more detail. I do know that the significant spiritual advances and experiences are timed. They are determined at the moment of birth. Actually, before, for the date and time of birth are specifically chosen so that the energies are right.

In my own case, I've found that Uranus squares to the natal sun are the most powerful spiritual times. They result in intense spiritual awakenings of a very sudden nature. I don't know that this is the case for others, but it sure was powerful for me, the type of experience that truly changes one's life in a manner that one can never go back. I believe the type of energy that I experienced recently was a once in a lifetime energy combination.

There is not much that can be done to prepare for it. The best advise that I can offer about how to handle this experience is to put yourself in a place where you can reexamine everything that you believe and don't make any firm commitments or take any firm actions until the fuzziness of reality lessons back to a level where you feel grounded in it. For me, this period lasted over three months and landed me in a mental hospital. In the future we'll have spiritual hospitals to assist us in these times. Once again, the timing for the interplay of energy states is set at birth. The most significant times for various aspects about the individuals expression can be calculated. Education for individuals can be planned so that they are prepared for what they will experience.

Life doesn't have to be difficult. All we need to do to make it easy is understand something about the basic energies in the universe, and how we personally interact with them as they fluctuate over time. Initially, we can use astrology and its associated calculation to help in assessing where the energies are. Eventually, we'll be able to intuitively sense the nature of the energy field around us -- allowing us to discard the tools. Once again: as above, so below. What we see in the planet and stars is happening inside us. We need only make the appropriate mapping of what above symbol corresponds to what inside symbol. Everything in the universe is Light, is vibration, is information, is symbol. Astrology provides useful information to us only when we understand the meaning behind the symbols. Further, unless it is used in such a way that tailors information to the individual, what it provides has no real personal value. Horoscopes in the paper are primarily amusement.

Though, each individual does interpret the symbolic reading in a way that provides something of value. That is, provided they use their intuition.


Numerology reads and interprets the spiritual energies encoded into sequences of letters. Numbers are the basis of all things. Everything is vibration, and all vibration can be encoded into number. Pythagoras was one of the earliest numerologists of renown in the western world.

I've found a particular book, Numerology and The Divine Triangle, by Faith Javane and Dusty Bunker to be particularly valuable to me. Much about a persons destiny and character are determined by the combinations of numbers that make up one's name and birthdate.

This too is an area where the meanings are subtle. One must learn to understand how to interpret symbols in cases where there are two many variables for the rational mind alone to handle. The intuition needs to be given free reign to come up with the appropriate meaning for a specific set of conditions.

I have a strong background in mathematics, so I find that numerology is a useful way for me to begin my interpretation of the symbols in my world. It's as if this method is just natural to who and what I am. You may or may not find it useful to you as a way of perception that you use. However, I would advise checking your numbers yourself or employing the services of a good numerologist. Everyone should understand what parts of their character can be revealed through an assessment of only a few key pieces of information.


The tarot is a completely symbolic form of information that has meaning on many levels. The is a major arcana of 22 archetypes, and 56 additional cards arranged as four suits of 14 each. The archetypes are parts of the psyche. The soul includes all of them. One of the goals for self-realization is realizing that each of us personally is all 22 of these. I had my first realization of this only a few months ago. It changed the very core of my experience and knowledge of who and what I am. To the ego, the experience was a death. What I was died, and I was now something new -- something capable of a level of awareness that I did not know existed before. It's one thing to intellectually understand something. It quite another to experience it and know that it is true to the very core of one's being.

Tarot readings can provide information about a variety of things. The tarot is an oracle consulted when we want to know something. Selection of cards in a reading is dictated by the unseen energy fields to provide the requested information. However, the information is symbolic, hence must be interpreted. The quality of a reading is determined partly by how well the medium understands the meanings of the cards and partly by how well the medium tunes into the individuals energy.

My preferred way of using the tarot is through numerology. I convert symbols to numbers from one to seventy-eight, then use the mappings from these numbers to tarot cards as called out in the numerology book previously recommended.


This comes from Sufi teachings. The enneagram breaks people out into nine personality types. I believe it is a useful way of categorizing people's personality. It allows individuals to understand more about how they operate in the world, by themselves and interacting with others. The enneagram also includes a moving aspect that identifies a path of integration and disintegration for each personality type.

When interacting with others it is useful to know not only your type, but theirs as well. We can choose to act as any of the types if we need to in order to facilitate communication. Our basic type is the one that is preferred, our home so to speak. As with the tarot, however, we are truly all types in one. Self- realization requires this understanding as well.

Soul Ages and Types

The Michael Teachings explain the concepts of soul ages and soul types. There are seven soul ages with seven levels in each age. There are also seven soul types with a variety of things called overleaves that color the type. The Michael Handbook is one of the best places to start for learning about this. You should be able to figure out your type and soul age using that book. Otherwise, you may want to get in touch with one of the Michael channels in the San Francisco Bay Area to have them do a reading of this for you.

The soul age and soul type tell us a lot about why we're here this time, what we do, and what we are learning. The overleaves further qualify this information adding important detail. As with all other information, use what rings true, what feels right to you.

Soul age in particular makes one of the biggest differences. If you've reached this far, you're probably an old soul. Otherwise, you would not have had enough openness to stick it out this far or to even start this journey. Until one is through with the drama and intensity and mature soul existence, one does not focus much activity on spiritual development.

Personality Type

The Briggs-Myer test categories one into one of sixteen basic personality types but provides scores that differentiate people to a much finer level. These types are based on work first done by Jung. I've found that most of the people that I know who are heavily into metaphysics are xNxx, strongly intuitive types. I tested as INT/FP. Introvert, intuitive, evenly thinking/feeling, and perceptive. This should not surprise anyone that is still with me.

If you haven't had this test done, it is worth giving it a try. From the descriptions in psychology books you can probably guess your type, but the numbers give you the additional insight of how strongly you fall into one side or the other for each of the four dimensions.


My understanding is that we have a soul ray, a personality ray, and than other rays for our various bodies. These rays correspond to a frequency of vibration that is one of seven basic ways that divine energy expresses through us.

At this point in time, the soul ray is most important. It tells us our major soul grouping. Mine is two, the ray of Love/Wisdom.

I believe it is time for the members of each soul grouping to join together. At the very least, this needs to be through information exchange and creating a network of the souls within each individual grouping. Each grouping needs to be responsible for figuring out what work it is here to do for the whole and how best to do that work. To be an effective member of the group, however, each individual must be acting from soul -- i.e. must be self-realized to a high degree.

If you're interested in the rays, I recommend Tapestry of The Gods. It has the clearest exposition of this material that I have found. My emphasis in going through it was to get a general understanding overall, and a specific confirmation of my own ray make-up so I don't recall much of it except for the overall impression of the quality of the work.

If you are a fellow soul on the ray of Love/Wisdom please contact me so that I can start the process of building a network. As more about why I'm doing this is revealed to me, I'll pass the information on. Remember, however, you are free to do as you will with any information. Make sure you check everything out with your own internal forces. For spiritual information, do what it takes to get the experience so that you know . Knowing goes beyond sensing, feeling, and thinking. These three can point the way, but they are not the true experience, awareness itself.

As we move toward the Aquarian Age, it will be more and more important to know one's ray makeup. This is a key piece of information in determining where each of us fits in the overall scheme of things. All seven rays will have to be established strongly on Earth. In addition, connections between each of the rays will be required. All will have to be aligned in an appropriate manner to create the seed from which a new consciousness will be born.


We have talked about energy fields that are around us, and the subtle bodies. Some people have the ability to see the energy fields around us in a way that their brain maps to colors. I have not seen these colors but I have been to two different ladies who not only see the colors but have developed an ability to interpret what the colors mean. The colors they see are quite different both in terms of the specific colors and what these colors mean. I'll use my own case as an example.

  • Nancy Ann Tappe, a psychic from San Diego, saw my major color bands as violet, yellow, violet. She interpreted this to signify that I was an old soul, and had a warrior nature. She also told me that my eternal pattern was Peace. I now believe that at least the first two colors she sees corresponding to soul and personality are the same as the rays. I'm a two soul, five personality. If we number the colors:
    • 1: indigo
    • 2: purple
    • 3: blue
    • 4: green
    • 5: yellow
    • 6: orange
    • 7: red

    then my colors come out 2, 5, 2 agreeing with my ray makeup. Nancy sees many more than these three bands, however.

  • Geraldine Stringer, a psychic from Palm Springs, saw my colors as purple, double green, triple blue, brown with the purple and one of the blues repressed when she saw me two years ago. She sees the colors as corresponding to abilities and can tell what a person is here to do. The particular shades of colors provide further distinctions of abilities so she gets quite specific in her details during her readings. I was blown away. The material from a two hour recorded reading transcribed into nearly 30 pages of single spaced typed material. This material is still relevant today.
  • Recently, I went through a major spiritual awakening and felt the need to confirm what I intuitively knew had happened. I went to her for a second reading and found that the two repressed colors were no longer repressed. She was blown away this time, because she hadn't seen anyone make such a dramatic change so quickly. Since she also reads colors from photographs, we were able to narrow the window of change to nine months. Further, my own awareness was that the entire change occurred in a three month period.

    Purple is the Vision color, it has a strong spiritual focus. The greens and the blues deal with healing, communication, and creativity. The brown signifies world impact. Prior to seeing Geraldine, I had already had various insights about my purpose in life, and I knew a lot about my abilities. The readings confirmed what I knew, but they also taught me that everything that we are is constantly broadcast around us in our energy bands. These are reacted to subconsciously by everyone we meet. Some special people have the capabilities to consciously perceive these bands. Privacy is the main reason that most of us don't see them. We are never given abilities until we are at a level where we understand the need to use them responsibly. At least, such is how it works for higher level abilities.

I highly suggest having your aura read, if this interests you. The confirmation of your own self-knowledge is great feedback. And fully realizing that these energies are truly emanating from you is a dramatic event. One realizes that there is no privacy, ever. Consciousness knows all, and everything you think and feel is being broadcast, regardless of whether you say anything out loud or take any physical action. Your thoughts and feelings hit the subtle bodies of everyone in your vicinity -- actually space may be no obstacle either.


Read the great thoughts of the ages. Keep those that are most meaningful in close reach, where you can see them and reflect upon them each day. The more you do this, the sooner you'll be able to generate your own and the better humanity will be. Consciousness grows whenever any individual creates anything new, and thoughts are one of the highest form of objects that we can create -- that is, great thoughts. A quote from Thoreau hangs to the left of me as I write this:

  • I know of no more encouraging fact than the unquestionable ability of a man to elevate his life by a conscious endeavor. It is something to be able to paint a particular picture, or to carve a statue, and so make a few objects beautiful; but it is far more glorious to carve and paint the very atmosphere and medium through which we look, which morally we can do. To affect the quality of the day, that is the highest of art.

This is one of the rewards of consciously working on knowing ourselves. At some point we get to carve and paint the structure through which we create and view reality itself.

Spiritual transformation or awakening happens each time we expand our sense of "I" to include more of what was "not I". Remember we are on a journey to ONE. ONE has no separations of boundaries. It is only because our awareness is limited that such boundaries exist and that we find we are separated into us and the outside world.

It is very useful to define what you are, exploring all the limits to yourself. Notice what you feel responsible for, and what the universe outside of you is responsible for. Notice where you feel that your body ends, where you mind begins and ends. Find out what assumptions you have taken for granted and determine whether they support you or hinder you. Ask yourself some basic questions:

  • Where do your thought come from and where do they go?
  • How much free will do you really have?
  • What part of your life is a role in a play?
  • When you speak or write, are you really aware of what is coming next?
  • Is the air that I will breathe in ten minutes a part of me?
  • Am I truly the same person from moment to moment?
  • Have I had any experiences where my ego died and was born again?

That's enough to get started. Make knowing yourself the top priority in your life. It is that important! The more you do so, the more you will be able to be what you truly are. And, with that, all consciousness prospers. Become enlightened, and allow your Light to shine that all may see whom that you are, spirit enfleshed to the greatest degree possible for you at this time.

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