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Beyond Imagination Chapter 10:
The Art of Making It So

By Wayne Hartman

We've come a long way together. Now we get to explore some of the secrets of reality creation. However, we must also deal with some of the perils and pitfalls as well. Many books on my recommended reading list cover the techniques in this area quite well. What I'd prefer to focus on is the whole picture of what is going on from a spiritual perspective. This will be instrumental in helping to decide what you want to make so, and what means might be the most appropriate for making it so under the prevailing set of conditions. We are creators manifesting our own reality. It's high time we realized this. Also, we might as well learn to play the reality game as the masters we truly are.

The good news is that you can get whatever you want and that you always get whatever you need. The bad news is that you are responsible and have to pay the price. You may not agree with this, but I didn't ask for your opinion. Awakening the Giant Within, Wealth 101, and Unlimited Wealth are excellent places to start in terms of specific techniques and philosophies for getting what you want.

Our biggest tool for reality creation is our mind. This is one of the most complex tools on our planet. The only other ones that I am aware of that are more complex are the minds of dolphins and whales. Their brains and consciousness are advanced enough to make us mere children by comparison. Ours is complex enough for our level of consciousness, however.

In our first analogy, let's consider the brain as a computer. The ego and conscious mind are applications software that runs on the computer. This applications software has room for memory, beliefs, and desires, wants, and goals. The ego is allowed to fill all these areas with whatever it wants. The operating system checks the desires, wants, and goals and determines whether these are true needs. Any needs are routed to the reality creator to line up the appropriate circumstances for meeting the needs in line with beliefs and spiritual purpose. Everything else is checked against beliefs, spiritual needs, and the amounts and types of effort the individual puts in to achieve these desires, wants, and goals. If appropriate conditions are satisfied, the reality creator lines up the appropriate circumstances to satisfy the desire, want, or goal. If not, too bad, nothing manifests or the actions result in failure. One additional factor is that the operating system evaluates anything one requests and any actions one performs to see if the motivation was selfish or if the actions were harmful. Whenever these conditions are true a charge is made to the karmic record. Beneficial actions create credits on the record. Records are fairly elaborate, containing details on the nature of the karmic events. The reality creator checks the karmic record as it goes about its business of drawing in the appropriate events for each day and moment. This is done at subtle levels continuously. This works for little things but we are most concerned about how it works for the larger events and desires in our lives.

So, what's an individual to do with this knowledge? Here's the practical advice that results:

  1. Get your beliefs in order. Faulty beliefs may be preventing you from creating the reality that you would prefer.

  2. Make sure you truly need what you want to create. The need can be on a physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual level. If you don't need it, but you desire it anyway -- that's okay, just be prepared to pay the appropriate price and do it in a manner that doesn't harm anyone. There is nothing wrong with having luxurious things if that pleases you.

  3. Consider whom your goals impact. State your goals in a manner that results in the most positive impact and the least negative impact to others. When you create goals and take action to achieve them, you are responsible for your action -- especially any negative actions.

  4. Observe how people and the environment are impacted by any actions you take and mitigate karma by righting any harm that is done as best you can.

  5. Focus on spiritual goals where possible and write them in a way that is for the highest good of all concerned, the world, and the planet if necessary.

  6. Keep your pursuit of selfish goals to a minimum, to none if possible. The only exception here is self-knowledge and self- realization goals. This are primarily spiritual so they transcend the limited self.

From this, it doesn't seem like there is too much worth manifesting. The bottom line is that this is true. The key is to focus on spiritual matters and doing the task you came to do. You don't have to worry about expending effort to get your needs met. Time spent focused on achieving wants and goals that are not spiritually motivated, is wasted time. The Law of Abundance applies. When you do spirit's work, spirit provides for meeting your needs. During the transition period to the new society this may be by putting you in a job that allows you to apply some of your talents to earn enough money to make a living. Eventually, this will be via work that is more directly related to your purpose. To some degree, when will be determined by what effort you put into your own spiritual development and to helping others.

So what kinds of things are worthy of making so?

  • There are lots of problems in the country and the world that one could be concerned about. Use your imagination to come up with potential solutions or ways to help for any problems that interest you. Crime, education, the homeless, unemployment, medical care, and a host of others all await human attention.

  • Identify a service or a product that could be of benefit and create it on whatever scale you choose. Subgoals might include finding the right people to help you. It is best if the service or product fulfills a need in a better or more efficient way than other options.

  • Come up with a Vision about anything. Typically such visions come from the soul and involve your purpose. Goals can focus on making the Vision a reality. This might include bringing more information through, building a prototype, building the real thing, and duplicating the project throughout the country.

Dream it, get a support team, prototype it, then build it.

As you may be able to tell, my heart's not really in this chapter anymore. I used to like Picard and the way he said "make it so".

However, much of our present physical reality has lost it's allure. We have some amazing props that we can bring into our lives, but they have little to do with spirit. We can enjoy them, if indeed they bring us joy. The potential for distraction, however, is great. Much of the world is attached to the things of the world. Yes we are physical, spirit manifest in flesh. But, that does not mean that material things vibrate at the levels where spirit can best be expressed. We also have emotions, thoughts, and higher level brain functions that few have awakened. It is in these areas where spirit will be most fully enfleshed. Once this is so, our attitudes regarding things will change and the things themselves will evolve to better suit our new needs. Similarly, our entertainment and our services will evolve as well to meet the demands of consciously evolved consumers. There is nothing wrong with things. The problem is the overattachment to things and to entertainment at the cost of education and spiritual development. We've gone way too far in this country. We are not alone, however, many of the developed nations of the world have the same problem.

My Vision is of manifesting a new world order that consists of a United World living in peace and harmony in which individuals are able to more fully express spirit in flesh. It's going to take a whole lot of people doing a whole lot of things to make this come true. My forte is coming up with ideas and working the top level plan and the basic spiritual foundation. I suspect others with talents that complement my talents will be drawn into an overall planning group and various subgroups including a spiritual foundation group. Under the spiritual foundation group will be a spiritual education subgroup that will generate a plan for how spiritual education should be accomplished. This should include training at many levels for the society to be, and how such training might be phased in to get the society from here to the Aquarian Age.

This is the only part of the Plan that my Vision has been involved with. We are all pieces in the overall plan. Each of us have information encoded into us that will allow us to build this society in physical terms. It is only a matter of getting each piece to its appoint conscious state and place for the society to be realized. This is already starting to happen across the planet. People are awakening at an increasing rate and they are starting to make the connections necessary to get things rolling. It will happen. The Play was written long ago. We're coming to the final scenes of this act. Then, on to the next act, the Aquarian Age. Our joint efforts will have allowed consciousness to achieve what it has never done before. But, we still have much work to do. Our world is a far cry from the Utopia of which we are dreaming. Yet, it is within out grasp, we have only to reach and do what we can to increase our consciousness as quickly as is possible at the time on this planet.

Don't take this too seriously. Enjoy the process. Treat it as the game that it is. Be physical, the whole purpose of this play is to allow consciousness to be more fully expressed physically. Enjoy the world, enjoy nature, enjoy the interaction and company of others. Enjoy the body and all the pleasures that it offers. Enjoy things and services. Enjoy whatever makes you happy so long as you don't harm others. Be Happy and Create Well! You have every right to create what you want. Individuals are entitled to abundance, once they have done the proper work on themselves. Expand your spiritual awareness to whatever degree you are able. Live your life as directed by your spirit, and live it well. In the process, however, find out what you're here for if you can. My sense is that this will be revealed to you when you are ready.

If you still want specific techniques, you'll have to read the books I recommended earlier. I won't duplicate what others have already done well. With the above guidance, you'll be able to apply the techniques with caution to allow you to get what you want in an ethical manner.

Conscious beliefs are the most important means we have of impacting the reality we create. If you don't know what yours are, that is the first area of ignorance that you should correct. The Nature of Personal Reality is one of the best places to start on this. The experiences we draw to us are in accord with our beliefs, so whenever we don't like something we experience it's time to examine why we attracted that experience.

Everything in our lives is there to help teach us the lessons we most need to learn. Our growth is always supported. This may be hard to believe when the times or experiences are bad, but it is really true, the universe (via our direction) always gives to us exactly what we need. Note, not what we want, but what we need.

Further, this is exactly what we need, because it is a higher level of ourselves that is doing the determination.

When changing beliefs, it is always best to start with those beliefs at the very core. These typically involve the basic beliefs about the self. When these are identified and replaced, many other related beliefs are taken away as well. Maintain an open mind. Don't allow your beliefs to get too set. While you believe them, do so with conviction -- for the power then gets imparted to reality creation. Feel free to change your beliefs as you do your clothes whenever new beliefs fascinate you. Treat beliefs as a playground of the mind. Remember that beliefs are not true, however. They may be true or they may not be -- and it may be impossible to know either way. Decide what to use by their results. The key feedback will come as the reality you experience. Give a belief a little time before you draw any conclusion about it. There is significant delay in the feedback path, especially if the belief is weak. Also, watch for conflicting beliefs. When you find conflicts, resolve them as best you can choosing one over another. You might want to jot down the other so that you can try it again at a later time.

I find it useful to take on new beliefs all the time. But, I live in my head a lot, so playing with beliefs is a recreation for me. In many cases, I don't even care about the physical ramifications anymore other than where they allow my consciousness to soar, and if they allow me new insights about the nature of consciousness. My experience is that as you become interested in the nature of your consciousness and start to believe things about this, you will start to experience new states of consciousness from which you can either confirm or deny beliefs. The speed with which the process occurs is amazing -- far faster than having to wait for lower level physical manifestation to occur. When you do this, make sure you pay attention to results. It is easy to go into never-never land, and get separated from the consensus reality. At this level, you must remember that this is a game and that when you get too far off track you find yourself outside of the boundaries of the board in a place where the rules don't make much sense.

From a consciousness standpoint, reality interpretation is in many ways more important than reality creation. Reality interpretation involves assigning meaning to what happens. Much of our emotional reality is created by how we interpret situations and events on a physical level. Another aspect of reality interpretation deals with the symbolic or deeper meaning of situation, events, and the things that they are associated with. This level is much more complex involving all of the levels of mind. Most people don't see the symbolic meaning, they see the physical event as the only reality. The inner meaning, however, is far more important to consciousness.

The Play is intricately woven. Every stitch is rich with meaning. Every event, all synchronicities, every detail was specifically designed and chosen to convey information. Nothing is wasted. This meaning is always there for anyone with the eyes to see and interpret. No, we're not talking about physical eyes.

Each person will see exactly that which their level of consciousness permits them to see and they'll only understand that which they need to know. Interesting. By our definition of Freedom as the ability to access and act upon information, we're no more free in our consciousness than we are in our country. We are given that level of freedom which we can responsibly handle - - no more and no less. This principle of consciousness, hence of spirit, is the same that our government executes in the physical world. Until we get the individual to the self-realization level, there is nothing that can be done to make them more free. They will continue to live an illusion, believing they are free when they are really enslaved. Further, they are enslaved by their own choice. The bonds are loose, the way to freedom is easy but it is up to each individual to make the choice to pursue their spiritual identity. The major choice is in being in the world but not of the world. This is the key -- the truth that we are spiritual beings in the world but not of the world.

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Copyright © 1995, Wayne Hartman